Snapchat Dissertation Topics

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Snapchat Dissertation Topics

Snap chat dissertation topics


The use of social media in our everyday lives has increased tremendously over the last several years. Not only do people make use of social media tools in their individual capacity, but these are also utilized by the corporate world. Companies make use of social media platforms in order to advertise their product or service, get in touch with clients directly, and receive instant feedback from them. It helps them in increasing their sales and also gives them a chance to improve their products/services based on customer feedback. A number of social media tools are available for companies to help them enhance their sales and increase their revenues. These tools include facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, whatsapp, and many others.

Snapchat is a prominent social media tool in today’s world. The way it operates and the features it possesses are entirely different when compared to other social media tools. This is the reason that many companies are now using Snapchat for promoting their products and services. Thus, it is extremely necessary to understand how Snapchat works, how it impacts businesses, and in what ways should it be used for maximum benefits. For this reason, here are 5 snapchat dissertation topics that will help in understanding about the tool, and will also provide an insight as to how the tool should be used.

Understanding Snapchat from a Marketing Perspective – Integrating it Within the Marketing Strategy

Research Aim: Snapchat is a popular social media marketing tool, utilized by a number of companies. However, not many companies understand the importance of utilizing social media for marketing, and companies who use the platform do not do so in the right manner. This dissertation will shed light on the aspect of integrating snapchat in a manner that is beneficial for the business, as well as, the customers. Also, the research will talk about including snapchat in the marketing strategy in a manner which will help the business in reaching out to more people, hence increasing their chances of enhancing their revenues. This dissertation will discuss how snapchat can be beneficial for the company for marketing purposes and how integrating it within the marketing strategy can be beneficial for the business.

Digital Storytelling: The New Form of Business Marketing

Research Aim: Digital Storytelling is a new and recent form of business marketing through social media tools. The marketing department of companies formulate stories that are then uploaded on social media. This keep the users engaged and curious as to what the company is trying to communicate. In cases of launching a new product/service, digital storytelling helps in creating demand for the new product or service, resulting in increased sales. This dissertation will focus on the successful aspect of digital storytelling as to how it helps companies, and how companies should adopt it for making their business a success.

Snapchat Marketing: Does it breach Privacy and Raise Ethical Concerns?

Research Aim: Ever since social media marketing has evolved, question regarding business ethics have been raised. In addition to this privacy concerns have also increased, as the customers believe that companies collect their data and information without their knowledge. This raises a lot of ethical and privacy concerns at the customers’ end. This dissertation will dig deep into this issue and will talk about how snapchat marketing is done, whether or not companies collect data without informing customers and how businesses work on overcoming these ethical and privacy concerns. Additionally, a single snapshot post/advertisement is available for 24 hours, during which users can save or snapshot the post or advertisement. The original poster is notified whenever the post or advertisement is screenshotted; however, no one knows who is saving the post secretly, as there is no way to find out. Thus, it is extremely essential that these aspects are taken into consideration whenever Snapchat is chosen as a marketing tool. This thesis will talk about all such features, and how companies can guarantee privacy and follow ethics when marketing through snapchat.

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Sharing Information or Spreading Misinformation: How Reliable is Snapchat?

Research Aim: Social media is extremely popular for spreading rumors and fake information. Snapchat, being a social media tool, also spreads misinformation sometimes. Thus, when companies decide to utilize this platform for marketing purposes, they should make sure that information they are sharing is accurate and reliable. This dissertation will talk about the reliability of snapchat and how businesses remain successful in utilizing this platform for advertising purposes.

Investigating how Effective is Customer Relationship Management through Snapchat

Research Aim: One of the major reasons why companies opt for social media marketing is the ease of connecting with customers and receiving instant feedback regarding their products. This dissertation will investigate as to how customer relationships can be built and managed by utilizing Snapchat as a marketing tool. The research will find out whether or not utilizing Snapchat as a customer relationship management tool is beneficial for the company.

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