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October 29, 2015
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Sociology Dissertation Topics

sociology dissertation topics by research prospect uk


A common misconception found among researchers and students is that all research projects should bring something revolutionary to the world of academia but in reality this is not the case. Because dissertation based research is a combination of two words “re” and “search”, it should not be a surprise to your supervisor if your primary objective is to add value to existing research. Rather than choosing a generic area of research, an optimum approach would be to focus on a more specific and narrow research area to make a meaningful contribution to the existing literature.

It is recommended to choose a topic that is in line with researcher’s expectations and interests. This article aims to provide dissertation topics in various research areas of sociology including sociology of gender, industrial sociology, economic sociology, political sociology, cultural sociology, educational sociology, sociology of religion, comparative sociology, sociology of family and marriage, and the sociology of crimes.

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Sociology Dissertation Topics for 2019

Topic 1: Populism on the Rise- Globalism, Economic Disparities, and the Right vs. Left Divide

Research Aim: Using qualitative research methods techniques the researcher aims to uncover the rise of populism in the United States of American pre- and post-2016 General Elections. The research will analyze factors like globalism, economic disparities within various geographic areas in the U.S., and rising political divide between right wing and left wing parties.

Topic 2: The Impact of Race, Real Estate Markets, and Neighborhood Dynamics on Evictions.

Research Aim: Using quantitative research techniques the research looks to examine social stratification and inequality in neighborhoods of the United States with the highest eviction rates. The research will examine how various factors may impact residential segregation and residential mobility.

Topic 3: Is Terrorism a Social Construct?

Research Aim: The research paper uses document analysis as the research technique to identify the extent to which terrorism is socially constructed. The paper analyzes the varying definitions of terrorism and the difficulties that surrounds it. It will examine events that had been labelled terrorist acts based on traditional, legal, and academic definitions.

Topic 4: Analyzing the Perceptions and Responses to Female Child Sex Offenders

Research Aim: The research will use qualitative research techniques to understand and explain the perceptions of female child sex offenders and responses to such in the criminal justice system, the media, the public and social welfare professionals. The purpose of the research is to bring to the forefront a different perspective by which to analyze expectations towards a gender and the effect it has on the gender’s criminological representations.

Topic 5: Stratification in Labor Markets of the UK After the Great Recession 2007-2009

Research Aim: Using quantitative techniques for a research method, the study uses theories and techniques used for understanding patterns and sources of income inequality to investigate employment inequality. The consequences of the Great Recession employment inequality consequences are analyzed using race, ethnicity and gender.

Topic 6: The Gendered Impacts of Marriage on Health in India

Research Aim: The research uses quantitative techniques of hypothesis testing on data taken from Indian where gender norms are still traditional in order to examine how marriage is associated with men’s and women’s health. Hypotheses will be tested regarding the relationship among marriage, health and gender.

Topic 7: Factors Effecting the Gender Inequality in Higher Education in the U.S.

Research Aim: Using quantitative hypothesis testing techniques the cause of gender inequality reversal in the USA will be analyzed. The study will examine gender differentials in university experiences that may impact graduation rates of students. The variables used to analyze this phenomenon includes selection of college major, attendance patterns, and high school GPA at graduation.

Topic 8: Athletic Privilege & Lack of Conviction

Research Aim: Analyzing arrest and conviction of athletes in sexual assault cases between athletes and non-athletes from 200 to 2017. There is a great lack of study of sexual assault arrest and conviction rates among male collegiate and professional athletes. The study will determine if and why athletes receive privileged treatment by the criminal justice system specifically when accused of felony sexual assault against women.

Topic 9: Predisposition of America’s Law Enforcement towards Racial Stereotyping, Discrimination, and Profiling.

Research Aim: The study will examine law enforcement officers in the United States and the reasons why there is rampant racial bias against African Americans. There has been a surge of police brutality against African American citizens which makes it imperative to examine the reasons behind the surge in order to improve police and community relationships. 

Topic 10: The religious perspective of role and importance of Women in modern society: Islam versus Christianity

Research Aim: The main purpose of this study will be to identify the roles and importance of women in the modern world while undertaking the religious perspective. In this study, the researcher will identify the role of women while focusing on the role of women in Islam and how it differs from the role of women in Christianity.

Topic 11: Assessing the impact of cultural differences on organizational communication of MNC’s: Case study of developed countries

Research Aim: This study will identify the importance of communication in MNCs and the influence of cultural differences that may hinders or increases the level of effective communication within the multinational organisations. The researcher will identify major cultural barriers and their relationship with communication within multinational organisations of developed countries.

Topic 12: To explore the significance of having a strong association between religious teaching and academic teaching

Research Aim: The main purpose of the research is to identify the importance of preaching academic and religious knowledge to the students while focusing on the major challenges that can be faced by teachers while combining these two approaches.

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Sociology Topics 2019

Topic 1: Athletic Privilege & Lack of Conviction
Research Aim:  Analysing arrest and conviction of athletes in sexual assault cases between athletes and non-athletes from 200 to 2017. There is a great lack of study of sexual assault arrest and conviction rates among male collegiate and professional athletes. The study will determine if and why athletes receive privileged treatment by the criminal justice system specifically when accused of felony sexual assault against women.
Topic 2: Predisposition of America’s Law Enforcement towards Racial Stereotyping, Discrimination, and Profiling.
Research Aim: The study will examine law enforcement officers in the United States and the reasons why there is rampant racial bias against African Americans. There has been a surge of police brutality against African American citizens which makes it imperative to examine the reasons behind the surge in order to improve police and community relationships.

Sociology of Gender Dissertation Topics

This has become one of the most prominent areas of sociology in recent times. Over the past five to six decades, an increasing part of public discourse and academic literature has been dedicated to gender. However, most of the work in this area of sociology has been done with reference to underdeveloped countries where complex gender issues prevail in societies. Sociology of gender further investigates the role of females and males to uncover the intra household gender dynamics. According to Money (1955), “the term gender role is used to signify all those things that a person says or does to disclose himself/herself as having the status of boy or man, girl or woman, respectively. It includes, but is not restricted to, sexuality in the sense of eroticism.” Some interesting topics in this area of sociology are suggested below for you to base your dissertation on.

  1. Investigating changing gender roles in a society and the effect of media
  2. To study the reasons as to why women have been historically excluded from education
  3. Studying gender policies in large and diversified multinational companies in the UK with focus on the role of those policies in eliminating gender discrimination at workplace
  4. To investigate the possible social aspects that could affect societal gender relationships
  5. To study the possible reasons as to why the role of females in a society is influenced by power politics of a society
  6. Do women in developing countries have a greater role to play in income generating business activities?
  7. The impact of religion in determining the optimum role of females in a society
  8. Investigating possible reasons as to why women are discriminated at work
  9. To study societal behaviour that shapes gender relations
  10. The increasing participating of women in politics and its impact on society

Industrial Sociology Dissertation Topics

Industrial Sociology can be defined as the study of behaviours and motivations of employees in a work environment. Most descriptions in this area of sociology are anthropological in nature, as if an external observer is commenting the social environment in the office. Some topics are suggested below if you intend to base your dissertation on this sub-field of sociology.

  1. To study the most critical aspect of modern industrial societies in the UK
  2. Do societal beliefs and values really influence the role of corporate social responsibility?
  3. The sociology of work: From industrial sociology to work, employment and the economy
  4. Organisational goals or social requirements – what should a worker-supervisor relationship bas based on?
  5. To investigate the social dimensions of communication in a large and diversified business organisation
  6. To establish and critically analyse the relationship between work productivity and motivation
  7. How the society is responding to automation in workplaces on workers?
  8. To study strategies to ensure management of cultural diversity and cultural harmony in an organisation
  9. How the social well-being of employees can be influenced by the fluctuating trends in the role of trade unions?
  10. To critically analyse the social structure of a multinational firm operating in the UK
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Economic Sociology Dissertation Topics

Economic sociology can be precisely described as the study of the social cause and effect of various economic phenomena. This sub-field of sociology can be further divided into a “contemporary” period and a “classical” one. Essentially, economic sociology views economy as a social institute that deals with consumption, production and distribution of products and services. The most prominent topics of economic sociology dissertation are those related to corporations, capitalism and communication, socialism, informal economy, social aspects of money, and sociological dimensions of consumer. Below are suggested some intriguing economic sociology dissertation topics for you to base your dissertation on:

  1. To investigate the intra-household economic relationships of UK families with particular focus on ethnic groups
  2. To investigate the potential detrimental effects of the recent economic slump in social status of members from the secondary labour market
  3. To identify and study the most prominent sociological dimensions of socio-economic development
  4. Can socio-economic development be ensured through informal economy?
  5. To determine whether the communism model can succeed in the UK society
  6. To critically review communism and capitalism economic models
  7. To study the extent to which international labour migration is effecting the UK’s society
  8. To investigate the economy of UK in terms of Marx’s criticism of capitalism
  9. To discuss the fundamental principles of economic sociology
  10. The sociological perspective on the economy
  11. To critically analyse the role of gender in the economy of the UK

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Political Sociology Dissertation Topics

Political sociology primarily deals with the relationship between states and societies. This sub-field of sociology further takes into consideration power politics, political conflicts and micro and macro components of sociology and political science. If you are interested in basing your dissertation on this area of sociology, below some intriguing topics are provided.

  1. To critically review the concept of political sociology of direct democracy
  2. E-governance and the politics of identification: Unique identities, citizenship and state in contemporary India
  3. To analyse elite theory in political sociology
  4. To evaluate the role of social forces in power politics in the UK
  5. To determine the extent to which a capitalist society can be influenced by democratic political model
  6. To study and compare rational-legal and leadership models with respect to the British Society
  7. The importance and influence of ethnic minorities in British power politics
  8. Modern politics and the role of globalisation
  9. To study the British welfare state system
  10. To critically analyse the Islamic welfare state system

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Sociology of Culture Dissertation Topics

Cultural sociology is an exciting area of sociology. The cultural norms, beliefs, values and material and non-material aspects of culture are discussed in detail under this sub-field of sociology. If the study of educational life of children and youth, family and married life, and leisure time interests you then you can create your sociology dissertation based on any of the following topics:

  1. To study the validity and application of Marx’s Conflict Theory in British Society
  2. To investigate how much the British native beliefs, norms and values have been influenced by cultural invasion from immigrants
  3. To identify and analyse the scope and dimensions of cultural shock an Asian foreigner can expect to face in the UK
  4. Are there any cultural lags in British Society – A review of literature from the past 10 years?
  5. Discuss the importance of social interactions among cultures. What are the good and bad aspects of social interaction among sub-cultures in the British Society?
  6. To critically analyse various subcultures in the UK with reference to geography
  7. Evaluating the fluctuating principles of counterculture in Britain
  8. Comparing norms and values of modern British society to the culture 20 years ago
  9. To what extent the popular culture of UK has transformed over the last few decades?
  10. Culture and globalization from the perspective of sociology

Education Sociology Dissertation Topics

The sociology of education can be described as the study of how education and its outcomes can be affected by individual experiences and educational institutions. This area of sociology primarily deals with the schooling systems with focus on adult, higher and continuing education. Some interesting topics in this field of sociology are suggested below:

  1. To determine the causes to education restriction on females in developing countries
  2. To investigate the relationship between student performance and teacher behaviour – A study of the hurdles during acquiring education
  3. To compare the facilities in private and public sector schools
  4. A historical review of sociology policies employed by the UK following the Second World War
  5. How much the education structure in the UK has changed due to social exclusion of youth in educational institutes?
  6. To evaluate the importance of social supervision and support in British elementary schools
  7. The impact of school background on how children perceive the society
  8. The role of British education curriculum in terms of economic and sociological results
  9. To investigate the extent to which UK’s public schools and colleges have been able to establish inter-faith associations among pupils
  10. Examining UK’s public school system to identify probable opportunities through which education gap can be reduced for neglected groups

Sociology of Religion Dissertation Topics

Sociology of religion takes into account the religious values and practices with respect to sociological theories and methods. A wide array of issues are covered by this area of sociology including but not limited to the effect of religion on society as well as the impact of various social elements such as politics, media and social interaction on religion. Contemporary issues such as the role of stereotyping, inequality and gender in relation to religion can also be explored, if you are interested in basing your dissertation on sociology of religion.

  1. To establish the relationship between UK’s educational institutes and religion
  2. The role of religions on marriages in the UK
  3. To determine whether religion play a role in UK power politics
  4. To identify the guidelines and regulations provided by religion that deliver counselling on various social aspects such as educations, economics and gender
  5. To discuss possible limitations that could have an effect on society as a single individual or as a whole
  6. To what extent the political behaviour in the UK is influenced by religious beliefs
  7. Religion and social culture are interrelated. Discuss how British social culture has been effected by religious organisations
  8. To establish the relationship between social change and religion
  9. Religious diffusion results from social interaction between people from different religions – The case of UK
  10. Comparing cross religious values and theories in British society

Comparative sociology Dissertation Topics

This area of sociology mainly deals with different models of civilisation including state capitalism, welfare capitalism, socialism, capitalism, and communism. If further incorporates comparisons of social problems such as gender, ethnicity and race as well as the comparisons of social institutions such as economy, religion, health, family, and education. Some topics are suggested below.

  1. To discuss similarities and differences between a welfare state and a capitalist state
  2. A comparison of the totalitarian system vs democracy in terms of social progress
  3. To compare the education systems of America and Britain – How these systems are playing a key role in influencing societal standards?
  4. To identify and discuss the similarities and differences between the British and American labour markets
  5. Cultural diffusion in the UK has been a direct result of immigration in the UK. Discuss whether the UK has been able to preserve its culture over the last few decades?
  6. Comparing family structure in Indian society and UK society
  7. Comparison of the effect of religion in determining Muslim society and Jewish society in the UK
  8. Social inequalities associated with communism and capitalism
  9. To identify and critically analyse the pivotal gender issues in Chinese society and Russian society
  10. To compare marriage as a social institution in Britain and India

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Sociology of Family and Marriage Dissertation Topics

Family and marriage systems of a society are covered under this area of sociology. The most prominent topics of discussion within the field of sociology of family and marriage systems include post marriage social interactions, types and dynamics of marriage and associated rituals, marriage system, impact of social change on families, external and internal social interaction of family, gender dynamics within a family and parent child relationships. You can write your sociology of family and marriage dissertation on any of the following topics:

  1. To analyse the basic structure and size of the UK family from historical perspective
  2. How the UK family structure evolved over the years – A study of the periodic social change
  3. To examine the extent to which domestic violence in Britain has effected children
  4. To determine the causes to increasing domestic violence in UK’s society
  5. The impact of changing UK’s residential trends on the practices and beliefs of society
  6. To review the causes to increasing divorce rate in the UK
  7. To investigate the causes to climbing divorce rate among couples over 50 years old
  8. To compare marriages in different sub cultures of the British society
  9. Have the patterns and trends of UK’s fertility rates changed in recent times – If yes, what are the possible reasons?
  10. To discuss the pros and cos of an extended family system and a nuclear family system

Sociology of Crimes Dissertation Topics

Sociology of criminology or crimes is another very interesting area of sociology that investigates the causes, extent, and nature of crimes with focus on control strategies at both the societal and individual level. It should be noted that the term “Crime” is defined as any act that is a directly violation of state law.

  1. To discuss the probable causes to increasing street crimes in London
  2. To establish the relationship between increasing domestic violence and alcohol consumption
  3. To explore the reasons as to why stabbing crime in the UK has steadily increased and its implications for British society
  4. Is the UK government providing accurate crime statistics – A review of the crime data collection techniques employed in the UK?
  5. Is there a link between street crimes and alcohol consumption?
  6. To crucially analyse the evolution of criminological theories
  7. To establish the relationship between criminal behaviour and personality type
  8. The role of social inequality towards increasing street crimes in the UK
  9. To present avenues of crime prevention with focus on alternatives to physical punishment
  10. A critical review of UK government’s crime prevention strategies and policies – Are they delivering the desired outcomes?

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