Religion, Theology and Philosophy Dissertation Topics

Religion, Theology and Philosophy Dissertation Topics


Dissertation writing as a part of the religious studies course are inherently vital to the final result. Since it is the only question that has been set independently, it requires the researcher to select and research a topic that acquires an upper second or a first class degree classification. It is vital to choose a research topic that adds to the current body of literature. As a supervisor, presentation of work, the question analysis itself and the preceding utility of the work are all distinguishing factors towards a degree classification. In order to help you choose an appropriate topic and its subsequent research methodology, below is a list of topics classified using the thematic approach for the religious studies dissertation.

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World Religions Dissertation Topics

Under the category of world religion, the teaching courses cover a range of topics including the traditional aspects and forms of religion found globally including the mainstream practicing religions such as Buddhism or Catholicism and belief systems such as the traditions of the Samurai tribe. Given the highly diverse nature of faith, it is pertinent to explore and analyse this diversity in terms of continuous evolution of the human race. The list of topics below provides a focused thematic approach that may be used for research dissertation purposes.

  1. The notion of Atheism in the modern world. A critical analysis.
  2. The evolution of religious beliefs in India post 20th A critical analysis.
  3. The inherent belief of all religions lies in following the teachings prescribed by a higher authority. Discuss.
  4. An analysis of the contemporary styles of preaching.
  5. An analysis of the Christian tradition in the modern day world.
  6. Freedom of Religion and Human Rights. A debate between cultural relativism and universalism.
  7. An analysis of the Thai origins of the Hinduism and Buddhism.
  8. Religious diversity and terrorism. A global comparative analysis.
  9. A critical analysis of the religious evolution in Sudan: Application and implications.

History and Religion Dissertation Topics

History and religion have been a topic of interest throughout the previous decades, and gained particular importance amongst researchers focusing on the impact and influence of religion on culture throughout history. Through a literature review of the religious references, the researchers have been able to draw out a connection between literature and culture. History and religion is not confined to evolution or impact of a particular religion, but in fact it goes beyond the diversity of religion and focuses on the evolution of human race throughout the time. Below is a list of suggested topics that can be used for the purpose of research dissertations.

  1. Priesthood: History and evolution of Malachi.
  2. Future Oracles: an analysis of Jerimiah’s perspective.
  3. Religious intolerance has been the subject of criticism and praise. Critically analyse.
  4. Islam: The religious foundations and evolution through the 7th century into the modern world.
  5. The premise of faith within a society is based on the ruling political superior. A critical analysis.
  6. The life of Adolf Hitler: impact of Religious doctrine and belief.
  7. The Christianity faith is said to be entrenched within the roots in the Pagan faith. Discuss.
  8. The evolution of religious faith. An analysis of the game players in the diversity of faith and beliefs.
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Religion and the Contemporary World Dissertation Topics

This theme focuses on topics that analyse the effect of religion within the contemporary world including the influence that the media may have and the application of religious beliefs to the modern day world. This is an interesting topic for those aiming to look at theology and religion together since the implications of religion to contemporary world has become the focus of discussion and dichotomy. Below is a list of topics that can be used for research dissertation purposes.

  1. A critical analysis of the Talibans: A study of their aggression within India and Pakistan.
  2. Holy orders and marriage have become to be known as the sacraments of the Christian faith. Discuss.
  3. Ethics and Religion: an application to the modern world.
  4. Using religion to justify the basis of terrorism in Islam. Discuss.
  5. Buddhism has become to be one of the leading faiths in the modern United Kingdom. Critically analyse the impact.
  6. Equality of women and religious restrictions.
  7. The teachings within the Bible from the Old Testament have been said to be out dated and therefore not applicable to the modern lifestyle today. Critically discuss.
  8. Eastern religions, especially Islam have suffered greatly post 9/11 in terms of media representation and fair trial. Discuss.
  9. Where does the notion of terrorism fit into the realm of an omnipotent all-encompassing higher being. Discuss with examples.
  10. Various religions including Christianity and Islam do not recognize the relationship between same sex genders. Discuss in light of recent legalization and the global evolution for equality of all people.

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Ethics and Religion Dissertation Topics

The notion of ethics in religion encompasses morality and various components of morality to be applicable to modern life and daily situations. Morality and religion have gone hand in hand throughout the history, and it has been observed that various moral conducts are justified with the notion of religious beliefs. For researchers who wish to get a deeper understanding of this relationship, below are a list of topics that can be used for dissertation purposes.

  1. Religious beliefs and morality are deeply entrenched within each other. Critically discuss.
  2. Discuss the ethical beliefs based in Hinduism with an analysis of their application to moral dilemmas faced in the world today.
  3. Military Action: Ethical justification through religion.
  4. Ethical egoism: Discuss in relation to moral code and logic.
  5. Terrorism and Islamic Fundamentalists: There is no moral code. Discuss.
  6. How is morality entrenched within the teachings of Islam?
  7. Human rights and the ethical dichotomy of religious beliefs.
  8. Situational ethics through religion. Discuss critically the impact of situational ethics in a multi ethnic community.

Religion and Philosophy Dissertation Topics

Religion and philosophy have been going hand in hand throughout history. Philosophy has been used for justification and questioning of the supreme power of God as well as the basic fundamentals of the religious faith. The basic premise of philosophy and its application to religion is based on the notion of trying to ascertain the existence of religion as a possibility. You can find a topic that interests you from the list of sample dissertation topics given below.

  1. Relationship between existence of life and existence of God. Critically discuss with examples.
  2. If there is a God, who was he created by? An in depth analysis of fundamental religious beliefs.
  3. Divinity and Nature: The case of Egyptian beliefs.
  4. Death is inevitable and religion only provides a comfort of cloak in the face of this inevitability. Discuss.
  5. God is known to be an all loving, all-encompassing being. How can the evil in the world be justified in the face of an omnipotent God?
  6. Justifying the existence of a God in the face of continued loss of lives through terrorism.
  7. God is only a fragment of a believer’s imagination. Discuss.

Architecture and Religion: Built Heritage Dissertation Topics

Architecture has played an important role within the religious communities since it provides a tangible component of the belief to the community where they can substantiate their religious faith. In order to understand the true essence of an architectural building within the religious faith, it is important to look beyond the structural aesthetics of the buildings and understand the deeper engraved intangible value of religious faith that drives the community. Below is a list of topics that might be interesting for a religion architecture based dissertation.

  1. Architectural buildings such churches and mosques have great religious significance. Discuss.
  2. What are the components of a Church?
  3. Are religious buildings inherent to an individual’s faith and belief? Discuss.
  4. Without religious buildings to substantiate faith, followers would lose their religion. Discuss.
  5. How far would you agree with the belief that divine presence can only be felt within religious architectural spaces?
  6. Demolishing a building that is fundamental to a religious belief is tantamount to disgracing the divine God. Discuss.
  7. What is the purpose of religious architectural buildings? Discuss with a comparative analysis of different religious faiths.
  8. An expensive religious building does not encompass the basic human right of equality amongst all mankind. Discuss.

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Politics and Religion: Dissertation Topics

The study of religion and politics aims to draw an interconnecting relationship between the two facets and to analyse their impact upon each other’s application. Below is a list of topics that may be helpful in aiming to research this particular relationship.

  1. There needs to be clear distinction between political views and religious beliefs. Discuss.
  2. Politics is used as a mask to cover up religious fanaticism. Critically analyse.
  3. Can political decisions be justified on the premise of being religiously objective?
  4. The evolution of religious leaders in the global economy.
  5. Should religious leaders be equipped with some form of political or legal authority, Discuss with examples?
  6. The only reasons politicians bow to religious authority is to gain popularity. Critically analyse.
  7. Discuss the impact of politics within the religious groups in United Kingdom over the past hundred years.
  8. How has the religion Islam succumbed under political pressures? Critically analyse.
  9. The role of extremists, Islamic fundamentalists and politicians in a eastern society.

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