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Business Psychology Dissertation Topics

Published by at July 20th, 2022 , Revised On November 17, 2022

Business psychology improves job satisfaction and motivates employees to perform better. In simple terms, it is the study of how people and groups interact to maximize their productivity.

Business psychologists study how emotions drive human behavior at work, and are responsible for researching those emotions. People are discovering how to make better decisions at work by understanding how they make decisions. To make the business successful, they handle everything from hiring employees to preparing projects for clients. Furthermore, business psychologists help authorities determine whether their employees are the right fit for the position and the company by assessing their performance and changes.

The need for managers to be able to identify the psychological challenges associated with their employees has increased as more companies move toward remote working models and telecommuting.
As a result, employees will be more loyal to their employers and customers will be more attracted to the company.

The field of business psychology is one of the most exciting and rapidly growing in the world today. It holds the potential to motivate employees to perform better at work in a variety of industries. You should undoubtedly learn more about business psychology if any of this sounds interesting to you.

There is a constant need for business psychologists, especially in market research and employee development. Consequently, business psychology graduates have a high chance of finding rewarding positions with competitive salaries. According to a survey, the starting salary for a business psychologist ranges from about $24,000 to more than $185,000. The typical annual wage is close to $91,756. However, experience, geography, and industry are essential determinants of compensation.

Thanks to the broad scope of this subject, you can pursue a myriad of different careers with a bachelor’s degree in business psychology. Some of these include:

  • Assistant Retail Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Human Resources Administrator
  • Sales Associate
  • Customer service representative and many more.

You will, however, need to write on various topics to earn an MBA or MPSD at the graduate level after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Psychology. The effects of formal work environments, job descriptions, and the performance of employees are among business psychology dissertation topics. On the other hand, research topics in business psychology cover things like operating a sole proprietorship, being an entrepreneur, or working as an employee.
For ease, we have done our homework and compiled a list of the best business psychology topics you can research, write and express your views about. With so many different yet exciting topics available, there is bound to be one that suits your interests and personality!

List of Business Psychology Dissertation Topics:

An overview of possible topics for research papers on business psychology is below.

  • Industrial & Organizational Psychology

Using psychology to study different industries and organisational health to understand business aspects.

  • Management & Management Training

Understanding occupational characteristics and worker requirements information across the U.S. economy.

  • Occupational Interests & Guidance

Studying career guidance and development of workers in institutions to perform better.

  • Organisational Behavior

Diving deep into the organisational behaviour of how people interact with businesses and customers.

  • Personnel Attitudes & Job Satisfaction

Comprehending the Five-Factor Model of Personality and Job Satisfaction and focusing on Employee Morale

  • Personnel Evaluation & Job Performance

Evaluating an individual’s performance, strengths, weaknesses, and improving performance at work.

  • Personnel Management & Selection & Training

Learning the nitty-gritty of employee management to maintain a productive and satisfied workforce.

  • Professional Education & Training

Getting quality training from industry experts to improve overall outcomes as an individual yourself.

  • Working Conditions & Industrial Safety

Studying safety, health, working conditions and other complex matters to increase the overall production of quality products.

Pick any top business psychology dissertation topics from the list above to get started on your business psychology paper.


Businesses today require psychologists to solve a variety of issues related to business on a day-to-day basis. If you are eager to dive deep into this subject, a best practice is to use your acquired talents and expertise to address problems and come up with the appropriate answer for the companies.

When employees feel engaged, businesses are more productive, more satisfied, more creative, more innovative, and their sales grow, which leads to a higher return on investment.

Moreover, if you are interested in applied psychology, complex problem solving, or organizational effectiveness, business psychology may be a great fit for you.

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