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October 26, 2015
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E-commerce Dissertation Topics



Studying e-commerce helps in understanding the online version of businesses. As an e-commerce student you will learn about the various electronic mediums that businesses utilize to run their online store. You will also study, how as a company, the operations and transactions are carried out.

When studying e-commerce you will also learn about the different technologies that are involved in setting up an online business. These include technologies such as automated data collection systems, inventory management systems, electronic data interchange systems (EDI), online transaction processing, internet marketing, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer, and mobile commerce.

Even though the e-commerce concept is now widespread, there are still gaps that need to be researched. As an e-commerce student, you can broaden your study horizon by exploring some new topics in e-commerce.

We provide you with a list of recent and relevant e-commerce dissertation topics. Choosing from these will help you get your topic approved easily and will also increase your chances of passing your final year project with ease.

E-commerce businesses employ various strategies such as engaging in pertail to launch new services and products, use of email and fax technologies to market products and services to established and prospective customers, business to business e-data interchange, gathering and use of demographic data, business to business buying and selling, participation in online marketplaces, and developing online shopping websites. This article aims to suggest various e-commerce research topics to help you prepare your dissertation on e-commerce.

E-Commerce Dissertation Topics for 2020

Topic 1: Analysing the impact of e-commerce strategies in building better relationship with customer: Case study of UK Fashion industry

Research Aim: UK fashion industry is a fragmented zone where large number of famous brands have been competing for gaining an edge through better customer relationship. For the same purpose, effective e-commerce strategies can help in building better customer relationship. Thus, the main purpose of this research will be to analyse the impact of e-commerce strategies in building better relationship with customers of the UK Fashion industry.

Topic 2: Assessing the impact of web-site attributes on consumer buying pattern: Case study of Amazon and Ebay

Research Aim: The rise of information technology has inclined famous brands to incorporate website attributes for increasing consumer purchase intentions. The main issue is increasing  competition amongst online retailers where website attributes can result in favourable consumer buying patterns. The purpose of this study will be to assess the impact of web-site attributes on consumer buying pattern in Amazon and e-bay.

Topic 3: How does E-commerce facilitate in adding value to a business: Case study of service industry of China

Research Aim: In today’s world, with tech savvy consumers, online purchases are much higher as compared to traditional, in-store purchases.. This persuades the pioneers of service industry to add value to their business by providing e-commerce facilities to consumers. Therefore, the main purpose of this research will be to analyse how does e-commerce facilitate and add value to a business in China service industry.

Topic 4: Critical analysis of security policies and vulnerability of an online banking website: Identifying the challenges and remedies to improvise risk management

Research Aim: The number of internet users has been increasing day by day, however it has also posited various security issues amongst online banking websites. The main purpose of this study will be to critically analyse security policies and vulnerability of online banking website along with the identification of challenges and remedies for improving risk management in banks.

Topic 5: Can E-Commerce Help Organisations Build a Competitive Advantage over its Competitors?

This research will talk about the role of e-commerce in helping organisations build a competitive advantage against its competitors. This research will understand how e-commerce, through advanced technology, helps businesses attain their business objective and how it helps them facilitate their customers as well.

Topic 6: Exploring the Regulations and Guidelines Set Out for the E-Commerce Companies

This research will understand the rules and regulations set out by the government and regulating authorities in order to implement safe and secure e-commerce. Businesses, when offering online payment services to its customers, have to make sure that they comply to the laws set out by the government so that customers’ payments are safe and secure.

Topic 7: Analyzing the Best Security Mechanisms that Should be Implemented by E-Commerce Companies

When implementing e-commerce, it is absolutely necessary for businesses to make sure that the best security mechanisms are undertaken. Customers trust companies which is why they make online payments, thus securing their payments and their trust is extremely important. This research will analyze the various security mechanisms available for companies and how businesses should implement them.

Topic 8: Exploring the Data Privacy Issues in E-Commerce

This research will be focused trust surrounding e-commerce. Customers make online and credit card payments trusting the company and the technology they have implemented. There are a lot of instances where companies fail to protect customer data and their privacy is compromised. Thus, making the company vulnerable to attacks and also causes the company to lose its reputation. This study the various privacy issues that customers come across with e-commerce companies.

Topic 9: E-Commerce and Customer Retention – Does E-Commerce Play a Role?

This research will talk about an important aspect of business i.e. customer retention. The study will analyze whether or not e-commerce helps businesses in retaining customers. If it does, what are the various ways and reasons that people trust e-commerce and stay loyal to a brand. This research will explore all these aspects to conclude whether e-commerce plays a role in retaining customers or not.

Topic 10: Security Limitations and Challenges of Implementing E-Commerce

This research will explore the challenges and security limitations that companies face when building an e-commerce business. The study will include the various security elements that companies have to consider when implementing e-commerce, the challenges that they have to encounter and the steps that they take in order to ensure security of customers’ data as well as their system.

E-Commerce Marketing Dissertation Topics

E-businesses are largely influenced by their marketing and advertising strategies. Without having a well-rounded and educated marketing strategy, an e-business in today’s cut-throat online environment will surely struggle to succeed. Webmasters and online marketing experts employ various marketing strategies such as the use of web 2.0 application to engage potential customers on social networks, banner advertisements, and paid advertisements. The internet has played a vital role towards making data available to everyone, thus making it possible to target customers based on their demographics and social media profiles. Thus, with these intriguing and up-to-date ecommerce marketing topics, you can choose the most suitable one for your project.

Topic 1:Ecommerce and the importance of Search Engine Rankings for Businesses

This research will identify the importance of search engine ranking for ecommerce businesses.

Topic 2:Investigating internet marketing strategies employed by traditional retailers

This research will understand the internet marketing strategies that are undertaken by businesses.

Topic 3:Retaining Customers By Employing E-Commerce: A Case Study of UK Fashion Industry

This research will explore the ways through which e-commerce businesses retain their customers. A specific focus of this study will be the UK Fashion industry.

Topic 4:Wholly online or one foot in both worlds – The advantages and disadvantages of the two commonly employed marketing strategies

This research will aim to understand the pros and cons of two main marketing strategies employed by companies. Also, this research will study business who run both, online and traditional business.

Topic 5:To investigate internet marketing strategies employed by E-Commerce retailers

This research will understand the internet marketing strategies that are undertaken by e-commerce retailers.

Topic 6:Understanding the effect of customer behaviour on internet marketing strategies

This research will understand how internet marketing changes with customer behavior.

Topic 7:Measuring the success of marketing strategy employed by new e-businesses – A case study of the UK Retail Industry

This research will aim to measure the success of marketing strategies adopted and employed by companies in the UK retain sector.

Topic 8:Measuring the success of marketing strategy employed by traditional businesses – A case study of the Airline Industry

This research will explore the success of marketing strategies employed by traditional business in the airline industry of UK.

Topic 9:The role of original and plagiarism free content in today’s e-marketing strategies

This research will explore an important concept of internet marketing i.e. content marketing. The role of content quality will be evaluated in this study.

E-commerce Strategy Dissertation Topics

The importance and the role of an effective e-commerce strategy should never be overlooked especially when promoting a product or service. In today’s highly “technology-oriented” world, having an internet presence is considered a requirement.  A well-rounded design can help e-businesses lead their respective industries. When looking for some interesting dissertation topics in this area of e-commerce, you should evaluate the various strategies that surround e-commerce. Some related topics are listed below:

Topic 1:Evaluating internet marketing strategies employed by existing e-businesses

This research will aim to explore the various internet marketing strategies that are employed by various existing business. In the end, the dissertation will conclude whether the strategies are helpful or the company should implement innovative ones.

Topic 2:The challenges and opportunities for organisations migrating to the internet

This research will explore the challenges and opportunities that companies come across when transitioning from traditional to e-commerce.

Topic 3:Accident or Design – Do we really have an internet marketing mix model/strategy that is sure to work?

This research will evaluate the current strategy and model of the internet marketing mix and will suggest changes.

Topic 4:Investigating the use of service in e-commerce to gain competitive advantage

This research will investigate the success of e-commerce strategy to gain a competitive edge over competitors.

Topic 5:Exploring the Most Effective Aspects of E-Commerce Strategy in Today’s World

This research will outline the various aspect of e-commerce strategy that are required to be successful in today’s fast-moving world.

Topic 6:Exploring the various internet business value creation strategies employed by e-businesses

This research will explore and investigate the different internet value creation strategies adopted by e-commerce businesses.

Topic 7: Measuring performance of an e-business marketing strategy

This research will aim to measure the success of an e-commerce strategy implemented by an e-commerce business. This topic can be customized to focus on a specific company or a specific strategy.

Topic 8: Investigating e-business strategies employed by educational institutes in the UK

The educational sector has adopted e-commerce. This study will aim to investigate the e-commerce strategies implemented by educational institutes.

Topic 9: Reviewing the most effective e-business strategies employed by UK SME’s

This research will compare and analyse the best e-commerce strategy implemented by SMEs in the UK.

Topic 10: Can E-Commerce Strategies Help Companies in Building their Brand

This research will understand the various strategies implemented by companies and will conclude whether implementing them helps companies build their brands.

E-Commerce Security and Trust Dissertation Topics

The importance of trust and security in e-commerce has greatly increased in the recent times, thanks to the growing number of threats that exist on the internet. When companies decide to implement e-commerce, they entrust their customers that the ir data and privacy will be protected. On the other hand, customers also make e-commerce payments trusting the company with their information. Thus, exploring these two essentials of e-commerce will help in understanding how successful companies have been. Here is a wide range of e-commerce trust and security topics to choose from.

1. E-Commerce Trust Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: Trust in ecommerce – Reality or Myth

This research will explore the trust aspect of e-commerce as to whether it really exists or is a myth.

Topic 2: Investigating data privacy issues in e-commerce and How it Impacts Businesses

This research will aim to explore the data privacy issues that exist in the e-commerce industry and how it impacts businesses.

Topic 3: Data Protection Act: Does it Help in Building Trust in Ecommerce

This research will aim to understand the data protection act and will analyze whether or not it helps businesses to build trust. The research will also conclude whether changes to this act are required or not.

Topic 4: How has anti-virus helped the E-commerce Industry?

This research will explore the effectiveness of anti-virus software and whether or not it has helped in protecting the e-commerce industry.

Topic 5: Investigating strategies used by retailers to build up trust among potential and existing customers

This research will analyse the strategies that are utilized by retailers in the UK in order to build trust among customers.

2. E-Commerce Security Dissertation Topics

Topic 1: To Identifying the security limitations that led to third party attacks in the past

This research will analyse the past third party attacks that occurred and will explore the reasons as to why those happened.

Topic 2: An empirical study of e-commerce security, challenges and solutions

This research will talk about the basic of ecommerce security, the challenges faced by the industry and its solutions.

Topic 3: Investigating strategies employed by E-Commerce Businesses to enhance the security of e-commerce transactions

This research will aim to understand the various strategies that are employed by e-commerce businesses in order to enhance ecommerce transactions.

Topic 4: Exploring the Effectiveness of Encryption in the E-Commerce Industry

This research will investigate the effectiveness of encryption and the reason why ecommerce industry adopts it.

Topic 5: Online Reputation Management: Exploring How E-Commerce Companies in the UK Fashion Industry Practice it

This research will discuss a relatively new concept, online reputation, and will explore how the UK fashion industry practices it.

E-Commerce Usability Dissertation Topics

Not many e-businesses pay enough attention to the usability of their e-commerce website. It should be noted that complex ordering and navigation system leads to higher bounce rates, leaving companies with very low or no revenue.  Companies should build user friendly user interface or else visitors will prematurely give up and abandon their shopping cart. To explore this aspect of e-commerce, here are some latest research topics:

Topic 1: A Comparative Analysis of the usability of World’s Leading travel websites

This research will compare the website user interface of leading airlines such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish airlines etc.

Topic 2: Evaluating the Website Design and Structure UK retail stores

This research will evaluate the website design and structure of leading retail stores in the UK.

Topic 3: Assessing the Website Usability of Government websites in UAE

This research will analyse the website user interface of government run websites in the UAE.

Topic 4: Reviewing user friendly design options for an e-commerce website for online clothing store

This research will analyse the website options that should be adopted by companies in order to ensure user friendliness.

Topic 5: An Analysis of the usability of m-commerce applications

This research will discuss and analyse the m-commerce aspect of applications as to how they should be built keeping user friendliness in mind.

Topic 6: Customer Preferences and Behavior: Should these be considered when building a website?

This research will consider two important aspects of website building, customer preferences and behavior. The study will suggest how these two should be considered when putting up a website.

Topic 7: The Impact of Low Usability Websites on Company’s revenues

This research will assess the effects of low usability websites on company’s revenues.

Topic 8: Customer Satisfaction and Usability: Are they both Related in the E-Commerce World

This research will explore the most important factor related to business i.e. customer satisfaction and how it relates to website usability.

Topic 9: Analysing Amazon’s Website with Respect to E-Commerce Usability
Topic 10: Critically Analyzing The Current Technology Employed by E-Commerce Companies

This research will critically analyze the current technology Employed by E-Commerce Businesses.

E-commerce Law Dissertation Topics

Governments across the globe have reacted slowly to technological advancements being made over the last fifty years. Lobby groups behind large profit making organisations play a huge part in the e-commerce laws being made. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Copy Right Act are two classic examples of such laws created to protect the interests of those in power. Consequently, benefits of legislation are not being experienced by the general public. Thus, it is worth exploring this aspect of e-commerce. Some suggestions are provided below if you wish to base your e-commerce dissertation on law:

Topic 1: To compare the e-commerce regulations in United States of America and the European Union for new and existing e-commerce businesses

This research will compare and analyze the e-commerce laws and regulations for new and existing businesses in America and European Union,

Topic 2: The role of consumer protection in development of e-commerce – The case of UAE

This research will explore the customer protection laws and its role in the development of e-commerce in UAE.

Topic 3: Computer Misuse Act 1990: Is it Relevant Today in the E-Commerce Industry?

This research will explore the computer misuse act 1990 and whether or not it is relevant today in the e-commerce industry.

Topic 4: Exploring how Brexit will Impact the E-Commerce Laws for Companies in the UK

This research will explore the impact of Brexit on the e-commerce industry in the UK and whether or not there will be new laws.

Topic 5: The impact of the American Copyright Act extension on e-commerce

This research will explore the impact of American Copyright Act extension on e-commerce.

Topic 6: Analysing the Impact of International Legislations on the E-Commerce Industry

This research will analyse the impact of international legislations on the ecommerce industry.

Topic 7: Investigating UK’s legislation concerning e-businesses and How It Impacts Businesses

This research will understand how UK legislation has set out e-commerce rules and how it impacts businesses.

Topic 8: Exploring the Effectiveness of E-Commerce Laws and Legislations as a Deterrent to Computer Attacks

This research will understand whether or not e-commerce laws and legislations act as a deterrent to computer attacks, and how effective they have been.

Topic 9: The implications of Data Protection Act 1988 for e-businesses

This research will aim to understand the implications of Data Protection Act 1988 for Ecommerce businesses.

Topic 10: An Analysis of the Lawfulness of the E-commerce Industry

This research will explore in-depth the laws and legislations related to e-commerce and how well they are adopted and implemented by the e-commerce companies.


Mobile E-commerce Dissertation Topics

Studies performed on e-commerce by various researchers reveal that mobile e-commerce is going to be the next “big thing” in e-commerce industry. With smartphones being the emerging and driving force in the field of technology, the use of internet in today’s world is not limited only to desktops and laptops. All smart phones using android and IOS applications allow users to browse the internet. Consequently, more and more retailers are now upgrading their websites to make them responsive and friendlier to mobile visitors. In this regard, some savvy e-commerce retailers are developing delivery mechanisms that satisfy the needs of the new platform. More and more payment gateways have evolved with increasing e-commerce adoption in the business industry. Thus, it will be interesting to explore this aspect of e-commerce as it will give an insight into the current e-commerce industry. Here are some interesting mobile e-commerce dissertation topics that you can choose from.:

Topic 1: Wireless security and its Effectiveness in the  e-commerce Industry

This research will explore the concept of wireless security and how it helps e-commerce industry.

Topic 2: Analysing the use of m-commerce by customers today – Understanding their Adoption Pattern

This research will aim to understand the m-commerce adoption rate and what compels customers to move towards m-commerce.

Topic 3: Investigating m-commerce strategies employed airline sector in the UAE

This research will investigate the m-commerce strategies that are employed by the airline sector in the UAE.

Topic 4: Analysing m-commerce innovation in the travel sector of UK

This research will analyse the quick adoption rate of m-commerce rate in the travel sector in UK.

Topic 5: Combining the benefits of m-commerce with the benefits of traditional commerce and ecommerce – A study of any multi-national retailer

This research will present a comparative analysis of traditional commerce and e-commerce and how multinationals benefit from it. This topic can be customized to a country or company of your choosing.

Topic 6: The effects of m-commerce on economic development in Europe

There is no doubt that e-commerce and m-commerce have played a huge role in the development of economies. This research will investigate the impact of m-commerce on Europe’s economic development.

Topic 7: Trust and Security Issues in M-Commerce: How Companies can Overcome them

This research will present some major trust and security issues associated with m-commerce and will also present ways how companies can overcome these issues.

Topic 8: The impact of m-commerce user interface on Companies’ Revenues

This research will first understand the importance of user interface in m-commerce and will then assess its impact on company’s profitability.

Topic 9: Understanding the Role and Importance of Data security in m-commerce – How it can be Ensured

Just like e-commerce, m-commerce also has its own data security issues. This research will understand the role of importance of data security and will discuss how it can be ensured.

Topic 10: Generating revenue through m-commerce – Challenges and opportunities

This research will understand the challenges and opportunities associated with revenue generation through m-commerce.

How to Structure your Dissertation

Different people suggest different ways to structure a dissertation; however, for academic purposes, it is best to follow the given structure if you’re looking for an A grade:

  • Title Page
  • Acknowledgement
  • Declaration Executive Summary / Abstract: This section should be concise but should give a clear idea about your research. The reader should know for your abstract, what he or she should expect from this research.
  • Table of Content
  • Introduction: This is the first chapter of your dissertation, thus should give a clear idea of what you aim to find out. Your research question, aims and objectives, timeline of your research, background of your topic and an outline of your dissertation should be a part of this chapter.
  • Literature Review: This is the chapter where you relate your topic to past researches. You gain reference from previous researches that have been conducted on the same or similar topic and present a well-researched literature review. There is one thing you should be careful about i.e. do not include researches and references that are too old. For an idea, avoid using references and researches that are more than 10 years old.
  • Methodology: This is the base of your research. You will have to mention and talk about how your research will be conducted. Make sure that you include the method clearly, talk about the various limitations and how you plan to overcome them. This section should also include details of your surveys or questionnaires, if it is a part of your research.
  • Findings and Analysis: This is where you present your research results. If it is a quantitative study, make sure you represent your results through graphs, diagrams, etc. Presenting it in a pictorial form leaves a good impression on your tutor and also shows that you have out in a lot of hard work and time into your project. When working on this section make sure that you do not only present results and do not discuss it. you will do that in the next section.
  • Discussion: This is the meat of your study. This section represents how well you conducted your research and how well you can tie your results to your research question and topic. In this section you will discuss the findings that you presented in the previous section and will relate it to your topic.
  • References: Make sure that you include a complete list of references according to your university requirements.
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices: This section is optional, but should contain all supporting information such as graphs, diagrams that were used to complete the dissertation. Information in this section is not directly related to your study, but helped you complete it.

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