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Business Law Dissertation Topics

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International business operations have steadily expanded the boundaries of business law over the years.

In general, business law regulates the legal rights, conducts, and relationships of individuals with businesses engaged in trade, commerce, or other commercial activities. The subject covers a broad range of ideas that fall under the business law scope, making it one of the most critical areas of law.

Ensuring businesses are run lawfully and fairly protects customers from illegal business practices and enables businesses to resolve disputes and understand their rights and responsibilities. The framework also provides a stable operating environment for businesses.

Students expected to write a dissertation in business law must choose an appropriate business law dissertation topic before they can get started with the dissertation.

Types of Business Law

Such laws govern contracts and employee rights to taxes and intellectual property. Some common types of business law are the following:


Contract law is used when a company or individual enters into an agreement with another company or individual. In these agreements, each party’s responsibilities are outlined and how disputes will be handled.

Employee Rights

Employee rights include how employers should treat employees and what workers can expect from their employers, such as the hours worked per day/week/month.

Academic Resource: Employment Law Topics


It varies depending on which business entity you are and covers topics such as calculating gross income and deducting expenses.

Academic Resource: Taxation Dissertation Topics.

Intellectual property

This includes any creative work, artwork, literature, music, or trademarked product. The legal ownership of this type of work ensures that no one can claim authority over it.

Academic Resource: Intellectual property dissertation Topics.

List Of Business Law Dissertation Topics

Finding the best business law topic is essential to producing the best business law dissertation as a law student. To help you, we’ve listed some business law topics below:

Research Aim: Studying the relationship between workers and employees along with the laws and rules that imply to businesses.

Research Aim: Dive deep into the factories act, 1934 covering all the employee laws applicable in the country up to 18 years.

Research Aim: Take an in-depth look at the immigration law that covers the study of immigration of citizens to other countries to understand their culture, practices, locations, and rules.

Research Aim: Covering the total retail sales of consumer goods with deep insight into the physical commodity and different income ongoing and outgoing for production in companies.

Research Aim: As the name says, content drafting is the study of drafting all the laws and regulations of several legal matters.

Research Aim: Antitrust lawyers is a famously known topic written about economic and legal matters of the country that revolves around federal laws applied to businesses.

Research Aim: Intellectual property laws are the field of study where students study the intellectual properties designed to assist businesses, individuals, and organizations. The topic of taxes covers all the local, regional and national taxes that promote overall social security and Medicare.

Research Aim: In the bankruptcy subject, we study the typical reasons, effects, and results of bankruptcies on employees and organizations in the long run.

Research Aim: This topic discusses the factors that influence business formation and the entire process from starting a business to becoming successful.

Research Aim: Lawsuit is an attorney-related subject in which individuals study the importance of attorneys to reduce the damage and losses in your business with the help of day-to-day negotiations to make a business effective.

Research Aim: Studying the relationships between businesses and legal organizations to run peacefully in the country.

Research Aim: Understanding the nature of businesses with different work sectors

Research Aim: Classifying business laws based on their sources, approaches, and purpose of implying.

Research Aim: Studying the moral values of businesses for the betterment of society.

Research Aim: The subject of business law consultation is where students create relevancy with different legal laws to authorise  the legislation process.

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Select a top business law dissertation topic from the list above to start your research as a business law student.

The topics covered by a business law degree can range from taxation and contracts to intellectual property and international trade. Internships and externships will provide students with practical experience, research skills, and research methods related to the legal process. Furthermore, a business law degree can lead to a successful career as a lawyer, corporate counsel, or government lawyer.

Students who want to study business law are needed to fit this criterion.

  • Candidates who choose the five-year integrated BBA-LLB program must have graduated from a recognised high school and passed the university’s entrance exam.
  • If a student at the PG level applies for a business law course, they must have either finished the five-year integrated course or earned a three-year LLB degree.


Business law encompasses all legal issues necessary to operate a business, such as copyright laws, workplace safety rules, contract laws, financial laws, intellectual property laws, and tax laws. As a business lawyer, you can establish, run, close, and sell a business to third parties in compliance with all legal requirements.

As businesses on a global scale change rapidly, they seek employees with creative skills to advance their organisations. A background in management and law can make you a problem solver, an analytical thinker, and an innovative manager capable of providing organisations with the edge over their rivals and staying relevant in a constantly changing market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To find business law dissertation topics:

  1. Explore recent legal developments.
  2. Analyze industry challenges.
  3. Research emerging business models.
  4. Consider regulatory gaps.
  5. Examine global perspectives.
  6. Select a topic aligning with your expertise and career objectives.

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