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Dissertation Topics on USA’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Published by at January 5th, 2023 , Revised On August 16, 2023

On Monday, the United States of America brought an end to its 20-year war in Afghanistan, retreating its last remaining troops and finally a large and chaotic airlift that exhausted over one hundred twenty,000 civilians but left thousands of others stranded. The ultimate withdrawal meant President Joe Biden had delivered on his campaign promise to finish America’s “longest war” — an exploit that eluded his two predecessors — however not while not sizeable bloodshed and an entire capitulation to the Taliban.

The Joe Biden administration’s call to withdraw all U.S. troops from Asian countries by September 11, 2021, maybe a wise strategic alternative that took important political courage. The administration properly assessed that perpetuating U.S. military engagement in Afghanistan has become a strategic liability and a futile investment that lost the capability to change the fundamental political and military dynamics in Afghanistan. That doesn’t mean that fascinating political and security developments can follow in Asian countries when the U.S. military withdraws. Sadly, the likelihood of associating intense and probably extremely fragmented and bloody warfare is real, and at minimum, the Taliban’s ascendence to formal power can bring painful changes to the country’s political dispensation.

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2022 Dissertation Topics on USA’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Research Aim: The present research study aims to investigate the economic uncertainties and ambiguities caused by the US withdrawal from Afghanistan


  • To make a comprehensive analysis of the incident of the USA’s withdrawal of armed force from Afghanistan.
  • To shed light on the economic uncertainties and ambiguities as to the prevailing results of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • To share ideas about how these economic uncertainties and ambiguities can be eradicated after the exit of US military force from Afghanistan.

Research Aim: The aim of this study is to critically analyse the adverse effects of the US withdrawal of the military from Afghanistan and threats to human life.


  • To provide a coherent analysis of the context of the USA’s withdrawal of the military from Afghanistan.
  • To examine how human lives have been threatened and affected by the USA’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.
  • To suggest ideas for potential initiatives to minimise threats to human lives after the exit of the US military from Afghanistan.

Research Aim: This study aims to analyse the impacts of the USA’s withdrawal from Afghanistan on cross-border security of the country and it will specifically focus on the possibly growing scope of drug trafficking.


  • To critically analyse the importance of US military force in Afghanistan for ensuring cross-border security.
  • To interpret how US withdrawal from Afghanistan may lead to increased possibilities of drug trafficking due to poor cross-border security in Afghanistan.
  • To recommend strategies for the improvement of border security that may help reduce the possibilities of drug trafficking in Afghanistan after the departure of the US armed force.

Research Aim: The present study aims to shed light on how women’s education is threatened by the exit of the US military from Afghanistan.


  • To develop a clear idea about the overall context of women’s education in Afghanistan.
  • To elaborate on how the exit of the US military from Afghanistan is threatening women’s education in the country.
  • To provide recommendations for maintaining women’s education facilities and practices in Afghanistan after the USA’s withdrawal.

Research Aim: To critically analyse the possible impacts of the USA’s withdrawal from Afghanistan on the Indo-Afghan trade relationships.


  • To investigate the possible impacts of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan on the country’s trade and business.
  • To interpret how US withdrawal from Afghanistan may affect the Indo-Afghan trade relations specifically.
  • To suggest ideas to maintain the trade relationship between India and Afghanistan through a complete understanding of the political context, thereby dealing with adversities.

Dissertation Topics on USA’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Research Aim: The United States hasn’t achieved the goal of defeating the Taliban as they are steadily ascendant on the battlefield. You can emphasize how strong a nation Afghanistan has. Moreover, you can add that the U.S. has slowed down Afghanistan’s military, but they can’t reverse them.

Research Aim: The Military And Political Prospects Of Afghanistan Are Not So Good. Their Civil Wars Are Killing Thousands Of Afghani’s Monthly And Annually. In Your Dissertation, You Can Add That Such A Situation Will Cause A Weakening In Their Politics.

Research Aim: The Biden administration nonetheless made a major tactical error in announcing the new withdrawal timeline just a few days before a planned Istanbul conference on Afghanistan. You can add in detail that this mistake caused a lot of mess.

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Research Aim: Now that the United States of America military withdrawal from Afghanistan is finally complete, the American folks have a right to question why United States policy failed catastrophically. And they deserve honest answers, even though that’s uncomfortable for those accountable for crafting and implementing those policies. A radical inquiry ought to begin by scrutinizing the statements of civilian leaders and U.S. government officers.

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Research Aim: In your dissertation writing, you can add how this withdrawal was appalling as everything went surprising. You can also write on how the Biden administration made a blunder by announcing it just a few days before the Istanbul Conference.

Research Aim: The haphazard withdrawal from Afghanistan impacts U.S. interests, increases the threat against Americans and puts our security in danger. You can add how this withdrawal impacts everything related to U.S. alliances.

Research Aim: After several surveys, the U.S. Government now needs to provide necessary sources to clear refugee cases by setting targets.

Research Aim: The Biden administration can, beyond any doubt, argue that “Afghanistan was completely different,” which what happened there won’t be repeated anyplace else.

Research Aim: The Afghanistan withdrawal will have a long-lasting negative impact; however, it doesn’t have to be this way. The one massive takeaway for the Biden administration ought to be that the honeymoon with Europe is over. Well-crafted words, no matter how many times they’re recurrent, don’t seem to be enough. Merely not being Trump won’t convert European allies regarding the strategic relationship.

Research Aim: August 31 was a dark day for America. Many Americans were unable to be exhausted, alongside thousands of vulnerable Afghan allies. Our terrorist enemies are bold, and with no military presence within the country, it’ll be a lot more durable to disrupt their plotting.

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