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There are different types of literature review, each having its own approach and purpose. The one specific type that you choose solely depends on your research approach and design. Given are the literature review types that are most popularly used in business studies.

  • Narrative Literature Review

Also called as traditional review, involves gathering and then summarizing the body of work on a specific topic, where the review being focused is on a broad topic. For conducting this type of literature review you need to have a specific question related to the research.

  • Systematic Review

A systematic literature review is more comprehensive, so having a tailored search strategy requires more extensive efforts to track down information. It uses more critical methods for reviewing systematic literature, it can further be divided into two categories: Meta-Analysis and meta-Synthesis.

  • While conducting meta-analysis, you gather findings on a focused topic from different studies and then evaluate them using standardize statistical methods.
  • Whereas in Meta-synthesis review you use non-statistical techniques. Also called as qualitative meta-synthesis, as it gathers qualitative data for forming a new interpretation of the research field.
  • Integrative Literature Review

A method that reviews and summarizes the past abstract literature or data.The research, not involving primary data collection and data analysis will only be having the integrative literature review as an option to be opted.

  • Scoping Review

As suggested by its name, a scoping literature review is used to assess the prospective size and the scope of the available research literature. Scoping reviews are utilitarian for inspecting revealed evidence when it is not clear what other more specific questions can be posted and valuably communicated by a more accurate systematic review.

  • Argumentative Literature Review

As implied by the name, the literature is examined selectively, supporting or refuting an argument, deeply imbedded assumption or problem that has already been established in the literature. A potential for bias being is a major shortcoming associated with this review.

  • Theoretical Literature Review

This Type of literature review helps in establishing what theories already exist, also the relationships between them, to what extent the already existing theories have been reviewed, and then developing a new hypothesis that is to be tested.

Depending upon the research area, research problem and research purpose, any of the above-mentioned literature review types can be chosen. After specifying the literature review type chosen, the choice thus made has to be justified.

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Literature reviews of undergraduate and master’s dissertations are generally 3,000-6,000 words in length, depending on the module specifications. Ph.D.-level dissertation literature reviews are much longer. The length of a Ph.D. dissertation can vary anywhere between 10,000 and 20,000 words.

Our literature review writing service includes literature reviews for Ph.D.s, master’s, and undergraduate proposals and dissertations, as well as literature review coursework assignments.

Our team of writers is hand picked, with rigorous tests to check their qualifications and writing skills. We make sure that the writers are qualified for the work that is assigned to them.

We cover four types of literature reviews, namely traditional, systematic, meta-analysis, and meta meta-synthesis.

Need help with the literature review for your dissertation? Or simply unsure about how a literature review helps in research? The expert literature review writers and researchers can write a first-class dissertation literature review that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Literature reviews completed by our writers are thorough, focused, and relevant to the topic of research. Once you have received your literature review order by email, you can either accept the work or request amendments if need be. You might also want to order other parts of your dissertation or another coursework assignment if you accept the order.

What Is A Good Literature Review?

A literature review is typically defined as a critical summary of other scholars’ work in your field of study. The length of a dissertation literature review depends on the expected overall word count of your complete dissertation paper and your academic level.

Literature reviews of undergraduate and Master dissertations are generally 3000-6000 words in length, depending on the module specifications. PhD-level dissertation literature reviews are much longer. The length of a PhD dissertation can vary anywhere between 10,000 to 20,000 words. Regardless of what academic level the dissertation literature review is for, it should compare relevant theories to provide the basis for your own research work.

If you have been asked to write a literature review but are unsure about what to include in it, then you have come to the right place. In order to write a good dissertation literature review, you will require to;

  • Find academic sources that appear to be relevant to your topic of research.
  • Analyse and critically evaluate each source and shortlist the ones that are directly relevant to your scope of research.
  • Find gaps in knowledge and draw conclusions from the literature material.

Why Choose ResearchProspect

Our dissertation literature review writing services are designed to help you with every aspect of your literature review. We have a large team of literature review writing specialists from top universities who can write your literature review based on your exact requirements, no matter what your academic level and subject area.

Rest assured, the writer assigned to your literature review order will be capable of satisfying every bit of your needs.

Our literature review writing service includes literature reviews for PhD, Master’s and undergraduate proposals and dissertations and literature review coursework assignments. The literature review orders completed by ResearchProspect’s expert writers are customised to suit your exact needs regardless of the complexity and subject involved.

If you need well-written, focused information relevant to your topic literature review, then our legit literature review help services are the perfect match for you. ResearchProspect’s literature review writing service reviews speaks for themselves. Thousands of students trust us to complete their dissertation literature reviews.

How To Get Online Literature Review Help

It can be daunting for a few students to complete their literature review, especially for those new to academic writing or with limited time to conduct research. This is where literature review writing services come in handy. By getting help from these services, you can save time and effort while ensuring that your literature review meets the highest academic standards.

A key advantage of using an online service is the time-saving factor. Conducting a comprehensive literature review requires extensive research and analysis, which can take up a significant amount of time. By outsourcing this task to professional dissertation literature review writing services, you can free up your time to focus on other important tasks, such as data analysis or writing the main body of your research paper.

Another advantage is the expertise that they offer. These services have experienced British native literature review writers who are experts in their field and have extensive knowledge of the research process. They can provide valuable insights and guidance in conducting a thorough literature review, ensuring that your review covers all the relevant literature, is well-structured, and meets the requirements of your academic field.

Moreover, literature review paper writing companies can also help you avoid common mistakes researchers make when writing, such as not citing relevant sources, not organising the literature review properly, or not presenting a clear argument. By working with a professional service, you can ensure that your literature review is of high quality and meets the expectations of your readers and reviewers.

Problems You Can Expect To Face When Writing A Literature Review

Whether you need to write a literature review as a standalone assignment or as part of your dissertation project, it can be particularly demanding and painstaking. Writing a great literature review requires specialised skills in your subject area. If it is the first time you are undertaking such an assignment, you need a helping hand. Here are some of the difficulties you can face when writing a literature review and the reasons why you might need to use trusted literature review writing services;

  • You are unsure about which area you are going to research.
  • You cannot find relevant literature and narrow it down to a focused interest.
  • You are preoccupied with other university assignments or other parts of your dissertation and don’t have time to work on your literature review.
  • You are unfamiliar with how to structure a dissertation literature review so that your ideas flow more naturally.
  • Your tutor or supervisor is unhelpful.
  • Research, analysis and writing are your weaker areas.

What To Expect From A Top-Rated Service Like ResearchProspect

A good literature review writing service, such as ResearchProspect, should provide a comprehensive and well-researched review of the relevant literature on a given topic. The service should include a thorough analysis of the available literature, including both primary and secondary sources, and a critical evaluation of the quality and relevance of each source. The literature review should be written clearly and concisely, focusing on providing a coherent and well-structured narrative of the research findings. The review should also be well-organised, with an introduction that provides an overview of the topic, a body that presents the relevant literature and key findings, and a conclusion that summarises the key points and implications of the research.

Additionally, a good literature review writing service should provide high-quality writing and editing, ensuring that the review is free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and other issues that could detract from the quality of the work. The service should also be able to assist with formatting and citation styles, ensuring that the literature review meets the requirements of the client’s academic or professional institution. You can also check out literature review writing service reviews online to find a reliable source.

Key Steps In Writing An Excellent Literature Review

Following are the general steps involved in writing a literature review:

  • Define your research question or topic. This will help you identify the key concepts and terms you need to search for in the literature.
  • Conduct a comprehensive search of relevant databases, journals, books, and other sources to gather relevant literature. Use keywords and subject headings to ensure that you are retrieving all the relevant literature.
  • Evaluate and select the literature: Evaluate the relevance and quality of each source by reading the abstract, introduction, and conclusion. Select only the relevant sources to your research question and meet your quality standards.
  • Read and analyse each source carefully, noting the key findings, themes, and arguments. Organise your notes by theme or topic to make it easier to synthesise the literature.
  • Synthesise the literature by identifying common themes, trends, and patterns across the sources. Use subheadings and topic sentences to organise your review and present a clear argument.
  • Write the literature review using a clear and concise writing style. Start with an introduction that outlines the scope and purpose of the review. Then, present the literature in a logical and organised manner, using evidence to support your arguments. End with a conclusion summarising the key findings and implications of the literature.
  • Revise and edit – to ensure that it is well-written, error-free, and follows the guidelines of your academic field.

Where Can You Find Relevant Sources For A Literature Review

  • Academic databases such as JSTOR, PubMed, and Google Scholar are great places to start. They provide access to various academic journals, books, and other publications.
  • Bibliographies and reference lists: Once you have found a few relevant sources, check their bibliographies and reference lists for additional sources. This can help you find other relevant works that may not have appeared in your initial search.
  • Library catalogues: Many libraries have online catalogues that allow you to search for books, articles, and other materials on a particular topic. These catalogues can be a great resource for finding primary and secondary sources.
  • Professional organisations and conferences: Many professional organisations and conferences publish journals or proceedings that contain relevant research on specific topics. You can check their websites or contact them directly to find out more.
  • Expert recommendations: If you are having trouble finding relevant sources, consider contacting experts in the field. They may recommend specific articles, books, or other materials that would be helpful for your literature review. However, you should only look for reliable literature review writing services like ResearchProspect.