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Arts Dissertation Research Topics

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Arts is an important academic subject. It has a range of subdisciplines including Economics, History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Science, Linguistics, Law, Journalism & Media and Tourism & Hotel Management. If you are looking for some exciting yet manageable arts dissertation topics then you definitely landed on the right page.

This blog post provides twenty arts dissertation topic examples so you can come up with an idea that will enable you to achieve a high academic grade in your arts dissertation project. These topics have been proposed by our expert art writers so you can be confident that they will make a great dissertation paper.

Without further ado, here are the top five arts dissertation topics.

  • Topic 1: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Modern Art: An Exploratory Study to Find Advancements AI can Bring in Modern Art
  • Topic 2: What’s Wrong with Mona Lisa? A Critical Review of Mona Lisa’s Painting from Various Artists’ Lens
  • Topic 3: Performing Arts and Cultural Development- A Study to Find the Impact of Performing Arts on the Youth Cultural Development in Ancient Germany
  • Topic 4: The Role of Arts in the Cultural Invasion- A Case of Western Culture Penetrating in Asian Societies
  • Topic 5: The Influence of Oil-Based Portrait Painting on Portrait Photography

You may also want to start your dissertation by requesting a brief research proposal from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an introduction to the topic, research questionaim and objectivesliterature review along with the proposed methodology of research to be conducted. Let us know if you need any help in getting started.

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2022 Arts Dissertation Research Topics

Research Aim: This research aims to find the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on modern art advancements. It will show how AI-based models such as Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning models can help to create more dynamic visual arts? It will test these models against real artists to show whether they can create new art based on the previous data? Lastly, it will assess the current work in the area and improve existing models to create better art.

Research Aim: This study intends to critically evaluate Mona Lisa’s painting from various artists’ viewpoints. It will try to dig deep into the picture from the painters’ imagination to the colors used in the painting. Moreover, it will utilize arts literature to draw a framework to analyze Mona Lisa’s painting critically. It will show the greatness and uniqueness in the painting and its problems, which can be modified through ideas and tools used in modern art and literature.

Research Aim: This research analyzes the impact of performing arts on the youth cultural development in ancient Germany. It will show artists and various organizations intentionally and unintentionally used performing arts to affect the youth in old Germany. It will assess the effects of performing arts on multiple aspects of youth lifestyle in Ancient Germany. It will also explore the impact of performing arts on other elements of youth, such as their imagination, productivity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Research Aim: This study assesses the role of arts in the cultural invasion. It will find how various individuals and organizations, even states use different art (performing arts, liberal arts, visual arts, etc.) to invade other cultures? Moreover, it will analyze the western nations to see how they used their culture to change mindsets in Asian societies. It will calculate the difference in fashion, activities, lifestyles, employments, traditions, norms, etc., pre and post cultural invasion times in Asian societies.

Research Aim: This research finds the influence of oil-based portrait painting on portrait photography. It will show how the introduction of oil-based portrait painting influenced various aspects of portrait photography? It will assess the change in portrait photography methods due to changes in oil-based portrait painting over time. Moreover, it will show whether oil-based portrait painting has a role in portrait photography? Or is there no empirical relationship between both? Lastly, it will show through an academic lens how both can be combined to make photography better in terms of concepts, colors, content, photography methods, etc.,?

Arts Dissertation Research Topics

Research Aim: This research paper aims to analyze the cultural hybridity found in UK art culture. The UK’s various art reproduces creative work, which enhances the art culture of the entire UK. The UK’s artistic practise creates an opportunity for its art culture to expand all over the world.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to explore American films’ future possibilities by evaluating American films in this modern era. A different perspective is implemented to analyze the entire topic.

Research Aim: The focus of this dissertation is to situate impressionistic painting in the contemporary era. The application of the impressionistic technique gives a new dimension to the art of the contemporary period. The features of impressionism are the insights of the paintings.

Research Aim: The paper focuses on evaluating the current position of aesthetic art in the UK’s modern culture. It also tries to express how the UK relates aesthetic arts with its tradition.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to evaluate the practices of Idol painting in modern art. The abstract paintings of the idol are innovative art techniques to express in-depth knowledge regarding the piece of art. Finding out the reason behind the culture of idol painting is another aim.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to seek out the changing perception of people to art in modern culture. Art is changing in itself, which develops contemporary art, hence the changing perception of people. A comparative study is also provided between traditional art and modern art.

Research Aim: The objective of this dissertation paper is to explore the possibilities of modern music culture in Australia. The creative works in music give Australian art an innovative way to express it in the contemporary world, enhancing the position of Australian art.

Research Aim: This dissertation aims to form a comparative study regarding the history of sculpture art between the East and the West. The history of sculpture art of both the East and the West is analyzed to develop the aspects of comparison for the research study.

Research Aim: The research paper seeks to evaluate the comparison between the war of photography between modern and retro. The black and white tradition of photography is embraced by modern people. The importance of retro in the contemporary world is like innovation in art culture. So, the paper aims to divide the features of both retro and modern photography.

Research Aim: This paper aims to compare the needs of modern painting techniques. The human-centric paintings and the paintings of nature are the comparison topics, which is contemporary painters’ preference. Modern art develops depending on current techniques in painting.

Research Aim: This dissertation paper aims to trace the origin of portrait art and its gradual development in western culture. The innovative portrait art is the need of modern civilization.

Research Aim: This dissertation paper is written to analyze the importance of art in the creative development of the classroom. The students in the school are instructed to do art and craftwork to develop their creative insight. Developing creativity is the beginning of innovation.

Research Aim: This dissertation aims to evaluate the significance of visual art as a communicative medium of creative genius. Visual art develops creativity. The impact of visual art can extract creativity from a thoughtful mind.

Research Aim: The objective of this research is to trace the history of ancient art in the East. The importance of ancient art is invaluable through which the culture came into existence. Ancient art helps in developing modern art.

Research Aim: This paper aims to explore the possibilities of modern art and how it can expand the dimensions of art in the future. Through a complete evaluation of contemporary art and its role in the contemporary era, the dissertation seeks the importance of modern art.

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