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Business Information Technology Dissertation Topics

Published by at January 4th, 2023 , Revised On August 15, 2023

Information technology stands out as one of the latest discoveries of the twenty-first century. According to researchers, technology is currently undergoing an era of transformation. Yet, despite all the hype, many students struggle to figure out a topic for their degree specifically in Information Technology or combined with business courses as business information technology.

Nonetheless, we are right here to direct our students and show them a ray of hope. A comprehensive list of advanced dissertation topics in the field of business information technology is provided below for our students to pick a topic that suits their interests and research.

Below Are Some Business Information Technology Dissertation Topics:

  • A literature analysis on the information quality management framework
  • A comprehensive investigation of the information system hierarchy
  • Big data and business intelligence are essential for sustainable development in organizations: Discuss a UK-based perspective
  • Correlation between Information systems management and risk management infrastructure to achieve business risk resilience
  • Impact of the Coronavirus on the management of X country’s information systems
  • The function of structured versus unstructured data in managing information systems
  • A review of the literature on the management of business intelligence and information systems
  • Pre- and post-COVID analysis of the impact of information systems on organizational performance
  • Implementing IT governance and managing information systems
  • A descriptive overview of IS strategic planning and management services
  • A review of the literature on international information system security
  • Information systems management historical analysis focusing on the last three decades
  • The part that planning, alignment, and leadership play in information systems management
  • A systematic review of the post-COVID era for information systems management research
  • Difficulties and possible challenges in the International management of Information systems
  • A thorough analysis of information policy and global information systems management
  • How to handle data management in the era of 5G technologies
  • Human-computer interaction’s effect on innovations
  • How does machine learning introduce students to more modern career opportunities?
  • Consider the use of molecular information systems in biotechnology
  • How information technology has aided in the processing of natural language
  • What are the most recent advancements in software engineering and programming languages?
  • An examination of new potential in the robotics industry.
  • What factors should I take into account while buying a bandwidth monitor?
  • How do we develop a efficient clinic management system for intensive care?
  • Reasons why e-waste management solutions should be used worldwide ASAP
  • Motives for why cyberbullying persists in modern communication technologies
  • Interpersonal communication has changed as a result of the development of information technology
  • The effect of 3D printing on medical practice
  • How well do colleges and universities produce qualified computer scientists using robots in infectious disease units?
  • How ethical hacking has become more harmful
  • Why having specialized financial systems is important
  • What is the best security precaution: A fingerprint or a serial number?
  • How to strengthen patent protection for technical advances?
  • An overview of the many software security measures

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    To find business information technology dissertation topics:

    1. Examine emerging IT trends.
    2. Investigate industry challenges.
    3. Explore digital transformation effects.
    4. Analyze data security concerns.
    5. Review AI and automation impacts.
    6. Select a topic aligning with business and tech intersections.

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