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At Research Prospect, we understand that when you place an order for an essay or dissertation you expect nothing but the best. However, unfortunately, most companies in the UK’s academic writing industry hire foreign-based non-native writers who are unable to deliver the promises they make. 

Meeting Expectations at the First Attempt!

While most companies advertise tempting guarantees, it is important to recognise that under UK Law a guarantee doesn’t even mean that your order will completely error-free. In fact, it simply means that the company will either repair or replace the product which did not meet your requirements. And that is where Research Prospect is different from other essay and dissertation writing companies because we aim to get things right the first time so you don’t have to worry about getting revisions and amendments to your essay or dissertation. All our processes and operations are designed to deliver the highest quality work which is in line with our vision to become the leading providers of academic support and free learning material.

We Understand the Importance of Quality Assurance

Research Prospect will do everything we can to ensure the highest academic quality

Since 2011, we have been serving students throughout the world. The quality benchmark we set has resulted in an ever-increasing rate of return of customers at Research Prospect. Our experiences and efforts in the last 8 years have taught us the valuable lesson that all our student clients value quality above all other things. While almost all companies promise to deliver quality works, here at Research Prospect we understand that delivering a high-quality academic paper demands a lot of hard work, and so we have experts for every step of the process who perform their designated duties to ensure the final product is exactly what you expected.

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    Assigning Writers Based On Their Qualifications, Expertise, and Experience

    1. Finding and matching a suitable writer to your order is perhaps the most critical aspect of our operations. When assigning a writer to any order, we make sure that they must have obtained a degree in the same academic subject you are studying and in the same country where you are studying. This means that if you are studying in the UK we will make sure to assign a writer who is UK-qualified in the same academic subject. From our experience in the academic writing industry, we have realized that having academic qualifications and knowledge from the same country’s system where you are studying is an absolute necessity to ensure the highest quality. This means that if a student from Harvard University places an order for an undergraduate 2:1 standard essay, we will not select a UK-qualified writer to write it perfectly even if they have a Ph.D. degree in the same academic subject.

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    Strict Quality Control

    1. All orders completed by our writers go through a strict quality control process and are checked against our in-house quality SOPs. Our quality control staff makes sure that your order satisfies every bit of your own and your school’s requirements. In-depth, hands-on knowledge of a country's academic system is essential in the completion of your work, so even if someone got a 1st from Cambridge, we won’t select them to complete an Undergraduate B grade order for a student at the University of Melbourne.

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    We Strive For Perfection

    1. Research Prospect takes pride in stating that we are an honest company that is always willing to learn from mistakes. In fact, our willingness to adapt and improve is the reason we are at where we are today. However, the one thing that has helped us improve our services and processes more than anything else is the feedback culture. We ask for feedback from our clients at every stage of the process and after every single order delivered. We are regularly improving our systems based on the advice we get from the users.
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    We Are Here To Serve And Not To Just Make Money!

    1. Long ago and especially in the 1990s and even in the 2000s, when you needed a product or service, and you went to buy it, the salesperson started to put pressure on you to make that purchase which forced you to walk away. Sales used to be a very dysfunctional process which was based on, in most cases, high pressure, high stress, intimidation, manipulation and domination, and even deception. We don’t believe in doing whatever needs to be done to get the sales but rather focus on serving people. We find and propose a solution to problems, and so people keep coming back to us for a solution to their problems.
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    We Are Proactive in Solving Problems

    1. Even if we are doing our best to get things right the first time, in the unlikely event where you are not fully satisfied with our services or the quality of the work delivered by the writer, we will solve your problem with a quick resolution. At Research Prospect, we have a dedicated after-care team and a quality control team to deal with any unlikely issues and address them in a timely manner so your overall experience with us remains the best. Essentially, these two in-house teams are responsible to make sure every order meets our highest quality expectations.
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    We Offer Extensive Guarantees

    1. Our guarantees are what help us to deliver the highest possible quality work. Our order management system, user-friendly website, and highly qualified writers enable us to deliver all our guarantees for each order. In fact, we are so confident in our guarantees that we offer a full refund if we are late even by just one minute or if you find even one sentence copied in the work.

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    Customised to Exact Requirements

    1. For the last several years, we have managed to significantly improve our operations and systems. In 2016, we moved to our in-house fully comprehensive order management system that gives us the ability to keep track of orders, find suitable and qualified writers, and improve user experience on our website. Research Prospect have invested a great amount of our programmers’ and designers’ time to develop a system that ensures you get exactly what you expect from UK’s leading academic support service.

A Completely Transparent Process

Whether it is the writer’s recruitment or the quality control, we have made our processes to be completely transparent

Many of our competitors make bogus claims that all their writers are qualified from the top 3 universities of the world. However, we are unlike them because instead, we focus on being transparent about how we recruit writers.

Our human resources team works tirelessly to find highly qualified freelance writers from across the globe. They even check their proof of identification, proof of academic qualifications, and samples before offering any work to them.

We make sure that the writer we assign to any particular order is an expert in the academic subject you are studying. Our strict recruitment process combined with our rigorous order allocation mechanism helps us to make sure that they are capable of delivering the quality expected of them.

Our People Make Us Great

Our writers, in-house quality control team, and external experts help us to deliver high-quality academic support services. If you still need reassurances even after reading all about our writer recruitment criteria and in quality control checks, then you might want to take a look at our professional samples that demonstrate the quality and focus of the work completed by our writers.

Our quality control team takes everything into consideration to ensure your paper makes the grade you paid for. Here are the primary components of the process of quality assurance.

  • We make sure all your instructions are followed
  • We identify and eliminate grammar and spelling errors
  • We make sure the completed paper meets the word count requirement
  • We ensure your paper makes use of appropriate style, structure, and signposting to improve the overall presentation
  • We check quality, accuracy, and referencing style
  • We validate technical correctness, critical evaluation, academic language, and depth of research
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