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Film and Theatre Studies Research Topics

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Film and theatre studies focus on the critical analysis of experiential learning. Film and theatre have been popular areas of interest among students of arts. As a student of film and theatre, you will be expected to study cinema history and the social importance of cinematography and films to learn the techniques and methods used for the production of films. This blog post provides several film dissertation topics and theatre dissertation topics so you can make a meaningful contribution to the literature.

Here is our selection of film and theatre research topics that we think you should consider.

  • Topic 1: An Exploration of Gender Role in Blockbuster Films and the Perspectives of Assigning Roles
  • Topic 2: A Comparative Study of Hollywood and Bollywood: An Exploration of Research of Movies
  • Topic 3: A Detailed Analysis of the Principles of Making Films: An Exploration of the Relevant Principles of Making Films
  • Topic 4: Assessing the Significance of Awards for Making a Better Film
  • Topic 5: Analysing Female Sexuality in the Film: A detailed Research on the Perspectives of Society
  • Topic 6: An Explorative Study of the Performances of an Actor in Theatre and Film
  • Topic 7: An explorative study of the Cultures of Theatre and Film in the Big City of a Country
  • Topic 8: Detail Perspectives of the Impact of Theatre in the Urban Area
  • Topic 9: Explorative Research on the Impact of Film in a Rural Area
  • Topic 10: The Relevance of Casting and Editing for Making a Film

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2022 Film and Theatre Studies Research Topics

Research Aim: This study aims to find the role of writers’ creativity in a film’s success in Hollywood. It will show how the writer’s imagination, emotions, creativity, and other factors affect the movie’s story. And how does it affect its success when it comes to the cinema? It will compare and contrast various successful and flop Hollywood movies to analyze whether the writer’s creativity is crucial for the movie or not. Lastly, it will recommend whether producers give the writer’s creativity prime attention or not.

Research Aim: This research intends to find the impact of online streaming services on traditional cinema’s content quality and investments. It will show whether the introduction of online content besides mainstream cinema has affected its content or continues the way it used to create. It will use Netflix as a case study to show whether its introduction and significant investments affected the Cinema equilibrium in terms of investments in cinema and content produced by it. Lastly, it will indicate whether both models can work simultaneously or if one has to give up.

Research Aim: This study sheds light on the impact of film sequels on the success of the original story. It will show whether sequels overshadow the actual story or do they help to reconnect with the original story. Moreover, it will find how factors such as the introduction of new characters and actors, replacement of old actors, addition and removal from the actual story, etc., affect the success of the original story.

Research Aim: This study assesses the impact of large production houses’ monopoly in production and distribution on the quality of the movie. It will show that these economic actors control production and distribution factors in the movie markets. It will see how big production houses operate in Hollywood and influences the entire Hollywood economic process of movie production, distribution, rights allocation, etc. Lastly, it will also show how small players penetrated this market of strong entry to a barrier.

Research Aim: This research will identify the factors which make a movie successful. It will specifically find whether a good script makes a movie successful or the actors. It will assess various movies through a film literature framework to see whether a specific movie was actors-dominated or script overshadowed the actors, or it was a mix of both. Moreover, it will show how a film producer can utilize both to make a good movie.

Film and Theatre Dissertation Research Topics

Research Aim: The research aims to investigate and analyse the role of gender in doing blockbuster films. The aim of the research seeks to understand the importance of gender roles in assigning a task. The aim of the research explores the roles of genders to discover new areas of filmmaking.

Research Aim: The research aims to explore the different perspectives of Hollywood and Bollywood movies and explore the areas for improvement. The research explores the comparisons between these two types of film. The study supports various arguments about making two different types of movies.

Research Aim: The relevance of the research focuses on the principles of making films. The research highlights the importance of utilizing principles in the field of theatre. The research aims to explore various perspectives of principles that help to justify the topic of the film.

Research Aim: The research aims to evaluate the importance of awards for making a good film. The aim is to focus on the detailed analysis of the awards and their cultural perspective on making a film.

Research Aim: The research aims to analyse the perspectives of society in the case of representing female sexuality in the movie. The study analyses the stereotypical presentation of women onscreen that describes how women were initially treated in society. The detailed analysis of the research explores the role of film in highlighting a sensitive issue of women.

Research Aim: It studies the detailed analysis of the actor’s performances and how external and internal factors affect the performances of actors in a film.

Research Aim: The aim of the research is in making a detailed exploration of the cultures of theatre and film. It highlights the differences in culture from both perspectives.

Research Aim: The research aims to analyse the impact of theatre and its advancement in an urban area. The aim is to explore the reflection of theatre on the mind of a human being.

Research Aim: The aim of the research focuses on the impact of film on the mind of the people of rural areas. It explores the forms of various films that create an effect on the life of the rural area.

Research Aim: This research highlights the importance of casting and editing and its critical casting and editing perspectives in film. It focuses on the principles of casting and editing for making a film.

Research Aim: It highlights the mindset of youth for making a cinema. It focuses on the factors that influence making a successful piece of art.

Research Aim: The research focuses on making a short film can be an essential step for making a big one. This research highlights the various perspectives of making a short film. It helps to explore the historical perspectives of making a big cinema.

Research Aim: The research focuses on the importance of history and how it impacts making modern cinema. It highlights the steps of records of cinema.

Research Aim: The aim explores the perspectives of horror movies and it impacts society. It supports arguments based on evidence.

Research Aim: The research aims to explore the evolution of cinema’s history and highlight every perspective of the revolution. It focuses on the impact of the revolution on making a film.

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