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April 13, 2016
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April 26, 2016

Politics Dissertation Topics


Politics is such a vast phenomenon that a number of dissertation topics can be selected from any of the political issues. However, that selection must have some strong basis and importance in practical field. Another fact to be kept in mind when choosing a dissertation topic is that some political issues are highly controversial and they may not be of much value in terms research and writing. It should be noted that it is important that the researcher thoroughly enjoys the dissertation topic they are working on.  A boring and dry topic can later trouble them and they might feel like regretting on their selection. Following description enlists some of the dissertation topics that the researcher can select as his or her politics dissertation topic:

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Dissertation Topics: Impacts of 9/11 on World Politics

9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center is an unforgettable phenomenon in the history of politics. It contributed immensely in strengthening relationships between some countries and making bonds weaker between the others. Dissertation topics can be based on the events related to these attacks because this discussion has always been influential and surely has the capacity to provide sound basis for your research. Some of the dissertation topics that can be extracted out of the 9/11 terrorism catastrophe are listed as follows:

  1. Analysis and significance of the most catastrophic event – The terrorist attacks of 9/11
  2. In what ways the international relations between Middle East and the West were affected after 9/11. A critical analysis.
  3. Lessons learnt on political grounds after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. A debate on the positive and negative impacts.
  4. 9/11 and its linkages to the world of trade. Critically analyze.
  5. The actual events that led to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Critical analysis.
  6. Development of strategies and improvements in the political system after 9/11 terrorist attacks.
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Dissertation Topics: Problems Related to Africa

Contradictions in the policies and politics of Africa can be subjected to various dissertation topics. The researcher can find a focus point on which the dissertation can be based. Some dissertation topics related to the politics of Africa are listed below:

  1. Reasons for Western contradictions with African policies and politics.
  2. Traditional beliefs and old rituals of African nations are the cause of their problems with other countries. Analysis of the past and future trends.
  3. Colonial rule and the political issues in Africa. Critical Analysis.
  4. Contributions from the rest of the world in resolving problems between African nations.
  5. Future trend and projections regarding relationship of Africa with the rest of the world.
  6. Forces stopping the West to snatch African weapons. Critical analysis.
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China: Dissertation Topics

It is a known fact that the laws and policies in China are quite different from the rest of the world, but this fact twisted later in the 21st century when China started incorporating Western thoughts and views in the field of technology and other areas related to economic development and increasing urbanization. Some dissertation topics with regards to the incorporation of Western ideas into the Chinese politics are listed as follows:

  1. Incorporation of the Western ideas into the Chinese political system. Critical analysis.
  2. Reasons why China has opted to “open” its economy which previously was closed in its own distinctive way. A debate on the major reasons.
  3. Is China a threat to the Western ethics? Critical analysis.
  4. How is the West being affected by Chinese expeditious economic expansion? A detailed analysis.
  5. The impact of Chinese political principles on the Western Politics. A debate on the positive and negative outcomes.
  6. Human rights and the complexity in the Chinese and the Western political system.

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Relationship between the Arabs and the Israelis: Dissertation Topics

The Arabs and the Israelis have such complexity and problems in their relationship which is primarily focused upon the Palestinian state. Their journey over the last sixty years also paved difficulties in relationships with other countries. So, in this context a researcher can find various issues to investigate upon in detail as topic of research. Following is the list of some of the suggestions for dissertation topics regarding this phenomenon of politics.

  1. Reasons behind making the recognition of the Palestinian state so complex. Discuss
  2. Relationship between the Arabs and the Israelis in accordance with the Western politics.
  3. Long term rivalry between the Arabs and the Israelis. Discuss the reasons.
  4. Role of the West in resolving the Arab-Israeli issues. Critical analysis.
  5. Strategies to resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict. Critical analysis.
  6. Considering the events of past how UN can be utilized to resolve the Arab-Israeli dispute.

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“British Foreign Policy”: Dissertation Topics

The image of a country in different parts of the world is also dependent on its foreign policy and how efficiently it maintains is maintained. There are number of issues from British foreign policy that can make for an interesting topic for your politics dissertation.

  1. What are the basics of Britain’s foreign policy and how can it be justified. Reasons and critical analysis.
  2. Is Britain’s foreign policy successful? Reasons, cause and critical analysis.
  3. In what way Britain’s foreign policy is in close affiliation with the US. Critically analyze.
  4. Justifications showing the US strong impact on Britain’s foreign policy.
  5. Britain’s foreign policy in relation to its impact on Europe. Critically analyze.
  6. In what ways the creation of “single European Entity” has influenced the Britain’s foreign policy principles and goals.
  7. Britain’s foreign policy goals and principles are usually stern and limited. Give reasons to justify and discuss.
  8. Is Europe the reason behind Britain’s economic and social disputes? Discuss.

Relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan: Dissertation Topics

Pakistan and Afghanistan share so much in common based on their history, faith and heritage. In the war against Soviet occupation, Pakistan supported 3.5 million Afghans because it shared certain interests with Afghanistan but recently the settlement of the Afghan refugees in various parts of Pakistan is considered as an undesirable phenomenon due to increasing threat of terrorism and crime. In Islamabad as well there are actions being taken in order to demolish the illegal Afghan settlements in response to the increasing threat of violence, crime and terrorism. It is believed that the people involved in various illegal acts settle in these areas and carry out with their violent acts from safe heavens. So, this phenomenon has a strong political basis and certain dissertations can be based on it. Here’s a list of some of the dissertation topics in this regard:

  1. Strategies being adopted to demolish the illegal Afghan resettlements in Pakistan. Critical analysis.
  2. Reasons for the development of hurdles between Pak-Afghan friendly relationships. Discuss.
  3. To what extent violence and terrorism can be linked to Afghanistan. Discuss and analyze.
  4. Strategies to resolve Pak-Afghan disputes. Discuss.
  5. Political history of Pak-Afghan relationships from 1947 till current scenario. Discuss major events and their flaws.
  6. Demolishing of the illegal slums of Islamabad occupied by Afghan refugees. Reasons and justifications.
  7. “War of independence against soviet occupation”. Discussion of the major events and the impacts.
  8. 9/11 terrorist attacks and the Pak-Afghan relationships till then. Discuss
  9. Pakhtoonistan issue and the challenges faced by Pakistan. Critical analysis.
  10. Educational opportunities for the Afghan refugees. Discuss the positive and negative impacts.

Politics and media: Dissertation topics

Modern media is a powerful weapon in terms of communicating what is happening throughout the world to the people around the globe. Media has a strong influence on people in perceiving different scenarios which might actually not be true or are in one way or the other. Behind the screens, there are certain politics involved in what media has to show and deliver to the people. Depending on various external factors, media can either positively or negatively portray different scenarios and facts. So, both ways that is either media influencing people in an exceptional way or media being affected by certain factors, the game of politics comes into play. Below is the list of some of the suggested dissertation topics if you would like to base your dissertation of on media and politics.

  1. Can media be held responsible for the change in politics? Discuss.
  2. Politics, media and the ways they affect public opinions and thoughts.Crtical analysis.
  3. Linkage between media and democracy. Discuss.
  4. Can media be held responsible for the spread of terror among people regarding various threats and crimes? Critical analysis.
  5. Long term politics involved behind media impacting youth and children. Critically analyze based on justifications.
  6. Competition between different news channels and political support behind them. Discuss and critically analyze.
  7. The US politics behind various features of social media. Critical analysis.
  8. Politics affecting media in Indonesia. Discuss.
  9. TV commercials and politics. Critical analysis.
  10. The role media plays during elections. Discuss.
  11. Social media and its role in politics. Discuss
  12. Political debates and social media. Discuss
  13. Media as a carrier of perceptions. Critical analysis.
  14. Fundraising by different political parties and support of media.
  15. Politics and media as a source of exploitation of moral values. Critical analysis.
  16. Limitations politics impose on media. Critical analysis

Political parties: Dissertation topics

Political parties have always been one of the major elements for the development of politics. Any sort of comparison between two or more parties can be worked upon by the researcher or any other phenomenon in this regard can be studied. Political parties of any country can be selected and dissertation can be based on their differences and similarities. For instance the two famous political parties of the UK- Labour Party and the Conservative Party can be compared or individually studied by the researcher. Following are some interesting dissertation topics from this area of politics.

  1. Which party (Labour Party and the Conservative Party) is working dedicatedly? Critical analysis.
  2. Reasons that favor the Conservative Party in terms of its dedication towards the betterment of the country. Discuss.
  3. Which party is better in terms of public acceptance? Discuss
  4. Role of media in supporting the Labour Party and the Conservative Party. Critical analysis.
  5. In future which of the political parties in the UK will come into power or which of the political parties will collapse? Discuss.

 US foreign policy: Dissertation topics

You can also choose to base your politics dissertation on foreign policy of any specific country such as the US. Following are some of the dissertation topics related to US foreign policy.

  1. In relation to other nations, are the principles and goals of the US foreign policy justified? Discuss.
  2. China is developing at a rapid rate in terms of economic growth. Is there any threat to US regarding Chinese economic development?
  3. Biggest threat to US foreign policy. Discuss.
  4. Development of nuclear power in Middle East in relation to US foreign policy. Discuss.
  5. US foreign policy aims at policing other parts of the world. Can this approach be termed as “bullying”? Critical analysis.
  6. Who is the mastermind and behind the control of US foreign policy. Critical analysis.
  7. What are current goals of the US foreign policy? Are they justified?
  8. How influential is US foreign policy on various other nations of the world. Discuss.
  9. What are the similarities and differences between the US foreign policy and the British foreign policy? Discuss and critically analyze.

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Politics and Religion: Dissertation Topics

Religion and politics are two separate entities but they too have an impact on each other especially in today’s world. Below is a list of the topics related to politics and religion that researcher can opt to aim his or her dissertation on:

  • Religious beliefs and politics must be treated as separate entities. Discuss
  • Is religion being used as a weapon on political grounds? Critical analysis
  • Terrorism, politics and religion. Discuss the linkage between the three.

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