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June 20, 2018
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June 20, 2018

Brexit Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topics on brexit


Brexit is the term given to Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. The impact of this withdrawal on the UK is hard and harsh, and if rebuilding steps are not implemented properly, the economic growth of UK might experience adverse consequences in the short, as well as, the long term. The events relating to Brexit are continuously evolving, thus leaving a wide space open to research regarding the missing pieces. As a student, it is extremely essential that you understand all concepts relating to Brexit and are aware of the consequences. Here are a few Brexit dissertation topics that will help you understand the whole concept in a much detailed manner:

Factors Influencing Sexual Harassment Of Women

Research Aim: In order to learn about Sexual Harassment, it is extremely important that the factors behind them are understood. This does not mean that these factors can be justified as a cause of the rising rate of sexual harassment; however, studying these factors will help in understanding as to what triggers this act and how it can be avoided. This research will talk about the different attitudes and factors that lead to violence against women. Thus, the research will provide a detailed analysis as to how these attitudes and factors lead to sexual harassment, and they will then be evaluated from a personality perspective as to how it influences people to involve in such activities.

Impact of Brexit on the UK and the World’s Political Scenario

Research Aim: Brexit was a huge decision. Thus, the impact of this historical event is also huge. UK trade ties were in question when Brexit happened, and the world was in shock. A lot of question arose such as whether the UK will follow the EU rules and regulations, trades, policies etc. or not. This research will analyze in detail the impact Brexit had on the United Kingdom and how the world’s political scenario was impacted.

Does Brexit mean the end of Britain?

Research Aim: A lot of experts suggested that Brexit meant the end of UK. Since the UK decided to exit the European Union, the country will now find it hard to survive on its own. This dissertation will help in answering these questions, and will also present an analysis as to how the country is doing till date.

Brexit and the UK Economy: Benefits and Challenges

Research Aim: There is no doubt that Brexit had humongous economic impacts. The economy of the country dripped, and a lot of businesses were impacted. Industries were affected as well, and research suggests that the services industry was impacted the most. This thesis will investigate the current economic situation of the country, how Brexit has affected it, what are the benefits of Brexit, and what challenges will the country face in the coming days.

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Assessing the Effect of Brexit on UK Businesses

Research Aim: Major businesses in the United Kingdom were impacted due to Brexit. Not only was the UK economy impacted, but all businesses were affected as well. Separating from the EU meant the businesses now have to follow different rules and regulations to operate. This research will focus on the impact Brexit had on businesses and how companies recovered from it.

Evaluating the Immigration Number Post Brexit

Research Aim: A lot of people feared that there would be less migrants in the United Kingdom due to Brexit. They believed that the number of immigrants would fall due to this decision. This research will focus on the policy with the help of which the country has retained its immigrant policy program. Also, this thesis will talk about how Brexit did not impact the program to a huge extent.

Brexit: Can the EU and UK be separated?

Research Aim: Brexit meant that the United Kingdom is now a completely separate country from the European Union. The country does not have to follow the rules, regulations and law set out by the European Union, it does not have to follow the trade policies laid down by the EU, and also it does not have to work in accordance with the business policies already set by the region. This research will evaluate whether the United Kingdom can survive on its own in the long run or not, or whether it will find the need to get back to EU.

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An Investigation into the UK Financial Services Sector Post Brexit

Research Aim: the UK Financial Services sector was said to be the most impacted due to Brexit. When the decision was made, companies operating in this sector were taken aback due to the change in policies and regulations. The whole EU follows a certain set of rules, which were not applicable after Brexit. This means new rules to be implemented and followed. This dissertation will assess and evaluate how companies in this sector emerged successful even after Brexit.

Will Brexit help UK increase its trade with the rapidly expanding emerging markets around the world?

Research Aim: According to the European Union rules and regulations, certain trades are not allowed. Following Brexit, a lot of people commented that the United Kingdom will now be able to enhance its trade and will benefit from the emerging markets worldwide. This research will talk about whether the country was able to benefit from new trade policies post Brexit, and whether or not it benefitted by trading with the most emerging markets of the world.

Brexit Referendum: Did the Masses make an Informed Decision?

Research Aim: Referendum is considered to be extremely effective in common democracies; however, in the case of United Kingdom, the decision regarding referendum is highly questioned. This means that the masses who voted in this referendum were either not aware of what they are opting for or they really did not want to be a part of the European Union. This dissertation will investigate whether the masses took an informed decision through referendum, or they were unaware of the whole process, and wanted to remain a part of the European Union.

The Future and Challenges of Brexit

Research Aim: Now that Brexit has happened, it is essential that the way forward is looked into. The future of this event should be investigated in order to understand and assess the importance of Brexit, the benefits it has and what the future will be. This thesis will focus on the future of Brexit as to how it will help the economy, how it will prove to be beneficial for the businesses, and how essential it will be for people of the country to understand the new rules and regulations according to which they will have to carry on their business. Also, the challenges of Brexit will be discussed to help people understand how they can overcome them.

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