Fair Use Policy

Just like all other legitimate academic writing services, services sold by Research Prospect are to be used for reference and research purposes only. We are proud to state the fact that our services enable students to expand their knowledge and get a deeper understanding of the task at hand. For example, if you were required to perform a SWOT analysis on Siemens then an existing SWOT and Poster Five Forces Analysis on the same company can act as a powerful study tool and research guide for you to successfully complete your paper. Similarly if you were required to design a chemical engineering plant in a software tool then seeing an existing outstanding model example will help you to learn how to use the design software.


When used fairly, our services can reduce your workload and help you to achieve the academic grade you desire. Students who use our services on a regular basis improve their grades as well as their employment prospects. When placing your order with Research Prospect, you can be confident that our academic writing service is in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Moreover, all services sold by Research Prospect are 100% confidential and private, which means that your personal details will not be shared with any third party. We are 100% confident that you can improve your academic knowledge and high academic grades if you use our services in a fairway. We request you to realise your responsibility and avoid misusing our services to avoid putting your career at risk.

Is It Cheating?

Ordering a dissertation or an essay from Research Prospect Ltd does NOT make you a cheat. Please note that majority of our customers are students who have been continuously let down by their university support staff, and therefore they seek expert advice to achieve the 2:1 or 1st class degree.

Possible Reasons to Use Our Services

  • Bereavement or personal illness forced you to miss out on tutorials.
  • The university support staff did not provide you with any helpful model academic material.
  • You were unable to get your tutor’s attention.
  • Your university tutor has not been very helpful.
  • English isn’t your native language.

When used correctly, our model essays and dissertations are meant to be 'learning aids' which students use to improve their understanding of their university materials.

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