Corporate Solutions

Our corporation solutions aim to help small businesses, resellers, consultants, coaches and student accommodations earn a handsome amount by referring our services to their student audiences.

Who We Are

ResearchProspect corporate solutions provide you with the opportunity to help students struggling with their academics by referring our student writing services to them. Any student you refer to our services gets a special 8% discount while you earn a considerable commission for every purchase they make with us. Lend a hand to help the students get assistance to continue their learning with UK’s top academic professionals at a discounted price.

Our corporate solutions also offer you the opportunity to offload your paperwork stress. You can outsource your paperwork to us as our competent and experienced writers can deliver high-quality work according to your guidelines.

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Who Do We Work With?

Resellers, Marketing

Websites, companies, coaches, and individuals with student audiences who want to resell educational or academic content

Visa Agents and Companies

Companies that help obtain and renew visas for current and future students and entrepreneurs.

Student Unions and Influential People

Student groups and organisations, Community Managers, Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

Gyms, Bars, Clubs

And all other types of entertainment companies and organisations for students.

Student Accommodation

Let agents and companies, co-living companies and international students cooperate

Education Providers

Educational companies and personal education consultants and education agents, student career consultants

What We Offer?

Handle your paperwork:

Our expert staff can help with all kinds of academic writing.

Assist your students/clients:

You can refer your students/ clients/audience to the most trusted and professional academic experts to assist with their academic problems.

Make your students/clients save money

Share your unique, personal code with which the users can get a discount for their order.

How is Your Commission Calculated

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We offer a 8% discount to every client who uses your unique discount code to avail of our services.

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You will receive a 7% commission from each order placed by the referral.

Pick the service

£100 bonus for every ten new clients.

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The rate of commission will increase based on the number of clients you bring to us.

How Does it Work?

Newsletter Marketing

The expert marketing team will craft useful and exciting content to be sent to your students, referencing our services.

Blog posts

We will create a customized article for you that you can post on your blog in the next step.

Social Media Marketing

We will provide you the posts and stories that you will share on your social media platforms to target your students in the last step.

How Will You Benefit From Our Services?

Directing your students to our professional UK academics will ensure their academic success.

ResearchProspect Referral Programme will enable you to earn a commission for each purchase that students make from your reference.

It also shows your care and consideration towards the academic future of your students.

Educational Institutions and Consultants, Educational Agents and Advisors, Career Advisors

If you fall under any of the aforementioned categories, you can encourage your student audience to get academic assistance from ResearchProspect experts to achieve their desired grades in their essays, assignments, and dissertations.

On average each client places 5-7 orders per year, meaning each student totals around £350.

The total income you receive depends on the number of students you successfully refer. It also depends on the type of order that is placed, for example placing a dissertation order can result in £250+ commission whereas a personal statement would be around £15. Our best-performing partners receive £4000-5000 a month.

Direct your students to ResearchProspect for professional academic support; while you make money for their every purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are proud to tell you that ResearchProspect has roped in the highly experienced and skillful, specialized writers in their respective fields. Since its foundation in 2011, ResearchProspect has invested its utmost efforts in hiring highly qualified and experienced academic writers. Our expert writers hold a minimum 2:1 Master’s degree that includes specialists in a wide range of disciplines. The highly satisfied customers remember ResearchProspect for offering high-quality custom-written essays, assignments, and dissertations to students not only in the UK but around the world.

No, it does not. We offer the services to help the students in strengthening the shortcomings in their academic performance. Many students find the problem in understating different concepts in different subjects. Our services serve as a model for samples and references. Our services aim to assist the students in better understanding comprehension and help generate high-quality academic work. Furthermore, we offer the service of editing and proofreading academic assignments and other relevant documents.

No, you do not have to pay anything. Instead, you will earn by promoting our services.

You are not charged anything(implicitly or explicitly).

You will not receive compensation if your referrals do not buy any services. The amount of your income depends on their orders and the nature of the order.

Yes, you can definitely become a reseller. You will place and manage orders on behalf of the clients and have to coordinate with our writers. You can also get a personal referral manager to help you place, manage, and track orders.

No, you do not need to sign a contract. However, once you register with us, you will consent to the terms and conditions.

There is no limit. It means that you can earn as much as you can.

We firmly believe in secure partnerships; therefore, we respect your privacy. Our privacy policy explains how it covers its clients. For more information, click here to read the privacy policy in detail.

Yes, you can. All the information goes directly into your account. You will get all the information about when and how many people used your discount code. In this way, you will be able to keep a track record of your earnings.

If you want to increase your income, you have to make sure that you refer to as many people as you can. The more people you reach, the more will be the percentage of turnaround. As a result, you will receive more compensation.

Once you earn compensation, you can request a withdrawal. You can draw the amount through bank deposit, Pay pal, and other funds withdrawal techniques.

Yes, but only when it is beneficial for students.

There is no rocket science in starting earning through ResearchProspect corporate services. We can provide you promotional ideas and materials that you can use across all digital platforms for the success of your business.