How to Order

1How can I order my custom written paper or dissertation?
We understand that each academic assignment has a unique set of requirements. Ordering from our Research Prospect is simple. Simply complete our online order entry form by filling out all the mandatory fields and attach any relevant files or data so we can obtain price quotes from our writers. Upon your confirmation to proceed with your order, we will ask you to make payment by debit or credit card, PayPal or directly into our UK Barclays bank account. Please note that your assigned writer will start to work on your order only after we have received your payment. For large orders such as design projects, group projects, research and development projects and dissertations, we are able to accept payment in three instalments. The delivery plan for such orders will be agreed upon by both parties (Research Prospect and you) via an email.
2What are your prices?
Please visit our “Price Estimate” page to get an estimate. The price of your order typically depends on its complexity, word count, type of research involved and other factors.
3What subjects do you cover?
Research Prospect has built a large team of qualified and experienced writers, and we take pride in stating that our writers are able to help you with every academic discipline at Bachelors, Master’s and PhD level.
4Can I pay in instalments?
Your writer will start to work only after receiving the payment for your order. However, for large orders such as design projects, group projects, research and development projects and dissertations, we are able to accept payment in three instalments. The delivery plan for such orders will be agreed upon by both parties (Research Prospect and customer) via an email.
5How quickly can you complete my order?
Our writers are highly qualified and therefore we are confident in stating that we can complete some assignments even in a couple of days. However, we need at least a week to complete large orders such as dissertations and design projects. Please note that the time you allow us to complete your order is directly linked to your order price. The more time you allow us, the lower the price will be.
6What are your guarantees?
We guarantee:
Extensive Quality Control
Timely Delivery
100% Plagiarism Free
Competitive Prices
100% Confidential
Written by UK Qualified Writer
Customised to Your Exact Requirements
Free Amendments
Never Resold
Fully Referenced
7Do you offer discounts to your clients?
At the moment we are running the following discount campaigns:
Get up to 15 percent discount on paying for two or more assignments together.
Order 6 assignments from Research Prospect and get your seventh assignment written for free (maximum word count 200 words – 2:1 standard).
Order three assignments from Research Prospect and claim up to 50% discount on your fourth order.
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to claim any other discount offer.
8Can I contact my writer?
We, at Research Prospect, believe in communication. If you want to send a message to your writer, simply let us know in an email and we will forward your message to them. We will also immediately forward messages and questions from your writer to you to ensure efficient communication. In order to speed up the process, we request our clients to regularly check their emails.

Quality and Plagiarism

1What quality of work can I expect from Research Prospect?
Research Prospect prides itself on employing industry best writers. All of our writers hold Masters/PHD degrees (with a minimum of 2:1 standard) from reputed UK universities, and therefore you can be confident that the work your writer will complete for you will be of the highest possible quality.
We offer the following quality standards:

First Quality Standard (70 % or above)
2:1 Quality Standard (60-70 %)
2:2 Quality Standard (50-60%)

For PHD students we offer one quality standard only.
2Do you guarantee plagiarism free work?
Every order completed by our writers is scanned in anti-plagiarism software for duplicate content. This practice helps us to deliver our “100% Plagiarism Free” guarantee. We will also send you a free plagiarism report to your email address along with your completed paper.

Fair Use of Our Services

1Will you resell my paper?
No, Research Prospect will NEVER resell or publish your paper. Please visit our guarantees page for more information.
2How can I use the work you send to me?
Like all other academic research companies in the market, Research Prospect retains copyright for each order completed by our writers. This helps us to make sure that our clients do not break the rules of their universities. Work provided by us should be used for research and reference purposes. You must properly reference our work if you wish to take any material from it. For detailed information on how to use our papers, please visit our Fair Use Policy page.
3Can I submit your work in my university?
Research Prospect retains copyright to each paper completed by our writers. If you wish to use material from our paper then make sure you properly reference it before submission. You will be breaching our contract in case you submit the paper as your own. All our papers are sold without copyright. You may use our work as guidance to write your own paper. Please refer to our Fair Use Policy for more information on how to use our papers.
4Are your services confidential?
We offer 100 % confidential service. It is our guarantee that we will never pass your personal information to any third party. We take this matter seriously.
5Are you able to provide reference material for my assignment/dissertation?
All orders completed by Research Prospect Ltd come with free bibliography/references section. Our writers are responsible for providing all reference sources they used to complete your order.
6Is it cheating?
All papers completed by our writers should be used as references sources and for guidance purposes only. You will be breaking your university’s rules and regulations if you submit our essay/work as your own. Our service is designed to be used as aid to help students to improve their research writing skills. We recommend that you use our papers in the same way as you would use books, journals and magazines.
7Is this legal?
Yes, our service is completely legal.
8Are you able to provide reference material for my assignment?
All orders completed by Research Prospect come with a list of references or bibliography. Our writers are responsible for providing details of the academic sources they used to complete your order. However, we recommend our clients to find relevant reference resources via online academic libraries, university’s blackboard and their personal Athens account, and send them to their writer.

About Research Prospect

1Where are you based?
We are a UK based company (registration number: 472181). Our registered office address is 2/1 76 Copland Road, Glasgow G51 2RT, Scotland.
2How can I contact you client support team?
You can contact our client support department via telecom (+441416287786), email (info@researchprospect.com), live-chat or post. We work 7 days a week, from 8am to 11pm UK time. We are also able to respond to your enquires on holidays including Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Easter and other Bank Holidays. We guarantee that a member of our client support team will respond to your email within 30 minutes during our working hours.
3Is your customer service department helpful and efficient?
We individually educate each member of our client support team to enable them to understand the true value of customer service. We aim to reply to your emails within 20 minutes during our working hours. As soon you place an order on our website, a member of our client support team will forward your order details including any documents/attachments to our selection of writers. The client support staff will answer any questions you may have about our operating practices and send communications via email.
4What services do you offer?
We offer a range of student writing services including academic writing, content writing and CV critiquing & writing. Our academic writing service includes essays, posters, dissertations (full or part), assignments, course works, presentations, academic posters, proposals, dissertation outline, data analysis, editing and improvement and software simulations. We are also able to help our clients with literature reviews, model answers and any other type of academic writing projects including design projects, group projects and laboratory work.
5Why do I trust your company?
Research Prospect is a UK registered company (registration number: SC 472181), which means that all of our clients are protected under the UK Consumer Rights Act. We work in light of our mission statement and continuously strive to provide first class service to our clients.


1What delivery options do you offer?
Research Prospect understands the need of custom delivery plan for your orders and therefore we are able to complete your work from as little as a few days (urgent delivery) to several months or even years (PHD Dissertation). Simple let us know what your expectations are so we can customise the delivery plan accordingly. Dissertations are usually delivered in three parts (outlines, first part and second part). However, you may choose to request additional drafts and parts for your convenience for an additional charge. Unlike our competitors, we, at Research Prospect, offer a very flexible service.
2Are you able to deliver my dissertation chapter by chapter?
Our dissertation service includes a free outline/plan so you know exactly what you expect. Your writer will start working on your dissertation only after you have approved the outline/plan and authorised them to proceed. Usually we deliver dissertation orders in three parts. However, our dissertation service is flexible and we are able to deliver your dissertation according to your needs - particularly for Master’s and PHD dissertations. Please state your delivery requirements including the date for each part/draft when completing the online order form. Extra charges will apply for each extra deliverable. It is imperative that you reply to our emails within 24 hours so we can deliver your dissertation before the due deadline.
3Do you charge for amendments?
No. Our writers will amend your paper free of charge as long as your original instructions and requirements remain unchanged.
4What if my writer does not fulfill my initial requirements?
All Research Prospect writers aim to complete your order to your exact requirements. They may even ask you for clarification and additional information to get things right the very first time. However, in the unlikely event that your writer does not match your initial requirements, we will ask them to amend your order for free. Additional charge will apply if your amendment request does not fall within the scope of your original order requirements.

Paid/Optional Features

1Can your writer help me to collect primary data?
Our standard dissertation service includes questionnaire design and interview questions to help you with the data collection process. However, for an additional charge, you can ask your writer to fabricate primary data for you. Simply state your primary data requirements at the time of filling our online order form.
2Are you able to provide draft of my work?
Yes we can. Our flexible student writing service provides you with the option to receive draft(s) of work.  Simply select the draft option under the paid/optional features section when completing our online order form and state your exact requirement in the blank field next to it. Extra charge will be applied. The draft will form part of the word count you selected from the drop down option in the order form. A member of our customer services team will contact you to confirm delivery date of the requested draft. It is imperative that you reply to us within 24 hours of receiving draft from us so we can ensure timely delivery of your paper.
3Can I request the writer to include appendices to my order?
Yes you can. When you place your order, simply tick the appendices option under the paid/optional features section, and state your word count and other requirement in the blank field provided. Extra charge will apply.
4Can your writer conduct calculations for me?
Please select “calculations” under the paid/optional features at the time of completing the order form. Our writers can help you with all types of calculations including financial ratios, profit and loss analysis, engineering and mathematical calculations and chemical formulas. Extra charge will be applied.
5Can my order be accompanied by a custom presentation?
Of course. Our writers are able to write custom presentations to match your exact requirements. When completing the order form, you will be able to add presentation to your order under the paid/optional features section. Simply let us know the number of slides you require and whether you need speech/comments for each slide, and our writers will include it in their quote.
6Can your writer perform data analysis for my dissertation?
Yes this is possible. Simply select our dissertation data analysis service from the online order entry form. Provide your complete data analysis requirements and our writer will analyse the data for you. For an additional charge, the writer can also create fabricated data for you.

Get Price Now / Place order┬áÔÇô How does it work?

  1. Fill out your name, email and phone number
  2. Choose your order type, academic level, word count, deadline and any other key information
  3. Press: Get Price Nowand see options for 1st, 2:1 and 2:2 standards. You can play with deadline, standard and word count and get the best deal.
  4. We also do good discounts on 2+ orders. For complex work ÔÇô ┬ú20 refundable deposit and we will get you several quotes.
  5. Choose from a wide range of extras, e.g. drafts, calculations, appendices, referencing etc.
  6. Submit your order.
  7. Either pay immediately, or wait for one of our expert writers to send you a quote.
  8. Once payment is made, your writer will start your order. We will keep in touch with you via email, with a response time of 20 minutes during our office hours. (Mon-Fri 8am-10pm, weekends 10am-4pm)
  9. YouÔÇÖll receive┬áthe work┬áby your deadline.
  10. If you need anything changed, get in touch.


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