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April 26, 2016
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November 8, 2016

Computing Engineering Dissertation Topics


Over a period of time dissertations have become an inherent component of higher education studies. They are not only entrenched within the Masters or a PHD Degree but also in undergraduate programmes. Dissertations allow the researcher to choose a topic that is of particular interest to them and research further into the topic to add to the current body of literature. However, it is always easier to choose a topic from a list of options rather than picking up a focused research question for dissertations. Researchers who choose their own topic may be faced with various constraints including developing a research that is very wide and unmanageable. When deciding on a research topic, the researcher must keep in mind the requirements of the particular research and the focus of interest of the individual itself. In order to provide guidance, the list below provides research dissertation writing topics that have been classified into further subcategories to reduce complexities and to help computer engineering students devise their research in a concise manner.

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Computer Engineering Dissertation Topics

Computers are the greatest innovation of this era and have done wonders for the mankind. There is only one language that computers understand; the binary. But there are various high level coding languages which the computer does not understand, and therefore uses a complier for translation. Computing refers to the technology of development of computer hardware or software coding, and covers all aspects of computer technologies. It is the practical and scientific study of implementation of application and information. Computing is also interchangeably known as computer sciences. A computing engineer or a computer scientist specializes not only in the practical work but also the theory of computing and design of computational systems. Essentially, it is the study of structure, expression, mechanization and feasibility of algorithms (logical procedures) that cause processing, communication, representation, access of information and acquisition in a computer. This area has a wide range of topics some of which have been listed below:

  1. Risk calculation in application and development process.
  2. Generation of the java application.
  3. Implementing a behavioural based approach to detect cheating in online games.
  4. Analysis of coding environment of different applications.
  5. Identification of different languages used for coding.
  6. Identification of stake holder’s interest in App development process.
  7. Role of visualization in complex hierarchal structures of computing.
  8. Analysing the requirements of Inventory Management Software.
  9. Development of single player simulation game.
  10. Investigation of web teaching aid system.
  11. Development of online based library management system.
  12. Implementation of Electronic banking system.

Hardware, Network and Security Dissertation Topics

Network security is very crucial for any organisation. It is dependent upon a well-managed network through an implementation of policies made by network administrator to manage the access of the organizational personnel. Network security provides stability, safety, integrity, reliability and utility of data and network. It works efficiently with latest hardware equipment and continuously updated software. Network security gives many advantages to businesses such as protection against any disruption to keep employees motivated, energetic, regular and productive. In certain instances, a virus may break into the network security, however generally a virus program is used by the network administrator to prevent this. Therefore, network security plays a vital role in maintaining a business’s reputation which is the most important asset of any organization. Below is a list of topics that you can base your dissertation on:

  1. Performance analysis of transmission control protocol over Ethernet LAN.
  2. Gateway usage for intrusion detection system.
  3. Impact of security machinimas in online transactions.
  4. Investigation of smart card specification.
  5. Importance of router placement in network.
  6. Level of customer’s trust in E-banking.
  7. Role of antivirus in a shared network.
  8. Application of database technologies for data network management.
  9. Network worm: A headache to networking.
  10. Implementation of various tools in programming language.
  11. Study of retroactive data structures.
  12. Role of Voice over Internet Protocol over Ethernet LAN.
  13. Usefulness of data transfer security over Wi-Fi Network.
  14. Influence of signal strength of Wi-Fi upon data transfer.
  15. Analysis of tree inclusion complexities.
  16. Analysis of implementation of set procedure.
  17. Analysis of the application of programming tools.
  18. Implementation of File Sharing System in Network.
  19. Study of virus behaviours in secured programming environment.
  20. Investigation of issue of user’s security and data protection over network.
  21. Benefits of network security to customers.
  22. Improvements of mobile data service for future usage.
  23. Study of Asymmetry k-center variant.
  24. Analysis of issues in emerging 4G networks.
  25. Role of dynamic proxies in mobile environment to support Remote method Invocation.
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Software, Programming and Algorithm Dissertation Topics

In layman language, software is collectively known as the “combination of operating information and all the programs that are being used by the computer”. It is a set of instructions to direct computers to perform a specific task which are dependent upon the instructions by a user. A software can be written in both high and low level languages. Low level language is also known as machine code, and is faster because it doesn’t require any compiler and directly communicates with the computer. High level language is pretty similar to a human language, and therefore can be easily understood by the developers. High level language requires compiler to translate commands to the computer.

Programming and algorithms can be termed as commands given to computer to perform actions. Programming leads to executable programs from a computing problem, and involves developing, generating, and analysing algorithms. Algorithms refer to an action done involving a step by step process to solve a problem. It is a set of logics written in a software. There are two types of software; operating software that helps in operation and system software that is necessary to run a system. Operating software can be rewritten and changed according to demand but system software cannot be altered. If developers require any alterations they would have to develop a new software. There are various topics that can be considered for research dissertation purposes under this theme, a list of which is given below.

  1. Application of algorithms.
  2. Importance of approximation algorithms on graphs.
  3. Critical analysis of data structures on trees.
  4. Evaluation and implementation of new algorithms.
  5. System software: A link to communicate hardware.
  6. Difference between binary dispatching and multiple dispatching.
  7. Analysis of plan sweep techniques.
  8. Investigation of software support to drivers of devices.
  9. Intelligent interface for database systems.
  10. Analysis of function and types of union-find.
  11. Usefulness of different coding languages.
  12. Application of basic hardware knowledge and math skills.
  13. Analysis of the design of converter based on new moduli.
  14. Analysis of information travelling via software.
  15. Evaluation and implementation of heuristic algorithms.
  16. Development of applications using Java.
  17. Analysis of fault tolerance in network by using simulation.
  18. Importance of system software for computers.
  19. Effects of larger integer module operations.
  20. Consequences of wrong commands in coding.
  21. Investigation of coding language of system software.
  22. Analysis of feasibility environment of platform.
  23. Evaluation of heuristic algorithms for generating cluster.
  24. Critical analysis of fixed control variable.
  25. Analysis of design of converter with large dynamic range.
  26. Ways to recover corrupted software.
  27. Analysis of fault tolerance of sorting network.
  28. Analysis of the difference between LAN and WAN.
  29. Development of algorithm for one way hashing system.
  30. Relation between dynamic access and fixed values.
  31. Importance of right language selection while coding.
  32. Study of optimization problems.
  33. Analysis of security frameworks for web services.
  34. Investigating algorithms techniques.
  35. Partial persistence of algorithms vs others.
  36. Study of time and space problems of algorithmic functions.
  37. Effects of linear and logarithmic factors over programming.
  38. Discussion about union-find with deletion.
  39. Importance of data structure for bridge core problems.
  40. Consequences of fault in interconnected networks.
  41. Difference between rooted and unrooted tree.


Information Systems Dissertation Topics

Information systems refer to a group of people and computers that are being used for interpretation of all kinds of information. Computer based information systems are a very interesting topic for research. It includes all information regarding decision making, management support and operations, and can also be used to provide access to database. There is a very clear difference between computer systems, an information system and business processes. In fact information system provides the tools to successfully manage businesses.

Information system can be said to be a work station, where human and machines work together towards the success of a business. One such example is the Wal-Mart. The company is entirely based on information systems and has connected its suppliers, vendors, customers and together. It deals with large a number of data and consists of hardware, software, network and telecommunications of the operation. Below is a list of research topics in the field of information systems for you to base your dissertation on:

  1. Analysis of challenges in building information system for any organisation.
  2. Impact of cyber infrastructure to the customer.
  3. Role of information system in scientific innovations.
  4. Usefulness of information system for businesses.
  5. Advantages of information systems.
  6. Access of information system by employees anywhere in world.
  7. Preparation of a data base management system.
  8. Analysis and solution of database management systems.
  9. Study of support of information system to hardware.
  10. Managing information systems of big stores, The case of Walmart.
  11. Analysis of information system built for E learning.
  12. Critical analysis of the changing nature of web.
  13. Role of information system in decision making of disruptions.
  14. Examine customer response through information system.
  15. Investigate the impact of a virus in the network
  16. Relationship between I.T education and an organization.
  17. Role of information system in global warming.
  18. Investigate the reason of adopting green information systems.
  19. Analysis of the between social networks and information systems.
  20. Role of information system in dealing with complex business problems.

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