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Public Relations Dissertation Topics

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Public relations is a communication process that builds a positive relationship between an organisation and its audience. In other words, a public relations professional is responsible for using strategic communication to build a positive image of an organisation or individual through unpaid and earned means. The earned channels leveraged to build a positive image include news and press, media outreach, and social media engagements.

Public relations is a lot different from advertising and is much more difficult, too. Using unpaid means and earned channels for image building is more difficult than employing paid methodologies for creating brand awareness and image.

Given its high importance for a company, a public relations professional has to be the master of his job. Choosing public relations as a career is deemed as a very excellent choice, as its demand and importance are gaining importance day by day.

You might have approached or just entered your final year of the public relations degree and may be required to start working on the dissertation. If that is the case, you may be quite nervous and slightly clueless as to where to begin your work. the entire process starts with choosing a topic that is worthy of being discussed. If you are struggling to select the right topic for your public relations dissertation, here are a few topics along with their research aims for your guidance.

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Public Relations Dissertation Topics

Research Aim: The research examines the significance of target marketing with the help of public relations while dealing with the rising competition in digital marketing.


  • To identify the use of public relations strategies for target marketing practices.
  • To analyse the way companies use PR strategies for target marketing to gain competitive advantages in digital marketing activities.
  • To suggest ideas about how PR strategies can be used in a better way for target marketing thereby confronting competition in digital marketing.

Research Aim: The research aims to identify and assess the usefulness of different PR tools to improve the relationship between brands and customers. For analysing PR tools, this study will specifically focus on the use of newsletters.


  • To identify different PR tools and analyse their importance in marketing, especially newsletters.
  • To investigate the role of newsletters as a PR tool in improving relations between brands and customers.
  • To recommend strategies about how newsletters can be used more strategically to improve relations between brands and customers.

Research Aim: The research aim is to carry out a detailed discussion on the impacts of the growing demands and ongoing trend of digital marketing on the radical changes in public relations strategies in the modern age.


  • To describe how demand for digital marketing is increasing and the way it is becoming an important trend.
  • To examine how changes in PR strategies are driven by the trend of digital marketing and rising demands for advanced marketing practices.
  • To provide recommendations for advancing the PR strategies to respond to the increasing demands of digital marketing.

Research Aim: The research aim evaluates the impact of paid PR on the brand penetration of UK-based tech startups through their social media platforms


  • To shed light on the concept of brand penetration and paid PR
  • To examine the significance of brand penetration and paid PR in UK-based tech startups
  • To analyse how brand penetration of UK-based tech startups has been impacted by paid PR through their social media platforms

Research Aim: The research aim concentrates on the different ways paid PR is impacting the workforce and productivity of UK-based SMEs.


  • To examine the concept of paid PR and its importance in SMEs
  • To identify different ways through which the workforce and productivity of the UK-based SMEs can be improved
  • To evaluate how paid PR in different ways is impacting the workforce and productivity of UK-based SMEs

Research Aim: Even since social media was invented, it has changed the patterns of communication in regular and corporate settings. Social media has inevitably changed how organisations interact with their audience since they are ensuring their presence on relevant platforms.

The main aim of the research will be to identify how social media has affected traditional public relations strategies.

Research Aim:  Inbound marketing uses multiple marketing tools and techniques such as content marketing, blogs, and social media to create brand awareness and attract new business. Inbound marketing aims to build a relationship of goodwill with the customers, consumers, and prospects which somehow relates to public relations.

The aim of the research is to identify how(if ) public relations and inbound marketing are related to each other by tracing their overlapping characteristics.

Research Aim: Most people confuse public relations for advertising, although they are two separate strategies employed to achieve similar goals for a business. In that regard, it is important to identify if public relations and advertising can go hand in hand and what outcomes they may cause.

Research Aim:  The future belongs to artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence refers to technology that can imitate human cognitive abilities and thus perform tasks that are ascribed to humans. Since artificial intelligence is going to take over, it already has, and it will change the operation of public relations. The responses and communication generated by public relations professionals will be generated by bots geared toward artificial intelligence.

The target of the research will be identifying how and in what capacity artificial intelligence will modify the practice of public relations.

Research Aim: The aim of the research will be to compare and contrast the conventional and modern practices of public relations. The researcher will evaluate the key practices employed and the channels selected today versus a couple of decades ago and highlight the key differences. The researcher can identify as many variables as possible to perform a clear and broad comparison between both strategies.

Research Aim: The PR agency model today is not the same as what it used to be a couple of years ago. The researcher will study and evaluate the evolution process of the PR agency model and key changes that have occurred over the period.

Research Aim: Social media influencers are gaining more importance as their influencer marketing is reaching new heights. While they play a significant role in helping brands achieve their marketing goals, they need to build public relations to keep themselves relevant, credible, and valuable to a particular niche. The aim of the research will be to identify how it is important for social media influencers to strengthen their PR strategies.

Research Aim: Public relations is perceived with a negative connotation in general, although it is not like that. The aim of the research is to study and highlight positive public relations through different case studies. The researcher can choose very immediate examples or global examples.

Research Aim: While the pandemic was a shocking situation for all of us, the brands were having multiple problems in terms of managing health as well as the economic crisis at the time. During the pandemic, different responses from different brands were noted, which was a part of the public relations policy. The aim of the research is to identify how brands were able to execute their public relations strategy.

Research Aim: The main goal of public relations is to increase brand awareness, promote goodwill, and increase demand. The aim of the research is to identify if a public relations campaign can be oriented to increase the ROI and, if it does, How.

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Research Aim: Public relations is only associated with businesses, politics, and media, but it can be used for just every sector. The research will identify how necessary public relations are and how effective they can be for the health sector by conducting a case study.

Research Aim: Although public relations strategies are useful and important, they have flaws of their own kind. The flaws lie in how the strategy is prepared and executed and the goals it aims to target.

The aim of the research will be to identify and analyse the uses and abuses of public relations. The researcher can evaluate in what ways public relations can be useful and in what ways they cannot.

Research Aim: The political parties rely on public relations to establish a relationship of goodwill and create a good image in front of the public. With the advent of social media, political parties have to be extra conscious as one act can ruin their established credibility. The study will aim to find out how it has become more important than ever for political parties to focus on public relations for their own benefit.

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Research Aim: The aim of the research is to identify how public relations is important in journalism and vice versa. The research will also identify the key similarities between public relations and journalism. The researcher can also point out to what extent public relations is misused by political leaders to influence journalism.

Research Aim: The research will analyse and evaluate how public relations programs run by state heads or governments have affected their decisions and plans. The researcher can take the example of successful and unsuccessful PR campaigns and their impact, respectively.

Research Aim: The research will evaluate and figure out the changes that occurred to public relations strategies due to the technology. The researcher can evaluate the impact of different technologies to understand the impact.

Research Aim:  Whistleblowers are individuals responsible for reporting any wrongdoings that may cause a threat to society to those in authority to rectify them. The whistleblowers thus play an important role in helping public leaders in improving public relations. The aim of the research would be to find out the wide-ranging benefits of whistleblowers for making effective public relations plans.

Research Aim: The aim of the research is to find out the trends in advertising and public relations today and in the future. The research will also find the potential of each trend to evaluate how long it is expected to remain relevant in their respective fields.

Research Aim: Communication is the key tool of PR. The research will find the definition of strategic communication. It will also identify and explore the importance of strategic communication in PR and the ways to improve it.

Research Aim:  The aim of the research is to identify the importance of public relations for tourism sectors for enhancing tourism. Tourism is not something about the tourists and destination, but it is a major government sector that can help economic growth if focused on it. It will analyse and evaluate the key elements essential for fostering tourism that is possible with public relations.

  • A Case Study Analysis on the Role of Public Relations in Crisis Management
  • The Influence of Social Media on Public Relations Strategies.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Impact on Public Relations Practices.
  • The Use of Influencers in Contemporary Public Relations Campaigns.
  • Challenges and Solutions of Public Relations Ethics in the Digital Age
  • The Effectiveness of Storytelling in Public Relations Campaigns.
  • Campaign Strategies in Public Relations and Political Communication.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategies in Public Relations
  • The Role of Emotional Appeal in Public Relations Messaging.
  • The Impact of Culture on International Public Relations Campaigns.
  • The Role of Public Relations in Influencing Public Policy.
  • Social Justice and Advocacy Campaigns in Public Relations.
  • Employee Engagement in Internal Public Relations Communications.
  • The Influence of Visual Communication in Public Relations.
  • Globalisation and Localisation in Public Relations Campaigns.
  • The Role of Public Relations in Building Trust in Financial Institutions.
  • The Role of Emotion in Public Relations Crisis Communication.
  • Public Relations Strategies for Startups and Small Businesses.
  • The Influence of Generation Z on Public Relations Practices.

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