How to Write the Abstract for your Dissertation

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October 4, 2017
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October 10, 2017

How to Write the Abstract for your Dissertation

Writing an Abstract for Dissertation


When writing your dissertation, an abstract serves as a deal breaker or maker. It can either motivate your readers to continue reading or discourage them from moving on to the whole thesis. Thus, you need to make sure that the abstract of your dissertation is eye-catchy, attractive, interesting and of course, informative. Your abstract should contain all the relevant information from all the chapters of your dissertation. This gives a brief overview of the research that has been conducted and the results that have been obtained. Even though, abstract appears right in the beginning of every thesis, it is written last.

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Thus, if you’re wondering how to write abstract for your dissertation perfectly, here are a few tips:

Build Background of your Research

Your abstract should contain important and relevant information regarding the topic of your research. An abstract for a dissertation usually contains approximately 150 to 200 words, thus you need to be precise, but explanatory. Initially talk about the topic, then include the research question. This will give your readers a fair idea as to what you are researching on. Next, include the aims and objectives of your research (Sfu.ca, 2017). Obviously, you cannot talk about all the aims and objectives. Keep it short, and include only the most important research objectives. Include a line or two about the previous researches i.e. your literature review. Talk about what has been previously researched, and other authors’ opinions. Lastly, mention the significance of the study. This is essential, and should give readers the idea as to why this topic was chosen, and how your study will contribute to the topic.

Talk about Research Strategy

The second part of your abstract for dissertation should talk about research strategy. Qualitative or quantitative research design, primary or secondary data collection – whichever you choose, should be mentioned very clearly in the abstract. Doing so will help the readers understand how the research was carried out, and also they will be able to understand as to how well you’ve learned about choosing the right research strategy. Remember, be precise. You’ve to say a lot, but in very few words. You need not get into details of the different research strategies and data collection methods available when writing an abstract for a dissertation. Get to the point directly. Talk about the sample you’ve chosen, the research strategy that you’ve employed and how the collected data will be analyzed (English.as.uky.edu, 2017). For instance, if it’s a quantitative study, mention the tests that you’ll be applying, talk about any scales that you’ve used, and so on. Remember all these points when looking to answer how to write abstract for dissertation.

Include Findings

After you’ve written about your research strategy, talk about the findings of your research. However, the same rule applies – less words, and more information. Mention the major findings of your dissertation when writing dissertation abstract, and relate them with the research question, aims and objectives of your research. This section is the crux of your abstract, thus you need to make sure that all relevant information is present. Considering the importance of this section, you might take up most of the word count here. Make sure that you do not waste words by including general information here such as how the statistical tool works or explaining about the tests that were conducted (The University of Nottingham, 2017). Directly talk about the results and how they answer the research question. Relate findings to previous researches, and also to your own research question, aims and objectives. Doing so will give your readers an idea as to what the findings are and how they relate to your research. Also, when writing a dissertation abstract, make sure that you talk about the significance of your findings in accordance with your research topic. Lastly, include how reliable your findings are i.e. their credibility and authenticity.


How to Write an Abstract


Lastly, the abstract of a dissertation should conclude your research. The conclusion should include the answer to your research question. As the abstract in a dissertation includes the research question and major research aims and objectives, it will be easy for the readers to relate how they are answered. Also, the conclusion section relates the overall research, its findings and analysis to the research question that was formulated (Berkeley, University of California, 2017). Also, your conclusion should mention what have you learned from your research. Discuss how the research has impacted your learning and how it has helped you evolve. Furthermore, the implications of your findings should be included when concluding your research. In the end, your conclusion should talk about the limitations of the research. This will help your readers get an idea as to what difficulties you faced while conducting the research.

Writing an abstract for a dissertation seems to be easy, but is challenging. Why? Because you’ve to communicate more using less words. Be as much as meaningful as you can so that your readers understand about the research, why it was conducted, how it was conducted, what the findings are and how the findings relate to the topic, aims and objectives of your research. Through this, you’ll be able to structure an abstract that is not only comprehensive, but also that will appeal to your readers and will motivate them to go through your research.

Considering the importance that your dissertation abstract holds, you need to make sure that it contains all of the above listed components and all the relevant information. Thus, if you’re still uncertain as to how to write abstract for dissertation, get in touch with us today. We, at Research Prospect make sure that we understand your needs and deliver nothing short of best to you. Our team of writers are highly qualified, thus they look into each and every detail of your dissertation to offer the best dissertation abstract help. Also, our writers offer help in writing a doctoral dissertation abstract as it needs to be flawless and accurate.

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