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ResearchProspect is the most reliable provider of student writing services in the UK. Our success can be primarily credited to our team of expert writers, editors, client support staff, quality control personnel, and our well-equipped infrastructure.

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Content Marketing Team

Our content marketing team comprises highly professional writers and marketers to develop the most creative and eye-catching content. To portray our professional academic services for our readers, our team makes sure that our content reaches out to you effectively and efficiently. We believe in diversity as it leads to creativity. That’s why we always go for enthusiastic individuals from diverse backgrounds.

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Alexandra Betts, Content Creator

Hi, I am Alexandra Betts. I am a Content Creator, Blogger, Teacher, and Poet as well. I started writing blogs when I was 16. To become a great writer, one requires courage, patience, consistency, and of course, a lot of reading. I like going to parties with friends, and yes, I love to cook!

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Ellie Cross, Content Manager

I am the Content Manager at this prestigious organization, assisting students for a long time. Since its inception, I have been part of ResearchProspect and have seen all the ups and downs it has faced in all those years. I manage a growing team of great writers and content marketers who contribute to a great extent to help students with their academics.

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Jamie Walker, Content Writer

I am a part of the Content Marketing Team, and my role in this team is to create content. Nothing fascinates me more than writing helpful and informative content for students dealing with various problems due to a lack of knowledge or writing skills. I have been engaged in writing for more than ten years now. To become a crafty writer, one should read a lot and write a lot. As far as my hobbies are concerned, I love to read autobiographies.

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Grace Griffin, Content Writer

Hello everyone. My name is Grace Griffin. I am a member of the Content Marketing Team. I have my Bachelors in Law, Masters in Literature, and PhD in Economics. I wanted to explore all the possible subjects globally, but I am afraid I couldn’t do so. I am a technical writer and write research-based content. As for my hobbies, I love reading articles, blogs, magazines, newspapers, and books.

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James Oakley

James Oakley is a Senior Writer at ResearchProspect in academic research. He did his Ms in League Research & Writing Thesis and Dissertations from Brown University and graduated in 2011. He helps students with their dissertation by providing services like the literature review writing service and assists in essay writing. James is an open-minded person who loves to write on different topics on Education. He also writes suggestions and opinions for improving the education system.

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Robert Finch, Content Marketing Expert

My name is Robert, and I am a member of the Content Marketing Team at ResearchProspect. I have been doing content marketing for more than six years now. I have always been a passionate and enthusiastic team player. My role at ResearchProspect involves designing and implementing different content marketing techniques. My hobbies include music, gym, and football.

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Owen Morgan, Content Creator

Hi, I am Owen from East London. I was always interested in English Literature, but rather than choosing a career as a tutor or instructor, which might have been monotonous in my case, I preferred to work for ResearchProspect. My responsibilities include creating website content as well as looking after the social media content with the view of keeping our readers engaged. In my spare time, I spend time with family and friends. In addition, I like skydiving and swimming.

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Harry Davis, Content Writer

Hi there! My name is Harry Davis. I am a content writer and have been a part of ResearchProspect for several years. I did my Masters’s in English Literature back in 2015. Since then, I have been working full-time for ResearchProspect. I love to play with words the same way a pianist plays with the piano. My writing style is formal and classical, which helps students better understand the art of academic writing. I am a big music fan, and I am learning the piano and guitar.

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Natasha Fletcher, Content Writer

Hi all, this is Natasha. I am a part of the Content Marketing Team at ResearchProspect. My role in the team is to solve students’ problems through content. I am an essayist and a gold medalist in essay writing. I am a fitness freak and love to play football, ice hockey, and basketball.

Our Writers

There are many reasons why our writers are considered the best in the essay writing industry. We have a dedicated editor and writer management team who work tirelessly throughout the day and night to ensure our writers are equipped with the right skills and expertise to complete every paper to the highest academic standard. The dependability of our expert academics has played a key role in our success and development as the UK’s most reliable academic writing service for custom essays and dissertations. In short, our writers have been at the forefront in advising and helping our clients on some of the most complex and urgent academic projects.

What Makes Our Writers Exceptional

  • All of our writers hold a 2:1 Masters’s or PhD degree from a UK university.
  • They are offered positions following a stringent recruitment process in which they undertake interviews and tests. Our recruitment experts have several years of experience in the student writing services industry, and they know precisely the expertise and skills our writers must-have.
  • All our writers are asked to complete a trial assignment to an acceptable standard before being offered a position. This process costs us time and money, but it helps us to deliver top-notch academic writing services.
  • All candidates are required to present their degree certificates for us to verify their academic qualifications.
  • The work completed by our writers is thoroughly proofread and checked by the quality management team before being passed on to our clients.
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So, to sum up, it is absolutely vital to choose the best academic writing service for your essays, assignments and dissertations. A company that offers unmatched and superior client support and delivers its promises can become your long term and loyal partner through the thick and thin of your student life. Research Prospect operates seven days a week to address the concerns of our clients.

“Invest your money wisely and choose a brand that has helped thousands of students to achieve high academic grades.”

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