Our Terms And Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to regulate the business relationship between "Research Prospect Ltd" and the client. When using the website and/or purchasing any services, you will be bound by these terms and conditions.

We are Research Prospect Limited registered in United Kingdom with company number 548553 (termed as "we", -"us", "our" in the following terms and conditions)

Our registered address is: Research Prospect, 2/1 76 Copland Road, Glasgow, G51 2RT, United Kingdom

Definition of Terms
"Content" is or means/defined as per clause 10. "Contract" is the order placed and our confirmation of acceptance as per clause 2. "Terms" are the condition outlined herein. "You" means the customer and/or purchaser. "Works" means the documentations and/or services provided by us to you in accordance with our contract. "Writer" means the individual who has been assigned to complete your order/work
Our Contract With You
These terms and conditions apply in our contract with you:
  1. The terms apply to you as far as the context allows you as a visitor of research prospect website, as a prospective buyer or as a buyer of the services we offer

  2.  The work/services offered on our website or ordered by you are subject to our writer's agreement on providing the works to a requested standard and with-in the deadline that has been agreed upon.  The work submitted will be prepared to support you in the field of the order, and only the requested details will be included. We take no responsibility of assessments from any other party, as the services we offer may not reflect on the requirements of any other party

  3. The works completed are opinions of the writer and not the statement from research prospect. The work we provide is commissioned at your request and requirements, and the delivery times are estimates only. All works provided are solely your personal responsibility.

  4. All work is subject to full payment of order, and work will start once the condition been met in full.

  5.  It will be your responsibility to provide the writer with relevant requirements and with complete and up to date information. You agree to cooperate with the writers under all circumstances. In-case you fail to provide or delay in providing the required details and support, Research Prospect will not be responsible for any loss of time and quality of your order

  6.   Once we have sent you an e-mail of confirmation, you cannot cancel the order, as the works we complete are non-refundable

  7. Your order and/or your acceptance of quotation from Research Prospect constitutes as an offer by you to purchase the services in accordance with these terms. The offers will be made through e-mail confirmation by Research Prospect Limited

  8. The price calculator provided on the website is to indicate tentative prices, and the actual payable prices may differ. The actual prices will only be communicated once we have confirmed the order prices from our individual writers. Any quotation that we send through an e-mail will only be valid for 36 hours

  9. Upon successful processing of your order, a confirmation of you purchase will be emailed to you, including detail on the services to be included and the total cost to be payable by you. Any change in the order details may also result in change in the prices previously quoted to you

  10. We may change these terms time to time
Payment and Price
The works or any part of the work for any order/services will only be started upon receiving the complete payment of the order/services in accordance with the agreed amount between Research Prospect and the client in writing. The price calculator provided on the website is to indicate tentative prices, and the actual payable prices may differ. The actual prices will only be communicated once we have confirmed the order prices from our individual writers. The terms and conditions applied to the amendment requests are given under clause 7. All the bank charges relating the payment in the complete process will be paid by you. We will receive the payment in pounds sterling, and any exchange charges will be paid by you. All the payments must be paid in full in accordance with these terms, without any set off, counter-claims and/or deductions. If we owe you money, we will return the money within a 30 day period, or as soon as practically possible.
The information You Provide to Us
When you place an order with us, you agree to provide us with complete and updated details, information and reference resources related to the works and yourself, in the way requested by us. We require this information in order to complete the works you order with us. Providing details of your requirements and with complete information of your order is your responsibility. We will provide you a quote based on your requirements which you provide us when ordering with us through our online order form or via email. The works will only be completed in accordance with these requirements. If you provide us with additional requirements later on, these may not be taken into account when completing your works. Additional requirements will be subjected to our availability, and we may charge you an additional amount in case we agree to complete the additional works. In case you have any additional reference resources and other supporting materials, or additional instructions, you will be responsible to send us such details as soon as possible. You are required to agree that you will cooperate with our writer throughout works till the order is completed and you will provide support to the writer in case he/she needs any information or guidance. If the quality of the order or its obligations under this contract are compromised due to the delays and/or omission on your part, we will not be liable for any charges, costs or refunds.
Delivery of Works
When ordering with us, you acknowledge that internet is an open medium and it may cause delays due to its connectivity and performance issues, and therefore you accept the delivery risks of your works specified by e-mail and/or any other forms of delivery. However we will take responsible steps to deliver on or before the delivery period we have agreed upon. If at any instant we find it difficult to deliver the works on the time we have agreed upon, we will inform you through an e-mail to revise/extend the delivery time, in which case you will be requested to cooperate with us in order to complete your works with desired standards. You will be compensated based upon the percentage of amount paid if we fail to deliver the works on time only after the extended deadline has been granted by you. We may deliver the works completed in parts if the full amount of works has not been completed for any reason. We will ensure that our writers provide you with up to date information regarding the delivery status of your order. If the quality of the obligations under this contract is compromised due to the delays and/or omission on your part, we will not be liable for any charges or costs.
Taxes, Duties and Import Restrictions
We have no responsibility, knowledge and understanding of the laws of the country of your residence or of the law from where you may place your order from. In our contact with you, you will be take full responsibility for the purchase of the works which you must be lawfully able to import. You will also be responsible for any import duties, taxes and other forms of levied in the country of you residence
Works Returned and Amendment Requests
You purchase the works from us remotely, however you are not allowed the right to cancel works for which you place an order with us, as the works we complete are in accordance with your requirements and are therefore personalized for you. Similarly, you do not have the rights of cancellations of your order or woks once we have accepted your order and sent you an e-mail of confirmation for acceptance of your order. You may cancel your query via sending us an e-mail before we send you the acceptance e-mail. All the works are non refundable as they are prepared in accordance with the personal specifications you provide to us. You are requested to register a complaint with us via sending us an email if dissatisfied with our services, we will try our best to use our expertise to resolve you query, and we will respond to claims within 26 days from the day you contacted us regarding your dissatisfaction. In case that you original requirements have not been met in the order we completed, we will ensure that all your order details along with the works are reviewed by our team of experts, and we will engage the writer to complete the amendment request made by you, provided that you respond with an amendment request with-in 7 days of delivery of the order. It will be considered by us that you have accepted the works, and you have also accepted that the works have been completed in accordance with your requirements if you do not request for an amendment within 7 days of works delivery. You will be required to clearly mention/state the parts which the writer has missed from your original requirements when you submit the amendment request. You must forward us the original requirement via forwarding your original e-mail and highlighting the parts which the writer has not included in the works. You must read all the works completed by the writer before contacting us regarding the amendments, as the amendments will be completed only once. If you send an amendment requested later than 7 days of delivery of works, or if the amendment request is for any additional requirements which are not in-line with the original order, we may provide you with a quote to complete such amendments. All such amendment requests will only be completed given the availability of the writer and timescale we agree upon, and the works will only be started on such amendments once we receive payments in full as per the provided quote for amendment request.
We at any time may make change or improve our website, content or any other works without any advance notice. Our content and works may contain technical or other various forms of inaccuracies or errors. Comments, information and other form of materials presented/posted on our website are not intended for advice on which reliance may be placed. Therefore, Research Prospect disclaim all forms of responsibilities which may arise from reliance placed on such data, comments, information or any other forms of materials by you, any website visitor and anyone who may be informed of its content. We provide no warranty and responsibility of the quality and/or appropriateness of the works for your purpose, the accuracy of any information given on our website or in the works and effectiveness of the works for a particular purpose and any forms of compliance with any law. We may also provide links of other website on our website. We have no power and control over any such websites. You agree and acknowledge that Research Prospect will not be responsible in any way for the content or any other forms of data of such websites, and we take no responsibility of damage or loss through such websites. Although we take responsible efforts to ensure that the works we complete are of quality, we do not guarantee your mark, and we shall not be responsible for a failure to obtain the required mark in any way. We are not responsible for the content of any attachments you send to us, which also may contain personal details. It is your responsibility to ensure that you remove all forms of personal details when you send us your attachments.
Permitted Uses of Works
You acknowledge and agree that the copyrights of all the works we completed and produced through Research Prospect belong to us. You agree that you shall not copy, publish, modify, transfer/sell, transmit, re-produce, distribute, create derivative works from our works, display, or in any way exploit any of the content of the works or obtained from Research Prospect. Given that you maintain all forms of copyright, you may copy/download one of the copies of work we complete for you, which you may have purchased for personal use or for academic study purpose only. The works you purchase from us must be solely used for research and/or reference purposes, and must not be submitted to any other party under your name. You further agree that the views expressed in the work we complete are opinions, and provided only as academic support and these does not present professional advice. You further acknowledge that any decision to use our services or the works is made by you, and we will not be responsible for you to use our services or works which may breach your institutional regulations and rules. You are not allowed/permitted to submit our works as your own, if you do so, you will breach the copyrights agreement.
Content and Intellectual Property Rights
Research Prospect holds the ownership and license of all the "contents" in terms of software text, designs, and other forms of information/text presented on our website. As a client/customer or as a visitor of our website, you are not allowed to copy, re-produce, display, post or publish, upload, or use in any way, any form of content from our website. You acknowledge and agree Research Prospect is the owner of each and every detail presented on our website, you will not, and will not allow any other person to, violate or attempt to violate any security aspect of our website. Furthermore, you agree that you will not in any way modify or change any aspect of our website
You accept your agreement with us to indemnify us against any claim and/or demand, charges, losses sustained reasonable costs, or incurred by us which includes the lawyer’s fees, which may arise in any way either directly or indirectly out of you through usage of our website, our works and/or services.

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