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Media Dissertation Topics

Published by at January 10th, 2023 , Revised On June 3, 2024

The media has a lot of power to influence events in the world. The world of media is evolving with each passing day. Newspapers were replaced by radios, radios were replaced with TV, and TV was replaced with the internet. Today, there are various channels on the internet through which news, events, and all other information are passed on to the people.

For instance, there are blogs, social media, vlogs, and many other ways to represent media. Thus, as a media student, you will have to learn about all these platforms to get a better and more in-depth understanding of the subject.

What is even more challenging for media students is to choose an intriguing and relevant dissertation topic. Often, media students tend to select a topic that is too broad in scope to cover within a specific time frame.

Therefore, it is recommended to select a concise but interesting topic that is thought-provoking and grabs the reader’s attention. Being ambitious is good, but being over-ambitious can prove to be unfavourable for their research and, subsequently, the overall module grade.

Before finalising the topic, it is pivotal to look into the existing literature to understand the extent of their research and determine their objectives.

Another thing to be mindful of when selecting a topic is the availability of literature since undergraduate and graduate level dissertations, unlike PhD dissertations, have a smaller scope and do not aim to change course or invent a new concept, so the available literature can be of great help in determining the goal, scope, and methodology.

The supporting evidence can help you to fortify and strengthen the arguments presented in your dissertation. At ResearchProspect, we make sure that you choose a topic that is relevant, recent, and interesting. We understand the challenges of being a media student, as with each passing day, something new comes up that takes the world by storm.

Considering the dynamic nature of your subject, our team suggests topics that will help in getting approval from your professors instantly. You can also get back to us to either edit the topic or add a few missing elements. In this article, we suggest some topics regarding media and its related fields so you can kick-start your dissertation without delay.

These topics have been developed by PhD qualified writers of our team, so you can trust to use these topics for drafting your dissertation.

You may also want to start your dissertation by requesting a brief research proposal from our writers on any of these topics, which includes an introduction to the problem, research question, aim and objectives, literature review along with the proposed methodology of research to be conducted. Let us know if you need any help in getting started.

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Media Dissertation Topics

Research Aim: This study will examine how the Data Protection Act of 1998 plays an important role in protecting information. This study will provide vital knowledge by collecting information from the directors’ of a few media associations. Discussions with media members can also help in gaining an understanding of the actual circumstances in which material obtained by journalism should be protected.

Research Aim: Research Aim: Media is an important part of our living in a social environment. Since the dawn of civilisation, media has altered the scale on which we operate as social beings. Today in the age of digital media, media is revolutionised as platforms, content and creators proliferate. This study will find the impact of social theories and provide an understanding of the impact of sociological theories on media and their relationship.

Research Aim: This study will analyse the UK and US media cultures. It will also look at the similarities and differences in the British and American media cultures and systems. A comparative analysis will be conducted using different UK and US theories, journalistic culture, different factors that shaped the news debate, international and domestic news kind, democracy, and civil society.

Research Aim: This study will help us understand a more powerful way of communication through a comparative analysis between the Traditional method of letters and long-distance casual communication. It will focus on different communication factors and how they affect these methods. It will also examine how to effectively engage and use different techniques to enhance the messages.

Research Aim: Virtual reality (VR) has gotten a lot of attention since its arrival. The capabilities of the systems appear to be endless, and there is widespread interest from individuals across sectors. VR is not a trend but another media platform. This study will analyse how VR has impacted the media and how it can be used as an effective tool for reaching consumers in a unique way. It will also focus on how VR has allowed media users to immerse their senses drowned outside the world, removing distractions and enhancing the experience, and will also look into future implications.

Media Dissertation Topics

Research Aim: This research will focus on identifying the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the media and entertainment industry and the future of media after the epidemic.

Research Aim: COVID-19 has disrupted every industry, including media. This research will focus on identifying the role of mass media and its growing importance during the pandemic. What kind of challenges the industry is facing, and what measures can be taken to overcome those challenges?

Research Aim: This research will focus on identifying the drawbacks of media in spreading accurate information among the public. It will answer questions such as, Are the media houses responsible enough to unveil the actual figures and facts? Are they following only the guidelines of the government or just concerned about the ratings and business?

Research Aim: This study will focus on the contribution of journalists in collecting information and spreading awareness about COVID-19. Amid this pandemic crisis, many independent journalists are misleading people by promoting the wrong information and news. This study will also uncover the hidden truth behind fake vs real journalists. It will discuss what kind of measures should be taken to deal with these kinds of misleading activities.

Research Aim: This study will identify the government guidelines and safety measures taken to ensure the safety of people working in media. What is the contribution of production houses in providing a healthy environment for the media industries?

New Media Research Topics

Research Aim: This research aims to identify the role of media in portraying a specific religion

Research Aim: This research aims to identify whether or not media can provoke violence among people. Students can use a comparative case study of the media of various countries to answer these research questions.

Research Aim: This research aims to address the popularity of growing YouTube channels and vloggers and measure the quality of content in the competition

Research Aim: This research aims to address the role of media during elections- a case study will be conducted to identify how media can portray political leaders and play an essential role in the victory and defeat of a particular party.

Research Aim: This research aims to conduct a comparative study on the growing number of online content readers and its positive and negative consequences.

Journalism and Privacy Dissertation Topics

In today’s world, “journalism and privacy” is considered a very intriguing and fascinating subject. Not all journalists ensure privacy while on the job. Privacy is an essential aspect of journalism and should be practised by all journalists.

A journalist should respect an individual’s privacy while finding out the details relating to a person’s personal/professional life. The journalist’s job is to dissect the events of public interest by using the investigation as a tool without violating any privacy-related rights of an individual. Topics for the dissertation in this field are given below:

Research Aim: This research will talk about the lack of privacy laws in English law and if the common law is enough to safeguard people’s rights or not.

Research Aim: This study will focus on the English legal system if adopting proportionality will help safeguard privacy in terms of journalism.

Research Aim: This research will explore whether or not there are stringent rules for journalists to follow in the UK. The case of Princess Diana’s death and reporting will be studied.

Research Aim: This study will analyse the need to adopt human rights laws in the UK to protect and guard individuals’ privacy which is otherwise threatened by journalism.

Research Aim: Celebrities are the ones who are impacted the most due to the absence of privacy laws in journalism. This research will talk about the legal aspects of implementing privacy rights for celebrities.

Research Aim: This study will analyse the impact of strict rules and regulations on journalism economics.

Research Aim: This study will argue whether privacy laws are used as a shield to cover wrongdoings, unacceptable behaviour, etc., by celebrities or not.

Research Aim: This research will aim to understand whether multiple approaches to protect privacy should be utilised, or whether a single, consistent approach will be enough.

Research Aim: A lot of journalists invade privacy in the name of duty. This research will talk about where the line should be drawn between journalism and the privacy of individuals.

Research Aim: This research will talk about the impact of media house wars on privacy intrusion and will suggest ways how it can be eliminated.

Journalism and Freedom of Expression Dissertation Topics

The foundation of journalism is freedom of expression. This right enables the journalist to think and act freely according to his or her own understanding. Journalists in fact use it as a protection tool against court cases. However, sometimes there may be issues regarding this right, as some celebrities or famous individuals might find it breaching their privacy.

A dissertation in this field can prove to be interesting and professionally rewarding, and, therefore, catch the attention of the audience. Below are some topics regarding this field of media:

Research Aim: This research will talk about the protection journalists have through court and how it impacts both the parties involved. The case of Times Newspaper and Reynolds will be the main focus of this study.

Research Aim: This research will aim to focus on the importance of information sources for journalists and the approaches that are adopted to protect these sources in high-profile cases.

Research Aim: This will be a comparative research study where the Canadian and German journalism approaches concerning freedom of expression will be analysed. Furthermore, the study will also talk about the sustainability of these two systems in the UK.

Research Aim: This research will focus on how freedom of expression creates a democratic society. The study will include justifications for when a breach of freedom is allowed and how society’s interests can be safeguarded.

Research Aim: This research will analyse the response of the public towards the free press and its role in democracy. The research will compare the viewpoints of the UK and the USA.

Research Aim: This research will discuss how freedom of expression is used as a tactic by journalists to intrude into people’s lives and report issues related to an individual’s personal life.

Research Aim: This research will evaluate the role of journalism and will debate whether journalism is playing its role responsibly or has presumed its role as a watchdog.

Research Aim: This research will talk about whether journalists have the right to access extremely private and confidential data in the name of freedom of expression, or whether they require permission.

Research Aim: This study will talk about how journalism and freedom of expression go hand in hand and how they both can be balanced. Furthermore, it will also talk about the challenges journalists have to face and how they can overcome them.

Research Aim: A lot of debate is surrounding freedom of expression being used in the wrong manner. However, there are instances where journalists are forced to stay quiet. This research will talk about such events where freedom of expression is threatened.

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Media, the Artist and Censorship Dissertation Topics

Censorship in media is practised around the globe. It is an attempt made by the government to prevent the display of certain content on media. This is why we often hear the news of something getting banned somewhere in the media. This is done to safeguard the interests of the people and the nation. However, this action is often criticised.

Media plays a vital role in shaping the minds of the people and influencing their actions. Therefore, censorship is necessary but can be viewed as positive and negative. Some dissertation topics in this field of media are given below:

Research Aim: This research will talk about whether censorship prevents free access to individuals and whether or not fundamental rights are violated.

Research Aim: This research will discuss the much-hyped topic, media, and politics. The study will aim to discuss whether politics impacts the media or not.

Research Aim: This study will talk about censoring media content and the impact it has on the minds of people. Does it cause a negative impact or completely controls the minds of the people, all these aspects will be discussed.

Research Aim: Pornography is definitely censored in almost all states. This research will debate whether banning pornography is a democratic act or should be allowed.

Research Aim: This research will talk about how politics uses media to control the minds of people by banning content it thinks is unfavourable for the government.

Research Aim: There has been a debate regarding whether censorship oppresses the right to freedom of expression or not. This study will cover aspects as to when freedom of expression can be exercised, and when content is censored.

Research Aim: A lot of governments today govern and influence media and have control over it. This research will discuss the extent to which states have the power to censor content and how social media is used as a tool.

Research Aim: China exercises internet censorship on an extremely huge scale. This research will talk about the reasons why China has banned tech and internet giants and how media and the internet operate in the country.

Research Aim: This research will discuss in detail the impact of media censorship and how it influences people living in the country.

Research Aim: This study will talk about the role of censorship and how it has an impact on the journalists’ right to provide a balanced approach to news.

Media Across Cultures Dissertation Topics

The role of media changes from one culture to another. Media plays a vital role in spreading news and information across the globe but people of one culture may interpret news differently as compared to people belonging to another culture. Therefore, comparative research in this field can prove to be interesting and beneficial. Some dissertation topics under this sub-field are proposed below:

Research Aim: This research will talk about how the UK’s culture and society are being adversely impacted by media, especially by shows like Big Brother. This will be the main focus of this study.

Research Aim: This research will talk about the role of western media in attracting negative comments and perceptions from the Islamic states.

Research Aim: This research will discuss the threat faced by the French culture due to Americanization. The role of media in this whole scenario will be the main focus of this study.

Research Aim: This research will talk about modern media tools, specifically social media, and the culture in which they are used in. The impact on various cultures will be discussed.

Research Aim: This research will talk about the role of media in eliminating stereotyping issues in various cultures. The study will specifically talk about the stereotyping of Islamic culture.

Research Aim: This research will address the different technological developments in journalism. Furthermore, the study will also discuss modern media and the cultural impact it has.

Research Aim: The role of media will be the main focus of this dissertation. The study will talk about whether the media plays a role in sparking cultural differences and issues.

Research Aim: The widespread use of digital media has various cultural impacts. This research will analyse such impacts and their extent.

Research Aim: This research will talk about the role of media in influencing human choices by creating a shift towards technological advancements, adopting new systems, etc.

Research Aim: This research assesses three essential aspects that lead to a cultural shift in today’s world, youth, technology, and media. The study will assess how these three factors lead to a shift in culture.

Music, Culture, the Artist and Intellectual property

Intellectual property is sacred to the artists in the world of music and media. There are copyrights, patents, and trademarks to safeguard the intellectual property of various individuals so that they can gain recognition and earn money from them.

However, piracy is becoming very common as an artist’s work can easily be downloaded from the internet but in this case, another debate that springs up is whether it would be right to call it stealing? The topics for dissertation in this field are given below:

Research Aim: This research will talk about the role played by international treaties such as WIPO etc. to help improve the economic status and share of the music and film industry.

Research Aim: This research will analyse the different reasons that are legally allowed for breaching intellectual property. This research will talk about how this is done for educational purposes.

Research Aim: This research will discuss how the music industry is dominated; through good music or economics.

Research Aim: This research will compare two different music markets; Canadian and the UK and will conclude as to which one is flourishing.

Research Aim: Britain lacks cultural music. This research will talk about the current lacking and will suggest ways as to how it can be promoted.

Research Aim: This research will discuss the reasons as to why copyright owners are preferred over the original artist in the music industry.

Research Aim: This research will talk about how music journalism is evolved and how, in recent times, new media has helped it grow, and the impact it had.

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Research Aim: This research will talk about how social media has adversely impacted artists’ work as a lot of people share and use music without crediting it.

Research Aim: Digital media has made it easy for people to stream and download music without any copyright issues. However, this damages the artists’ work. This research will talk about the various options artists have to protect their work in this new digital era.

Research Aim: Piracy is a crime. To help protect musicians’ work, legal versus illegal consumption must be understood. This research will aim to understand the two types of consumption and how it harms the industry.

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Media in the Digital Age Dissertation Topics

Communication has improved a lot in the digital age due to the advancements made in technology. The information can now be shared easily and quickly, and it has provided a medium to interact with people living miles away from you. Furthermore, the mode of communication is also changing.

Social networking is changing the way people use the internet and is enabling them to communicate differently by using various websites and blogs. However, it is also important to note that how mass communication is sabotaging personal communication. To explore this sub-field of media, here are some interesting dissertation topics :

Research Aim: This research will talk about the data protection bill in the UK and how media laws in the United Kingdom safeguard individual’s rights.

Research Aim: There are various data protection approaches. This research will talk about all these approaches and will suggest which one is better for digital communication.

Research Aim: Online marketing tools are extremely powerful. Various tools will be discussed and analysed in this research to conclude how well they perform.

Research Aim: This research will analyse the role of digital media in passing on knowledge and aiding education in today’s world.

Research Aim: This research will aim to understand the impact of social networking sites on the economics of mass communication.

Research Aim: This research will talk about the role of social networking in the advertising and marketing of a business or a product on the internet.

Research Aim: This research will assess the impact of social networking on education and how it has helped students today in gaining knowledge within minutes.

Research Aim: This research will compare new and old media sources. Today’s media sources include social media, blogs, websites, etc. whereas traditional media consists of television, newspapers, etc.

Research Aim: The widespread use of social media has taken over business advertising and marketing. This research will evaluate the options businesses have to advertise and market their products and services.

Research Aim: Digital media has a huge influence on people, different cultures and even day to day lives of people. This research will assess the influence of the media in detail.

Media and Politics Dissertation Topics

Media and politics both go hand in hand. A relationship of mutualism is shared between the two. Politics use media as a tool to communicate information of its interest.

The government sometimes uses media to control people’s minds and influence them to think in a particular way or manner. The government can easily access the personal information of an individual, which was initially provided to the service provider.

Social media is comparatively a new concept but is gaining popularity at a fast pace, even in politics. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can facilitate delivering a specific message.

It is also an effective way to engage the public in election campaigning and is often used to enhance youth interest in politics. Media dissertation on this subject would be fascinating, and some interesting topics are proposed below:

Research Aim: This research will talk about the data that internet service providers possess of their customers, and whether or not it is ethically correct to provide the same information to the government or not.

Research Aim: This research will discuss the UK government’s justification for accessing the personal information of individuals. The study will assess whether this justification is valid or not.

Research Aim: This research will understand the role of social networking in eliminating differences between mass and personal communication, and to what extent it has proved to be successful.

Research Aim: This research will aim to understand how modern media allows governments to access sensitive and personal information of individuals and how they invade a person’s safe space.

Research Aim: This research will understand the different political communications and the various media tools used by the government for this communication.

Research Aim: This research will understand how social media persuades people in favour of a particular party or politician.

Research Aim: This research will focus on how media controls people, their thinking and their mind, and whether it is ethically right to influence people or not.

Research Aim: This research will aim to understand the role of media in a democratic society, i.e. whether it helps build a country or is detrimental.

Research Aim: This research will understand how social media helps youth enter and participate in politics, and the role it plays in helping them make a decision.

Research Aim: This research will talk about how political parties use media to help build their electoral campaign. The main focus of this dissertation will be on the recent scandal, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

  1. The Rise of Short-Form Video and the Decline of Long-Form Content
  2. Fake News and Misinformation in the Age of Social Media
  3. The Democratisation of Content Creation Through User-Generated Platforms
  4. The Impact of Streaming Services on Traditional Film Distribution
  5. The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Bias in Media
  6. The Evolving Landscape of Journalism in a Digital World
  7. Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Age of Constant Connectivity
  8. Representation and Diversity in Contemporary Media Narratives
  9. Cybersecurity Threats and Vulnerabilities in a Data-Driven Media Landscape
  10. The Ethical Implications of Influencer Marketing and Online Advertising
  11. The Future of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Storytelling
  12. The Rise of Citizen Journalism and the Blurring of Lines Between Professional and Amateur News
  13. The Impact of Social Media on Political Discourse and Elections
  14. The Changing Nature of Celebrity Culture in the Digital Age
  15. Data Privacy Concerns in the Era of Targeted Advertising and Big Data
  16. The Role of Media in Shaping Public Opinion on Social and Political Issues
  17. The Impact of Social Media Activism on Social Justice Movements
  18. The Influence of Fan Communities and Online Fandom Culture
  19. The Role of Media in Disaster Response and Crisis Communication
  20. The Influence of Social Media Algorithms on Content Consumption and Information Bias
  21. The Power of Investigative Journalism in Holding Institutions Accountable
  22. The Role of Media in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution
  23. The Ethical Dilemmas of Social Media Content Moderation
  24. The Power of User Reviews and Online Recommendations
  25. The Rise of Citizen Science and Public Participation Through Media Platforms
  26. The Educational Value of Documentaries and Investigative Reporting
  27. The Impact of Media on Environmental Awareness and Sustainability Practices
  28. The Role of Media Literacy in a World of Information Overload
  29. The Power of Music and Audio Content in Branding and Marketing Strategies
  30. The Democratisation of Music Production and Distribution Through Technology

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Important Notes:

As a student of media looking to get good grades, it is essential to develop new ideas and experiment with existing media theories – i.e., to add value and interest to your research topic.

The field of media is vast and interrelated with many other academic disciplines like civil engineering, construction, law, engineering management, healthcare, mental health, artificial intelligence, tourism, physiotherapy, sociology, management, marketing, and nursing. That is why it is imperative to create a project management dissertation topic that is articular, sound, and actually solves a practical problem that may be rampant in the field.

We can’t stress how important it is to develop a logical research topic; it is the basis of your entire research. There are several significant downfalls to getting your topic wrong; your supervisor may not be interested in working on it, the topic has no academic creditability, the research may not make logical sense, and there is a possibility that the study is not viable.

This impacts your time and efforts in writing your dissertation as you may end up in a cycle of rejection at the very initial stage of the dissertation. That is why we recommend reviewing existing research to develop a topic, taking advice from your supervisor, and even asking for help in this particular stage of your dissertation.

Keeping our advice in mind while developing a research topic will allow you to pick one of the best media dissertation topics that not only fulfil your requirement of writing a research paper but also adds to the body of knowledge.

Therefore, it is recommended that when finalising your dissertation topic, you read recently published literature in order to identify gaps in the research that you may help fill.

Remember- dissertation topics need to be unique, solve an identified problem, be logical, and can also be practically implemented. Take a look at some of our sample media dissertation topics to get an idea for your own dissertation.

How to Structure your Media Dissertation

A well-structured dissertation can help students to achieve a high overall academic grade.

  • A Title Page
  • Acknowledgements
  • Declaration
  • Abstract: A summary of the research completed
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction: This chapter includes the project rationale, research background, key research aims and objectives, and the research problems to be addressed. An outline of the structure of a dissertation can also be added to this chapter.
  • Literature ReviewThis chapter presents relevant theories and frameworks by analysing published and unpublished literature available on the chosen research topic, in light of the research questions to be addressed. The purpose is to highlight and discuss the relative weaknesses and strengths of the selected research area while identifying any research gaps. Break down of the topic, and key terms can have a positive impact on your dissertation and your tutor.
  • Methodology: The data collection and analysis methods and techniques employed by the researcher are presented in the Methodology chapter which usually includes research design, research philosophy, research limitations, code of conduct, ethical consideration, data collection methods and data analysis strategy.
  • Findings and Analysis: Findings of the research are analysed in detail under the Findings and Analysis chapter. All key findings/results are outlined in this chapter without interpreting the data or drawing any conclusions. It can be useful to include graphscharts, and tables in this chapter to identify meaningful trends and relationships.
  • Discussion and Conclusion: The researcher presents his interpretation of results in this chapter, and states whether the research hypothesis has been verified or not. An essential aspect of this section is to establish the link between the results and evidence from the literature. Recommendations with regard to the implications of the findings and directions for the future may also be provided. Finally, a summary of the overall research, along with final judgments, opinions, and comments, must be included in the form of suggestions for improvement.
  • References: Make sure to complete this in accordance with your University’s requirements
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices: Any additional information, diagrams, graphs that were used to complete the dissertation but not part of the dissertation should be included in the Appendices chapter. Essentially, the purpose is to expand the information/data.

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