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September 28, 2015
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October 9, 2015

Management Dissertation Topics



Let’s talk about management dissertation topics to help you select the best topic for your dissertation. Our team of writers have come up with a diverse list of management dissertation topics to help get the juices flowing in your noggin’ in order to write your own management dissertation.

If you need help with the topics and tiles, our expert writers are available to guide you. We can propose management dissertation topics in accordance with (i) your supervisor’s research interests, (ii) deadline requirements and (iii) quality requirements.

Using our list of free dissertation topics, you can get an idea of how to make your own management dissertation. It’s best if you take the time out to put effort into making a strong dissertation topic. This will allow you to save time and ensure that the topic is accepted by your supervisor quickly. It would be devastating if you rush into making a topic as it may lead to constant rejection and loss of time. To help you save time our expert writers have developed a list of academically sound and trend setting management dissertation topics.

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What do I need to know? In order to prepare a quality dissertation in a timely manner, it is crucial to select a good dissertation topic which is relevant and focuses on current management issues.  Selection of the right topic helps to effectively draft research questions and define research aims and objectives (dissertation outline), which can then be used to develop the dissertation in accordance with the approved/planned structure of the research paper.

How do I select a topic? A dissertation topic must be selected on the bases of research interest/popularity in its field of study, availability of data, time limitations, scope and significance of research. The following management dissertation topics are carefully short listed while considering all these parameters. Please review these topics and let us know if you have any queries.

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Management Dissertation Topics for 2019

Topic 1: Analyzing the Traditions and Trends in Public Administration and Management in Post-WWII Europe

Research Aim: The purpose of the research is to analyze the characteristics of cultural and national communities that have influenced the field of public administration and management in the 1970s and 1980s in Europe. The study will be carried out using systematic literature review.

Topic 2: The Impact of Gender-inclusive Gatekeeping and Predecessors Influence the Success of Female CEOs

Research Aim: The purpose of the research is to explore how local organizational agents and contexts are able to help women leaders overcome barriers and achieve success at higher levels in corporate firms. The study will focus on CEO succession events and factors of predecessor CEOS and their influence on women post-succession. The research design will be developed qualitatively

Topic 3: Analyzing the Impact of Daily Psychological Power on Organizational Leaders

Research Aim: The research uses quantitative techniques to analyze power-holders relational and interdependent work contexts. The study will examine the effect of daily psychological power using the factors of abusive behavior and perceived incivility.

Topic 4: Examining the Impact of Cultural Diversity on Interaction Process and Performance

Research Aim: Using quantitative techniques, the research will analyze the factors of interaction process and performance in two groups of employees in the services industry – homogenous and culturally diverse. The effectiveness in process and performances will be examined.

Topic 5: Analyzing the Impact of ‘Voice’ and ‘Silence’ ono Destructive Leadership

Research Aim: The research examines the limited and biased view of silence in management literature. In addition, the research will analyze using quantitative research techniques the impact; in terms of a functional value, that silence has in organization and how it can be used as a strategic response to what is considered a destructive leader.

Topic 6: Examining the Relationship between Productivity, Management Practices, and Employee Ability in the UK Setting

Research Aim: Using quantitative techniques, the study will analyze if a relationship exists between productivity, management practices, and employee ability using data from management practices surveys and employees’ longitudinal earnings records.

Topic 7: Analyzing the Factors that Impact International Differences in Gender Pay Gap

Research Aim: The research will use quantitative techniques to analyze microdata from various countries between the years 1980 to 2010. The research will use the factors of wage structures, net supply, wage compression, collective bargaining coverage, and unionized wage setting to identify the lower gender pay gap internationally.

Topic 8: The Impact of Psychosocial Hazards on Workplace Risk Management

Research Aim: The study will investigate workplace risk management practices industry sectors with a high risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and mental health disorders (MHDs) and the extent to which they may rise from psychosocial hazards. The research will be conducted using qualitative research techniques.

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Strategic Management and Organizational Behavior Dissertation Topics

Strategic management and the organizational behavior can be described as the actions a firm takes in order to achieve its business objectives that are primarily derived through the dynamic behavior of competitive markets. Following are some interesting dissertation topics under this field of study;

Topic 1: The Impact of Organizational Goals on Organization Behavior

Research Aim: The purpose of the research is to combine factors from theory of action phases and self-determination theory to develop a motivational model that is able to explain the relationship between organizational goals setting process that lead to organizational behavior. The research will be conducted using mixed methods research techniques.

Topic 2: Integrating the Principles of Strategic Human Capital and Strategic Human Resource Management to Improve Organizational Performance

Research Aim: The current study will use systematic literature review and meta-analysis to indicate principles of strategic human capital (SHC) and strategic human resource management (SHRM) that can be integrated in order to improve organizational performance. The research will also propose areas of integration between the two fields in order to improve organizational performance.

Topic 3: Comparing the Impact of Family and Non-Family Firm Goals on Strategy, Family and Organizational Behavior

Research Aim: The research will analyze the differences between family and non-family businesses goals and its impact on how the firm develops a strategy. In addition, the research will also analyze how these developed strategies would affect the family and organizational behavior. The research will use quantitative research techniques.

Topic 4: Analyzing the Effect of Strategy, Innovation, Networks and Complexity on Organizational Adaptability – The Mediating Effect of Leadership

Research Aim: The current study will sue empirical analysis to examine the effects of strategy, innovation, networks and complexity on organizational adaptability using leadership as a mediation factor.

Topic 5: Examining the Effect of Appointment of a Racial Minority Female CEO on White Male Top Manager Intrapsychic and Behavioral Responses

Research Aim: The proposed research will examine white male managers’ behavioral responses to the appointment of a female racial minority CEO at their firm. The behavior that the research will analyze is the amount of help that the white male top manager provides to their fellow executives. The research will be conducted using quantitative techniques.

Topic 6: Examining the Impact of External and Internal Environments Effect on the Use of Selection Processes

Research Aim: The research will examine firms’ difference in their use of selection practices and if they relate to organizational performance under competitive environments. The research will use factors of industry characteristics (external environments) and prior firm performance and collective turnover (internal environments) to analyze how they may affect the use of selection practices.

Topic 7: Analysis of the Effectiveness of an Affect-Based Model to Portray Recipients Responses to Organizational Change Events

Research Aim: The study will use the Affect-Based Model developed by Oreg et al. (2016) to analyze if it is effective in documenting and portraying the recipient responses to organizational change events. The research will use factors of valence and activation to analyze the effectiveness of the model. The research will be conducting using quantitative techniques.


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Knowledge Management Dissertation Topics

Knowledge management is one of the most important aspect in any organization as it enhances the work force capabilities as well as the overall productivity. It leads to a competitive advantage as it differentiates an organization from its competitors.  Some interesting dissertation topics under this field are;

Topic 1: Examining the Impact of Enterprise Social Networking Systems (ESNS) on Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning

Research Aim: The research will investigate the effect of ESNS on knowledge management processes and organizational learning. The research will use knowledge creation and knowledge sharing as the mediating role within the analysis of the proposed relationship. The proposed study will use empirical research methods.

Topic 2: A Review of Knowledge Management Research

Research Aim: The research paper will use systematic literature review technique for the proposed study. The research will review the last twenty years of knowledge management literature to assess the presence of a bias in explaining knowledge integration over research through the exploration of knowledge differentiation processes.

Topic 3: The Impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on Innovation and Knowledge Management Capacity

Research Aim: The purpose of the research is to investigate the plausible relationship between knowledge management systems, open innovation, knowledge management capacity, and innovation capacity in firms. The research will be conducted using empirical techniques in order to draw viable conclusions.

Topic 4: The Impact of Strategic Knowledge Management in MNC and their Subsidiaries Performance

Research Aim: The research will develop a model to test the possibility of a relationship between strategic knowledge management (SKM) processes and organization performance compared between multinational companies and their subsidiaries. The research will also analyze the impact that this relational context can have on knowledge creation and transfer.

Topic 5: Analyzing the Relationship between Knowledge Management Practices and Knowledge-Worker Performance- The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment

Research Aim: The study proposes to analyze the role of knowledge management practices in order to address the issues of low organizational commitment and knowledge workers’ performance in the public sectors of the UK. The proposed study will use quantitative research techniques to fulfill its aim and objectives.

Topic 6: The Relationship between Knowledge Management Processes and Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Private Business Schools in the UK

Research Aim: The proposed research analyzes the impact of knowledge management processes on sustainable completive advantages by using the knowledge-based view (KBV) and resource-based view (RBV) as mediators in the relationship. The research will be conducted using quantitative techniques of data collection (i.e. questionnaire) and analysis (i.e. structural equation modelling).

Topic 7: The Impact of Strategic Knowledge Management on Manufacturing Firm’s Performance

Research Aim: The purpose of the study is to explore empirically, the relationship between availability and use of IT solutions for strategic knowledge management and a manufacturing firm’s performance which will be measured in terms of unit production. The research will use the resource-based view and the knowledge-based theory to develop a conceptual framework to analyze this effect in the relationship.

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Leadership and Management Information System Dissertation Topics

Leadership drives the organizational agenda and it is regarded as the one of the most influential factor in streamlining the processes of an organizations. Good leadership results in better performance of any organization as it gives direction to the business activities in accordance with the market conditions and requirements. Similarly, management information systems holds pivotal importance for any organization as its proper utilization can befit the organization in many ways. Following are some of the short listed dissertation topics under the subject of leadership and management information systems;

Topic 1: The Role of Information Systems (IS) in Enterprise Architecture and their Impact on Business Performance

Research Aim: The proposed study will examine the relationship between IS Enterprise Architecture and business performance using mediators of technical alignment and IS capabilities. The research will be conducted using quantitative techniques to fulfill its aim.

Topic 2: The Relationship between Ethical Leadership and Employee Knowledge Sharing

Research Aim: The research will use theories of social learning and self-determination to investigate the mediating effects of controlled motivation for knowledge sharing and moral identity in the relationship between ethical leaders and employee knowledge sharing. The study will be conducted using empirical research techniques.

Topic 3: Analyzing the Impact of Relationship Leadership and Social Alignment on Information Security Systems Effectiveness in Private Organizations

Research Aim: The research will use social capital theory has is theoretical foundation to explore the impact relational leadership on social alignment between business and IT executives. The relational model will study the factors of integrated knowledge, information security system effectiveness, and organizational performance. The research will empirical techniques.

Topic 4: Examining the Relationship between Operating Room (OR) Leadership and Operating Staff Performance

Research Aim: The current study proposes to analyze the relationship between Operating Room leadership using the variables of emotional intelligence and collaboration to assess the staff performance which would be measured recovery numbers. The relationship is also examined through the mediating role of leadership principles. The data will be collected and analyzed using quantitative research techniques.

Topic 5: The Role of Transformational Leadership as a Mediating Varibale in DeLone and McLean Information Success Model

Research Aim: The research will use the DeLone and McLean Information Success Model to analyze if productivity software implemented in an organization has improved its performance. However, the research proposes to modify the model in order to includes transformational leadership as a mediating factors in the IS success model. The research will be quantitative in nature.


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Organizational Culture and International Business Dissertation Topics

Organizational culture shapes the work ethic and helps in defining a professional image of any organization in international business. Therefore, culture of organizations can prove to be a discriminating factor when it comes to the professional approach of any organization. The following topics are much emphasized in recent research papers, and therefore any these can be selected as a dissertation topic for students who are looking to undertake research studies under the field organizational culture and international business;

Topic 1: The Impact of Organizational Culture of Collaborative Networks Influence on IT Governance Performance in Large Enterprises

Research Aim: The research proposes to explore the influence of organizational culture of collaborative networks on IT governance performance. The study proposes to use a case study to analyze a large complex companies that is known to have several networks. The purpose of the research is to identify if there is a desire for organizational cultural which can be used to effective use of IT in the firm. The research will be conducted using mixed methods research.

Topic 2: Analyzing the Relationship between Supervisor’s Job insecurity and Subordinates’ Work Engagement

Research Aim: The purpose of this research is two-fold by analyzing the relationship between supervisor’s job insecurity and subordinates’ work engagement using a mediator and a moderator. The research will first examine the mediating role of subordinate’s pro-social voice between supervisor job insecurity and subordinates’ work engagement. Next, the research will examine the moderating role of organizational culture between supervisor’s job insecurity and sub-ordinates’ pro-social voice. The research will be conducted through quantitative techniques.

Topic 3: Analyzing the Impact of Individual Perception of Organizational Culture on the Learning Transfer Environment

Research Aim: The research will be conducted empirically in order to assess the relationship between culture (as perceived by employees) and the work environment related learning factors (i.e. learning transfer environment [LTE]) in the organization. LTE is to be measured using factors of feedback and coaching received, resistance or openness to chance, personal outcomes, and supervisor and peer support.

Topic 4: The Role of Organizational Culture on Development of Psychological Distress in the Workplace

Research Aim: The purpose of the study is to analyze the extent to which organizational culture may cause the symptoms of psychological distress in the workforce. The study uses organizational culture and work organization conditions as base factors of culture in order to relate them to psychological distress in employees. The research proposed will be conducted using quantitative research techniques.

Topic 5: Analyzing the Role of Leadership and Organizational Culture

Research Aim: The research will examine the relationship between organizational culture, leadership and employee outcomes. The paper will focus its attention on the mediator of leadership processes and its impact on the relationship between culture and employee outcomes. The study will be conducted using quantitative research techniques.

Topic 6: The Role and Relationships among Strategic Orientations, Cultural Intelligence, International Diversification and Performance of Organizations

Research Aim: The research looks to understand the drivers of international expansion by globalized firms. The research looks to explore the relationship between strategic orientations and cultural intelligence as divers, while international diversification and firm performance will be used as outcomes. Factors of strategic orientations that are used in the study include international market orientation (IMO) and entrepreneurial orientation (IEO). The study will be conducted using quantitative research techniques.

Topic 7: Dynamics of Corruption Culture Distance to Core Values

Research Aim: The research will examine how corporate bribery is impact by cultural distance between multinational enterprises (MNEs) in their home and host countries. The research will also analyze the organizational distance to core value between MNE’s mode of entry into host country and their headquarters. The research will use empirical data collection and analysis techniques.

Topic 8: Examining Organizational Export Performance by International Business Competencies

Research Aim: The study aims to explore the relationships between international business competencies and export performance. The study also looks to analyze the impact on export performance by singular analysis or combine analysis of the competences. The research will be conducted using empirical data.

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How to Structure Your Psychology Dissertation

  • Title Page
  • Declaration
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abstract/Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Findings and Analysis
  • Discussion and Conclusion
  • Recommendations
  • References
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

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