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Tort Law Dissertation Topics & Ideas

Published by at December 29th, 2022 , Revised On May 13, 2024

Tort law defines what constitutes legal damage. This field of law is noteworthy because it describes the conditions under which someone may be held liable for the harm caused to a third party by their deliberate or negligent actions. Tort law encompasses a variety of topics, including different types of recklessness and trespass to both land and persons, making it a potentially broad field of study for a law dissertation.

As tort law is a complex area of law, it may be helpful to you to consider the following tort law dissertation topic ideas when drafting your write-up:

Tort Law Dissertation Topics Ideas

  1. Reform of the cohabitation laws is long needed. The law for ending a relationship is unclear, outdated, and unjust. Discuss
  2. A critical evaluation of policy and predictability’s role in establishing a duty of care
  3. A critique of the laws governing the recovery of financial losses in tort claims
  4. Compared to the United States of America, how much of the statement that there is still a rising compensation culture in England and Wales is true?
  5. Where does the loss of a chance in England and Wales stand in the light of the House of Lords ruling in Gregg v. Scott?
  6. How much of Bolam v. Friern Hospital Management Committee’s ruling remains the benchmark for determining reasonable care in professional negligence situations?
  7. Male Victims of Domestic Violence: The Law’s Reaction to the Ultimate Taboo
  8. Matrimonial Cause Act of 1973: Appealing Divorce Law Decisions: Ancillary Relief and Fairness Principles
  9. Child Welfare and Child Labor: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention
  10. Laws governing the ability of the state to intervene and child protection
  11. A review of English and Welsh legal precedent that restricts what can be recovered when mental harm of any kind is established
  12. The effect of Chester v. Afshar, a judgement by the House of Lords, on the law of informed consent in medical malpractice cases
  13. Why may the acknowledgement of tortious responsibility be viewed as going too far with the duty of care given to children?
  14. Examining the requirement to take policy factors into account in tort cases
  15. An evaluation of the need for rule modification to establish causation in the case that numerous, successive causes caused the claimant’s loss
  16. The legislation governing cohabitation has to be changed. The current legal system for ending a relationship is archaic, unclear, and unjust. Elaborate
  1. Concentrating on their rights and obligations, weigh the arguments for and against legislation making civil marriage more accessible to same-sex couples
  2. Under the UK Matrimonial Cause Act of 1973, divorce decisions may be appealed using ancillary relief and the principles of justice.
  3. The Effects of Domestic Violence on Male Victims: The Law’s Response to the Absolute No-No
  4. The laws governing child protection and the state’s ability to intervene
  5. Making Fairness a Priority: In the event of a divorce, the division of finances
  6. The rights and interests of the resident parent appear to outweigh those of the minor. Discuss
  7. Which party benefits most from the current defamation law: the claimants or the defendants?
  8. Examine the conclusions critically and consider the ramifications paying special attention to the police’s fiduciary obligations
  9. In tort law, judges act as effective policymakers, filling a void left by the Parliament. Discuss
  10. Identifying the fundamental and enhanced damages brought on by wrongful imprisonment. Can a substantial distinction be made?
  11. The causality in the medical malpractice reports isn’t only complicated and unclear. Discuss
  12. There is “barely… any place for the constraints on the freedom of expression” when there is a public interest. Elaborate
  13. The municipal authorities’ vicarious responsibility has somehow gotten out of hand. Discuss
  14. The legal structure of the negligence cases and the illegality concept
  15. A worldwide review of the expanding compensation culture shows that where there is guilt, there is a claim
  16. How should the quality of care for each American citizen be evaluated in light of their rights?
  17. Children are entitled to care. Taking it too far?
  18. Analyse the arguments favouring and against legislation making same-sex relationships eligible for a civil union
  19. Data Breaches and Tort Law
  20. The Expanding Scope of Duty of Care in the Digital Age.
  21. Can We Strike a Balance Between Free Speech and Reputation?
  22. When Can Drones Be Used for Surveillance? Do they violate public interest and provide privacy? 
  23. Who is liable for e-scooter injuries 
  24. Protecting Workers Through Tort Law
  25. The Commercialisation of Genetics and Tort Law

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