Dissertation Topics on Facial Recognition

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June 20, 2018
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July 5, 2018

Dissertation Topics on Facial Recognition

facial recognition dissertation topics


Facial recognition system refers to the technology capable of identifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. There are various methods through which facial recognition systems would operate; however, generally they work by comparing facial features from the given image with faces in a database. Previously facial recognition technology was developed as a computer application program, however, now it is more prevalent with different mobile platforms, and is also utilized in other different forms of technology such as robotics.

Facial recognition system is more commonly employed as a security mechanism and can be compared to biometric systems such as fingerprint and eye recognition technology. A more recent use of this technology is in the mobile world, where latest mobile phone models have a built-in face recognition application. Through this technology, users can easily unlock their mobile phones without having to enter their password. Once the systems recognizes their face, their device is unlocked. In order to explore the world of this revolutionary technology, here are a few basic dissertation topics on facial recognition:

An Introduction to Facial Recognition Technology

Research Aim: Facial Recognition technology is a biometric software that maps the facial features of an individual mathematically and stores them as data of a face print. With the help of deep learning algorithms, the software recognizes and stores whether the image is a live capture or a digital image. Whenever, an individual utilizes the software, the face is verified through the stored images in the system. If it matches the stored image, the individual is granted access. This dissertation will focus on the basics of facial recognition technology. The software will be discussed in detail and the various characteristics of the system, how it works, features it encompasses, uses and benefits of the system including the drawbacks will be discussed in this research. In short, this research will be a complete guide regarding facial recognition technology.

How do Facial Recognition Systems Work?

Research Aim: With each passing day, new technologies are being developed. To keep up with the latest trends and technologies, and to make the most of it, it is extremely important that we know how a certain technology or software functions. Facial recognition systems run on algorithms. They map a particular device, photo, ID against a person with respect to its facial features. Thus, the next time a similar image appears on the software, the face is recognized and the user is granted access. However, the whole system is not as easy as it sounds. This research will delve deep into how the software works through algorithms and what aspects are considered by the system.

Exploring High Performance Face Detection Methods

Research Aim: Facial Recognition Technology utilizes different methods to capture and store images. These images are stored in the system for future use, and when a user utilizes the technology, the image is matched with the ones stored in the system. If it matches, and when the system recognizes the image, the user is granted access. The whole process includes three different methods for storing images as data. The first method is preprocessing, the second is feature extraction and the third is classification. Based on the technology, the system and its utilization, the best method is chosen. This research will explore all these three methods in detail and will help in understanding as to which method is chosen under which circumstance. All three methods may also be used by the software for storing one image. Thus, all the details along with nitty-gritties will be discussed in this dissertation.

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Facial Recognition Technology in Surveillance: How Effective is it?

Research Aim: With the increasing trend of utilizing facial recognition technology in our everyday lives, the use of this technology has increased in the surveillance industry. A lot of companies now depend on facial recognition technology to enhance their organization’s safety. In addition to this, the use of this technology has also increased in homes where people have deployed facial recognition in order to make their home more safe and secure. This research will explore in depth how effective is facial recognition in the surveillance industry. The study will include certain specific examples where facial recognition is being used for surveillance and will then evaluate as to how effective it has been.

Facial Recognition Algorithms: An Overview

Research Aim: The facial recognition technology relies on the use of algorithms. Without algorithms, the system cannot function. Thus, in order to understand the system, it is extremely important that the algorithms are understood. This research will focus on the algorithms that the system deploys to help understand how images are captured, stored and recognized by the system in order to grant access to the individual. These algorithms are complex in nature, thus the research will provide basics of it, in order to make sure that the readers are able to understand the system in an easy manner.

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The Future of Facial Recognition Technology

Research Aim: Facial Recognition is one of the latest technologies today. A lot of devices utilize this technology in order to enhance security, as well as, user experience. This research will talk about how this technology has successfully helped people and companies overcome their security issues, what the future holds for this type of technology, and what are the benefits of utilizing and implementing facial recognition. A comparison will also be drawn with other security measures such as fingerprint and manual password entering systems. This research will provide a detailed analysis as to how facial recognition technology has performed as compared to other security measures, and whether or not it has been successful in terms of security. Moreover, the research will also discuss the future of this technology, as to how it can be improved, how and where it can be implemented and will also talk about the various ways through which this system can prove to be even more beneficial for its users.

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