Instagram Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topics on twitter marketing
Dissertation Topics On Twitter Marketing
July 12, 2018
effects of social media on the youth
Dissertation Topics on the Effects of Social Media on the Youth
July 13, 2018

Instagram Dissertation Topics


Instagram is a unique social media platform that allows sharing of photos and videos. People connect with each other through pictures that interest them. Millions of people use Instagram and millions of pictures are uploaded each day. These pictures are then shared and liked by the followers of an Instagram account, and in this manner companies are able to increase their customer base. Here are a few Instagram dissertation topics that will help you in understanding how this tool works, what benefits it offers and what aspects should be looked into before diving in the Instagram world.

Classifying Instagram Users’ and Evaluating their Motivations

Research Aim: Not everyone uses Instagram. The reasons may vary, but many people are not comfortable with sharing their pictures on a regular basis. This research will delve deep in order to understand the dynamics of people who use Instagram and the reason behind. A proper analysis will be conducted based on the content people share and their motivation behind it. The research will help in categorizing different Instagram users and how they use this social media tool for their benefit and convenience.

Understanding how Instagram Works and What Makes its Users Popular

Research Aim: Instagram is a unique social media platform as it only allows photo and video sharing. This dissertation will talk about how this tool works and uses of sharing pictures through Instagram. Furthermore, this research will also talk about the different types of users on Instagram. Some people use it for fun, some use it for commercial purposes, and others use it for earning fame. The third category will be the focus of this thesis i.e. how people use Instagram to get famous. The different tactics they use, the type of content they share, the following they create, etc. All of these factors combined, help users gain popularity on social media.

Investigating the Ethical Problems and Dangers of Instagram

Research Aim: As a popular social media tool, Instagram poses ethical problems, as well as, privacy dangers to its users. While sharing pictures, users are unaware of the fact who is viewing them (people other than their network), and how these pictures can be saved or downloaded and shared elsewhere leading to copyright issues. This research will talk about the privacy concerns that surround Instagram and how the company can overcome them. Moreover, the ethical aspect of this social media tool will also be investigated in order to understand if the business runs ethically, or if there are any flaws in the business model. Issues such as censorship, control of individual lives and business through the platform, and other ethical issues will be investigated in order to conclude whether or not the platform runs ethically.

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The Use of Instagram in Supporting or Ending Global Campaigns

Research Aim: Social media, today, possesses a lot of power. Campaigns that are initiated on social media do not end without a result. With all social media tools playing their part, Instagram is a bit above others. The tool, with a huge number of users, possesses the power to either start a global campaign, support it or end it. With a lot of influential people using the platform, it becomes even more result driven and we see a lot of campaigns being initiated or suspended. This research will talk about the power that Instagram possesses and how its users utilize the platform to help support global issues.

Instagram – Can Users make Money out of it?

Research Aim: You must have heard from a lot of people that they earn their living through Instagram. This research will talk about this specific aspect as to how people use this tool as their source of income. This thesis will focus on the economics of Instagram as to how this social media tool is used by people for monetary benefits, the different business models that rely mostly on Instagram, and the study will also talk about new and innovative ways through which users can earn a living by utilizing this platform.

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