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Physical Education Dissertation Topics

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Due to the growing importance of physical education, a majority of educational institutions have introduced physical education as a subject that students can choose as their major for their graduation. However, what comes with it is submitting a dissertation to complete your degree.

As a student of physical education, you might be in limbo as to which topic you should choose for your dissertation that is unique as well as relevant. After all, your future is dependent on it. Choosing the right dissertation topic is the first step toward writing a powerful dissertation that is accepted by your professors.

When choosing a physical education dissertation topic, you need to keep in mind that the topic is current, unique and adds value to what you have learned. To help you with the process of choosing the right topic, here’s a list of physical education dissertation topics.

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2022 Physical Education Dissertation Topics

Research Aim: The present study aims to investigate the impacts of improving physical education in schools for developing children’s confidence, endurance, and quick integration capability.


  • To analyse the importance of physical education in schools for proper growth of children.
  • To examine how advanced physical education in schools helps children to develop their confidence, endurance, and quick integration capacity.
  • To recommend what can be involved in physical education for improvement that may help developing confidence, endurance, and quick integration capacity of children.

Research Aim: The present study aims to explain different types of fine motor activities that help to address various health issues as this study will specifically focus on the autistic child in the UK.


  • To share comprehensive knowledge about different types of fine motor activities.
  • To explain the benefits of practicing fine motor activities in addressing different health issues referring to the problem of autism in children in the UK.
  • To provide a set of recommendations for the advancement of fine motor activities to address the health problem of autistic children in the UK.

Research Aim: The present study aims to explicate the significance of integrating physical education in the Montessori curriculum in the UK.


  • To explain the benefits of physical education in school for the growth of students.
  • To comprehend the importance of integrating physical education in the Montessori curriculum in the UK.
  • To share ideas about how physical education can be integrated and practiced in the Montessori curriculum in the UK.

Research Aim: The present study aims to explicate the usefulness of heath rate monitors and health tracking that support the practices of advanced physical education.


  • To describe the usefulness of health rate monitors and health tracking equipment.
  • To interpret the role of health monitors and health tracking to support improved practices in physical education.
  • To recommend strategies about how health rate monitors and health tracking can be used to get the best possible results in physical education.

Research Aim: The present study aims to explore the increasing trend of computer-based fitness program in the UK and the study will focus on the changing behaviour of people during the lockdown.


  • To explain the effectiveness of computer-based fitness programs and their health benefits.
  • To examine how computer-based fitness programs are being an increasing trend and popular during the lockdown.
  • To suggest strategies for advancement computer-based fitness programs that can help addressing changing behaviour of people during the lockdown.

Physical Education Dissertation Topics

Research Aim: The main aim of this research will be to compare the traditional physical education programs and the ones in place today. The research will start by talking about the traditional physical education programs and then introduce the ones that are being practised today. It will then move towards comparing programs one by one. The research will use a secondary data collection method and will analyze already published data and conclude as to which physical education is better.

Research Aim: This research will aim to explore the impact of physical education on mental health. There is a lot of evidence that physical education has a positive impact on the mental health of individuals, and this research will aim to assess the impact of the same. Existing researches will be analyzed in order to do an in-depth study into the impact of physical education on mental health.

Research Aim: Physical Education classes have been a part of the academic system for years now; however, the understanding and concept of this education is changing. More and more institutions are now emphasizing these classes and promoting physical education amongst students. This research will explore student behaviour and engagement in physical education classes and will suggest effective ways to enhance and increase engagement.

Research Aim: The main aim of this research will be to understand how physical education programs should be planned in order to produce results that are effective for students. The study will assess currently planned programs in order to evaluate how these should be changed for the better and how they can help produce effective results.

Research Aim: The role of teachers always plays an important role in academics. This research will explore how important teachers are in physical education in enhancing students’ engagement towards exercise. Given the benefits of physical education, it is essential for teachers to make sure that the right strategies are devised to drive students’ engagement, and the same will be assessed and analyzed in this research. The study will also provide effective strategies that teachers should implement in order to produce effective results from student engagement.

Research Aim: A lot is argued about the physical education curriculum and that lessons should differ for males and females. This research will deep dive into the different lessons that are offered, and based on the analysis, the research will conclude if lessons should differ for males and females. The study will be based on secondary data.

Research Aim: It is believed that physical education classes promote a healthy lifestyle; however, there is no authentic evidence. This research will aim to prove whether physical education promotes a healthy lifestyle or not. In either case, the research will analyze the impact of physical education on individuals’ lifestyles and how it helps them improve their way of living.

Research Aim: Just like other forms of education, physical education and technology integrate well together. With the help of technology, physical education is offered using various aids, for example, visual aids, online classes, examples videos available online and much more. This research will assess how well physical education is offered with the help of technology and how it helps individuals gain access to effective lessons.

Research Aim: Online physical education classes have emerged popular in the past year. With the major reason being the pandemic, virtual classes have opened a new avenue for physical education classes. This research will aim to assess how effective virtual physical education classes have been and how they have helped in enhancing students’ engagement and interest in these classes.

Research Aim: Just like all other classes hold students responsible and accountable for their learning, physical education should also follow the same pattern. While a lot of people argue against this, this research will weigh both sides. It will discuss and assess the pros and cons of holding students accountable for their physical education and will also talk about how students respond to accountability in these classes.

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Research Aim: This research will discuss the various strategies that are needed for devising physical education lessons for different classes. The study will talk about how different grades require a different level of physical education and will then present useful strategies that teachers can devise according to the grade and students’ age.

Research Aim: Usually, physical education is not a part of universities’ curriculum. It is found in schools’ curriculum or colleges, at best. This research will argue whether physical education should be introduced in all universities or not. It will present arguments for both sides, and based on the debate, the study will conclude as to whether introducing physical education in all universities’ curriculum is feasible or not.

Research Aim: Just like the regular subject teachers, physical education teachers also have their own style, and each teacher is different from the other. This research will talk about the set of characteristics and traits that a physical education teacher should possess in order to produce results. The study will also assess the impact of different teaching styles on students to give an in-depth idea as to which style is effective and should be adopted.

Research Aim: Physical education comes with its own set of challenges. Not all students are interested in taking these classes; some of them are irregular, some do not respond well, and others do not take instructions seriously. On the flip side, there are challenges related to the instructors as well. This research will discuss challenges on both sides of the coin and will suggest how these challenges can be handled effectively.

Research Aim: Physical education is often linked to mental health. A lot of people argue that physical education is essential for people seeking help for their mental health. Thus, this research will go a step ahead and will aim to understand the relationship between counselling and physical education. It will aim to conduct interviews with people who are attending counselling sessions as well as physical education lessons to improve their mental health.

Research Aim: A common misconception is that physical education is all about exercise and sport. This research will aim to bust this myth and wil l show how diet and overall health (mental and physical) are linked to physical education. The study will talk about how the three go hand-in-hand, and that one leads to another.

Research Aim: While physical education does improve an individual’s wellbeing, but does it enhance a student’s academic career as well? This research will aim to understand the same. This thesis will explore how physical education can or cannot help a student achieve his/her academic goals.

Research Aim: Physical education builds character and develops an individual’s personality, as well. This research will analyze the same and understand how physical education helps in personality development and why educational institutions emphasize and include physical education in their curriculum. The study will assess students who are a part of physical education lessons versus students who are only involved in academics and will then compare the results.

Research Aim: Physical education should be introduced early in a student’s academic life. This is argued by a lot of physical education proponents. This research will study this claim and find out how effective it is for the students to be introduced to physical education early in their academic life.

Research Aim: Not many people favour physical education as a subject in schools and colleges. This research will aim to compare the benefits and challenges of physical education lessons by discussing the pros and cons. It will then conclude whether physical education is beneficial for students or not.

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