International Relations Dissertation Topics

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June 20, 2018
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June 21, 2018

International Relations Dissertation Topics

International Law Flags of Nations


International relations studies the relationships between different countries, economies, regions, and governments whilst taking into consideration the importance of trade, economic relations, foreign policies, international security, and diplomacy. International relations does not focus on a single country, but discusses the events in a manner as to how a particular event or incident has effected countries in the region. Thus, it is extremely important for each country to make sure that their international and economic relations with other countries are developed and maintained on the terms that would benefit all parties involved.

International relations is a subject extremely necessary to understand the recent events that are taking place and the impact of such events on different countries. Be it world war, oil crisis, 9/11, Brexit, or any other major event, international relations studies them in detail and provides insight as to how it will affect other countries. Studying international relations helps in understanding how the world operates, how countries connect with each other, and how they are impacted with the policy changes that take place in another country or when a major incident occurs.

As a student, studying international relations is interesting, as well as, challenging, you need to be aware of all the recent incidents and events, and what impact it has left on the world. International relations is an extremely vast subject, and includes a number of topics and events within it. When handed over your dissertation project, you might be confused as to which topic should be selected. Here are a few international relations dissertation topics to help you choose the best for your thesis:

9/11: How has it Shaped International Trade between the West and the Arab Countries?

Research Aim: There is no doubt that 9/11 is one of the major incidents that shook the entire world. An attack on the twin towers killed hundreds and left thousands injured. Loss of lives, property and money were not the only losses that occurred as a result of this incident. 9/11 caused havoc, and the United States had shut international relations with a lot of countries. With Al-Qaeda accepting the responsibility of the attack, the American government cut ties with a lot of country it deemed responsible for funding the terrorist organization. The country initiated war on terror shortly after the incident; however, the effects were experienced worldwide. This dissertation will focus on how trade was affected post 9/11 and how the US ties were affected with the Arab world.

China’s Growth as the Superpower: Is the US threatened?

Research Aim: China is the next superpower, there is no second thought about it. However, the growth of this economic giant has left huge marks in the international world and market. With America being the superpower since ages, the country is now threatened with China’s economic progress. The two countries may have good terms on the surface; however, they are competing with each other on a whole new level in the international market. This research will talk about China’s progress, as to how the country has evolved as a superpower, and how it poses a threat to the United States of America. All aspects including trade, policy framing etc. will be discussed in order to provide a detailed analysis.

Does Britain’s foreign policy influence the rest of the Europe?

Research Aim: European Union is dominated by the Great Britain. Policies, tariffs, currency, trade, international business etc. are designed keeping in mind the United Kingdom. This research will discuss in detail as to what extent is the European Union dominated by the Great Britain. Each and every country can draft policies considering its economic position and ties with other countries, however, the European Union has to consider the Great Britain while formulating foreign policy. The dissertation will talk in detail as to why this happens, and how do European countries draft their foreign policy taking into consideration the United Kingdom.

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Exploring the Causes of Conflicts between the African Nations and their Relationship with the West

Research Aim: African countries have suffered a lot. Some countries are poor and do not have enough resources to provide facilities to the people of the country, while the rest do not enjoy healthy political relations with the rest of the world. A lot of the African countries have different policies as compared to the Western world, which is why, conflicts arise. Moreover, racial discrimination is another major factor why the two regions have never shared healthy relations with each other. This research will investigate the underlying reasons of conflicts between the African and the Western world and how the gap between them can be bridged.

Is Africa a Concern for the Western World?

Research Aim: A few African nations are rich in natural elements and resources. Considering this, other regions and countries have always tried to take advantage of them. All trades require a proper foreign policy to be followed and it is only through international trade law that such businesses can take place. Considering these aspects, the Western world has always dominated the African nations, and have barely given them their right. This thesis will explore all aspects due to which African nations are considered as problematic nations in the world. Also, a lot of aspects relating to the African nations will be cleared in this dissertation.

Russia and the Western World: A look into History

Research Aim: The relations between Russia and the Western world, specifically the US are known by all. The cold war that took place, and the aftermath of the war will all be discussed in the dissertation. A lot of history and international relations experts believe that the cold war has not ended, and is going on till date. This notion will be researched, discussed and analyzed as well in the paper in order to provide a complete insight to the readers regarding the current situation. However, a major part of the thesis will focus on the history of these countries and the events that took place.

China’s Economic Growth – The affects and Consequences on the World

Research Aim: China is taking over the world – this is a fact. Whether a country or a nation accepts it or not, China is slowly making its way to become the superpower. Be it technology, daily products, banking and financial services or any other thing, China has outclassed all other countries of the world. Considering the progress of China, it is extremely important that all other countries accept the fact that China is overtaking other nations. However, there are adverse consequences as well. A lot of nations do not accept China as the next superpower, and are ready to fight for it. A huge example is the United States who is currently the superpower and is not ready to lose its place to China. This research will talk about the impact China has created with its products and services and what are the consequences of the country becoming economically strong.

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The Role of United Nations in Resolving the Arab-Israel Conflict

Research Aim: The Arab-Israel Conflict is an extremely old battle. The war had its own reasons due to which it initiated and is going on till date. However, the stance of the Arab countries has not changed. The Arab world does not accept Israel as a state, instead it has been termed as a terrorist funding state. Moreover, the Israel-Palestine conflict has added fuel to fire. A lot of countries, till now, are now not ready to accept Israel. This research will talk about the conflict, and how agencies such as United Nations have played their part in bridging the gap between the two conflicted regions.

Understanding Aspects of EU and its Effects on International Relations

Research Aim: European Union is an extremely important region in terms of trade, business, political relations etc. Thus, the region has huge impacts on the international relations of the world. This thesis will talk about the different factors and aspects that are related to international relations, as to how they should be considered by the rest of the world, and how other nations should work on their policies and frameworks in order to develop healthy relations with each other.

Assessing the Role of United Nations as a Law Enforcement Agency

Research Aim: United Nations is an agency that formed with the aim to help countries and regions resolve conflicts between them. Issues such as Kashmir (India-Pakistan), Israel-Palestine, etc. have to be solved by the United Nations. There is a complete framework through which the agency works. Votes are collected from the members regarding a particular issue and then a decision or a statement is issued over a conflict. This research will assess the role of United Nations in resolving conflicts, and how successful or unsuccessful the law enforcement agency has been in resolving world conflicts.

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