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Ecology Dissertation Research Topics

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A unique dissertation topic is necessary for students to make a mark in their fields of study. This blog post provides several ecology dissertation topics for your consideration if you are about to start your ecology dissertation work. The issues presented in this post when researched in depth will help you enhance your knowledge regarding the ecological system of the earth. These topics will also give you an idea about how to protect the earth and its environment.

An ecology dissertation is something relevant to the modern world, which can help evaluate the impact of the contemporary world upon nature and help us understand how to balance the human-nature bond. Without further ado, here is our selection of ecology dissertation topics and ecology research topics.

  • Topic 1: Impact of Soil Pollution: An Ecological Disaster
  • Topic 2: Greenhouse: An Advancement towards Environment Protection
  • Topic 3: Tree Plantation on World Environment Day: A step to Protect the Earth
  • Topic 4: Smog: An Impact on the Environment
  • Topic 5: Nature: The Mother of Invention is at Stake
  • Topic 6: Agricultural Growth in the UK: A part of Protecting Nature
  • Topic 7: The Impact of Acid Rain on Aquatic Life
  • Topic 8: Rainwater Harvesting: A Culture of the East
  • Topic 9: Modern Technology Protects the Environment: A Step to Produce Harmless Waste.
  • Topic 10: A Workshop on ‘Art of living’ for Students: An Education on Eco-Friendly Attitude
  • Topic 11: The War of the Modern World: Man vs Nature
  • Topic 12: Afforestation: A Growing Need for Nature
  • Topic 13: Nature Conservation in Metropolitan Cities
  • Topic 14: The Harmful Impact of Pesticides on Nature and Human beings

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2022 Ecology Research Topics and Dissertation Topics 

Research Aim: This research intends to find the impact of urban biodiversity on a city’s economic growth and sustainability. It will show how urban biodiversity affects various economic growth and sustainability metrics (employment levels, carbon emissions, air quality index, population growth, infrastructure development, etc.) of tropical cities in Indonesia. Moreover, it will show how urban authorities in Indonesia maintain biodiversity and take advantage of it. Lastly, it will recommend learning from Indonesia to increase their urban biodiversity and sustainability.

Research Aim: This research aims to find the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain technology in developing ecologically sustainable cities in China. It will discover how these technologies can reduce urban environmental problems such as flooding, climate change, drinking water supply, energy supply, drainage, waste disposal, etc. Moreover, it will assess how China uses these technologies to reduce its urban ecological problems and how they can proceed?

Research Aim: This study analyzes the impact of increased urban transport infrastructure on the ecological ecosystem of cities in developing countries. It will show how an increase in public and private vehicles affected the ecology of various cities in developing countries, such as their carbon emission levels, increase in population, increase in urban waste, traffic congestion, etc. It will show how developing countries deal with this problem and adjust their urban transport infrastructure to prevent urban ecological issues.

Research Aim: This research aims to find the impact of green infrastructure investments on economic development in Sub-Sharan Africa. It will show how public and private investments in green infrastructure projects, research and development (R&D), green marketing, etc., affect economic development metrics such as human development index (HDI), life expectancy, income levels, population growth, etc. It will show how far Sub-Sharan African countries have progressed in green infrastructure development? And how can they proceed further with the help of developed countries and other international institutions in increasing green infrastructure investments to increase economic development?

Research Aim: This study sheds light on the evolution of microorganisms and their socio-economic implications for humankind. It will explore the changes in the microorganisms over time and their effects on society in the form of new diseases, health hazards, reduction in population and income levels. It will show how various civilizations faced microorganisms induced socio-economic catastrophes? What did they do to save themselves from these microorganisms-induced socio-economic catastrophes? And what can be its modern implications? How can current states deal with these microorganisms-induced socio-economic disasters with advancement in medical science and increased wealth?

Ecology Research Topics

Research Aim: This research aims to determine the impact of soil pollution, which hampers the entire ecological system. Man-created pollutants harm the soil, and in this modern era, the rate of increasing soil pollution is on the way to destroying the environmental system. The research is done to trace the reasons for pollutions and provide recommendations for them.

Research Aim: This research aims to evaluate the advanced use of greenhouses in protecting the environment. The greenhouse is up with the productivity of corps. The greenhouses protect plants from excess heat and cold and also from hazardous pests.

Research Aim: This dissertation paper intends to find out the impact of tree plantation on World Environment Day in 5 different countries. The rate of tree plantation will also be measured.

Research Aim: This research has the goal to evaluate the impact of smog pollution on the environment. Smog is the mixture of smoke and fog that consumes many pollutants that pollute the air, and the result is environmental pollution.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to analyze the impact of different kinds of pollution on the mother of invention, nature. Air, water, soil pollutions are the reasons which harm the environment. Due to this pollution, the mother of invention is in danger.

Research Aim: The focus of this research paper is to evaluate agricultural growth in the UK. The aim is to find out how the UK is protecting its environment by supporting agricultural development. Productivity not only saves nature but also profits the UK economically.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to trace the impact of acid rain on aquatic life. It includes both plants and marine animals. The harmful effect of acid rain kills a million lives in water. This research’s objective is to find out some measures to save them.

Research Aim: This dissertation focuses on how rainwater harvesting is done in Eastern culture. This initiative is an excellent step in the eastern countries, which saves the water and utilizes the rainwater by keeping it for the entire season.

Research Aim: The objective of this dissertation is to seek out the ways through which modern technology is producing harmless waste to protect nature. This unusual step can decrease water, soil, and air pollution and save the earth by creating a harmless environment.

Research Aim: This research paper focuses on the education of students in diverse areas of the world. The importance of the workshop on ‘art of living is also a topic of evaluation.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to show the impact of the war on the modern world, that is, man vs. nature. Technology and current invention have led the entire human species to believe that they are the creator, forgetting the mother of the invention of nature. This created an adverse impact on both humans and nature.

Research Aim: This dissertation focuses on evaluating the growing need of nature that is afforestation. The modern world cut down forests for its own benefit. This disbalances the entire ecosystem. Hence, the increasing demand of nature towards afforestation.

Research Aim: The dissertation focuses on the importance of nature conservation in metropolitan cities. Due to cutting down trees, the metropolitan cities are suffering from an insufficiency of pure air. Tree plantation is essential in those cities to save the environment.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to evaluate the harmful impacts of pesticides on both nature and humans. Pesticides pollute soil, and the poisonous effect of it on plants harm both plant and human.

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