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Computer Networking Dissertation Topics

Published by at January 5th, 2023 , Revised On May 16, 2024

A dissertation is an essential aspect of completing your degree program. Whether you are pursuing your master’s or are enrolled in a PhD program, you will not be awarded a degree without successfully submitting a thesis. To ensure that your thesis is submitted successfully without any hindrances, you should first get your topic and dissertation outline approved by your professor. When approving, supervisors focus on a lot of aspects.

However, relevance, recency, and conciseness play a huge role in accepting or rejecting your topic.

As a computer networking student, you have a variety of networking topics to choose from. With the field evolving with each passing day, you must ensure that your thesis covers recent computer networking topics and explores a relevant problem or issue. To help you choose the right topic for your dissertation, here is a list of recent and relevant computer networking dissertation topics.

  1. Machine learning for proactive network anomaly detection 
  2. The role of software-defined-networking (SDN) for network performance and security 
  3. Applications and challenges of 6G technologies 
  4. How to ensure fairness and efficiency in Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC)
  5. Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks in the Age of Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks
  6. Applications and rise of Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs)
  7. Efficient Resource Allocation and Quality-of-Service (QoS) Management
  8. Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Network Management
  9. The best ways to use Blockchain for Tamper-Proof Evidence Collection and Storage
  10. Role of Network Operators in Cloud Gaming

Computer Networking Dissertation Topics For Your Research

Research Aim: The research aims to evaluate the network security issues associated with M2M communication in IoT.


  • To evaluate the factors affecting the network security of IoT devices.
  • To determine the methods for increasing data integrity in M2M communication against physical tampering and unauthorised monitoring.
  • To evaluate the network security issues associated with M2M communication in IoT and offer suitable recommendations for improvement.

Research Aim: The aim of the research is to analyse the cybersecurity challenges in public clouds and the appropriate intrusion detection mechanisms.


  • To analyse the types of cybersecurity threats impacting public clouds.
  • To determine some of the competent intrusion detection techniques that can be used in cloud computing.
  • To investigate the cybersecurity challenges in public clouds and offer mitigating with appropriate intrusion detection techniques.

Research Aim: The research aims to investigate the impact of SaaS cloud ERP on the scalability and cost-effectiveness of business.


  • To analyse the benefits of SaaS ERP over traditional ERP.
  • To evaluate the characteristics of SaaS architecture in cloud computing and determine its varieties.
  • To investigate how SaaS cloud ERP impacts business scalability and cost-effectiveness.

Research Aim: The research aims to evaluate the requirements of cloud repatriation in organisations and the associated challenges


  • To analyse the key factors of cloud repatriation.
  • To determine the challenges associated with cloud repatriation from public clouds.
  • To evaluate the need for cloud repatriation in organisations and the associated complexities

Research Aim: The research aims to investigate the security mechanisms in decentralised networks and the ways of enhancing system robustness.


  • To analyse the concept of decentralised networks and understand their difference from centralised networks.
  • To analyse the security mechanisms in decentralised networks to determine how it offers visibility and traceability.
  • To investigate the security mechanisms in decentralised networks and how system robustness can be increased for better privacy and security.

Latest Computer Networking Dissertation Topics

Research Aim: Even though computer networking has been practised for a few years now, its importance has increased immensely over the past two years. A few main reasons include the use of technology by almost every business and the aim to offer customers an easy and convenient shopping experience. The main aim of this research will be to explain the concepts of computer networking, its benefits, and its importance in the current era. The research will also discuss how computer networking has helped businesses and individuals perform their work and benefit from it. The research will then specifically state examples where computer networking has brought positive changes and helped people achieve what they want.

Research Aim: Wireless networks are crucial in computer networking. They help build networks seamlessly, and once the networks are set up on a wireless network, it becomes extremely easy for the business to perform its daily activities. This research will investigate all about wireless networks in a business setting. It will first introduce the various wireless networks that can be utilised by a business and will then talk about how these networks help companies build their workflow around them. The study will analyse different wireless networks used by businesses and will conclude how beneficial they are and how they are helping the business.

Research Aim: Private virtual networks (VPN) are extremely common today. These are used by businesses and individuals alike. This research aims to understand how these networks operate and how they help businesses build strong and successful systems and address the challenges of VPNs. A lot of businesses do not adopt virtual private networks due to the challenges that they bring. This research will address these challenges in a way that will help businesses implement VPNs successfully.

Research Aim: Wireless sensor networks are self-configured, infrastructure-less wireless networks to pass data. These networks are now extremely popular amongst businesses because they can solve problems in various application domains and possess the capacity to change the way work is done. This research will investigate where wireless sensor networks are implemented, how they are being used, and how they are performing. The research will also investigate how businesses implement these systems and consider factors when utilising these wireless sensor networks.

Research Aim: With the advent of technology today, computer networks are extremely prone to security attacks. A lot of networks have security systems in place. However, people with nefarious intent find one way to intrude and steal data/information. This research will address major security attacks that have impacted businesses and will aim to address this challenge. Various methods and systems will be highlighted to protect the computer networks. In addition to this, the research will also discuss various methods to respond to attacks and to keep the business network protected.

Research Aim: Cyberattacks are extremely common these days. No matter how powerful your network is, you might be a victim of phishing or hacking. The main aim of this research will be to outline how a powerful computer network can be built. Various methods to build a safe computer network that can keep data and information will be outlined, and the study will also highlight ways to prevent a cyberattack. In addition to this, the research will talk about the steps that should be taken to keep the computer network safe. The research will conclude with the best way and system to build a powerful and safe computer network.

Research Aim: There are different types of computer networks, including LAN, WAN, PAN, MAN, CAN, SAN, etc. This research will discuss all the various types of computer networks to help readers understand how all these networks work. The study will then compare the different types of networks and analyse how each of them is implemented in different settings. The dissertation will also discuss the type of computer networks that businesses should use and how they can use them for their success. The study will then conclude which computer network is the best and how it can benefit when implemented.

Research Aim: With technological advancement, today, many computer network attacks can be detected beforehand. While many techniques are utilised for detecting these attacks, the use of signatures and fast content analysis are the most popular ones. This research will explore these techniques in detail and help understand how they can detect a computer network attack and prevent it. The research will present different ways these techniques are utilised to detect an attack and help build powerful and safe computer networks. The research will then conclude how helpful these two techniques are and whether businesses should implement them.

Research Aim: Wireless network technologies are utilised by several industries. Their uses and benefits have helped businesses resolve many business problems and assisted them in conducting their daily activities without any hindrance. This networking topic will help explore how wireless network technologies work and will talk about their benefits. This research aims to find out how wireless technologies help businesses carry out their daily routine tasks effortlessly. For this research, the focus will be on the healthcare industry. The study will investigate how wireless network technology has helped the healthcare sector and how it has benefited them to perform their daily tasks without much effort.

Research Aim: Communication is an essential aspect of every business. Employees need to communicate effectively to keep the business going. In the absence of effective communication, businesses suffer a lot as the departments are not synchronised, and the operations are haphazard. This research will explore the different ways through which network technologies help conduct smooth and effective communication within organisations. This research will conclude how wireless networks have helped businesses build effective communication systems within their organisation and how they have benefited from it. It will then conclude how businesses have improved and solved major business problems with the help of these systems.

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