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March 28, 2016
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Science Dissertation Topics


Dissertation in science course plays a vital role in the overall learning and understanding of the subject. The pinnacle of this degree course is its research in which the student is able to test his or her own understanding of science by applying the already existing knowledge to elucidate problems by going into the very basics of it.  In this article, various topics regarding biomedical science have been provided to assist you in the preparation of your dissertation. These topics belong to various branches of biomedical science such as pharmacology, study of diseases, public health and so on.  Recent research studies in the field of science can prove to be very helpful to you because they the current trends and contribute towards improvement.

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Pharmacology Dissertation Topics

Pharmacology is a study of chemical agents that can either be found in nature or produced synthetically. It involves studying of a substance at molecular level to see what effects it has on a certain biological arrangement. It goes into the very basic units to understand the mechanism and behavior of the concerned chemical substance. These substances are to be used as medicinal drugs by humans and animals, and therefore their study becomes a very sensitive issue. Below is a list of research topics in this area of science. You can base your dissertation on any one of these.

  1. An analysis of current practice rules and pharmacology of various antidepressants.
  2. Establishment of British Pharmacological Society and its evolution over time.
  3. Shortcomings in cancer research pose threat to the development of cancer drugs in UK.
  4. Study of recent trends in behavioral pharmacology in United Kingdom.
  5. Predicating future of clinical pharmacology by analyzing its current status in UK.
  6. An analysis of difficulties faced in teaching integrative pharmacology and physiology.

Public Health Dissertation Topics

The study of public health science involves efforts to preclude and eliminate diseases, extend life span and help people to lead a healthy life by informing and educating them. It involves studying of various diseases and also identifying their causes. Moreover, this area of science takes into account the various physical, psychological and societal factors that can contribute to the overall well being of human health. It strives to improve the quality of life by eliminating or reducing the probability of various diseases. If you are interested in doing research related to this branch of biomedical science then some interesting dissertation topics are given below:

  1. Critical analysis of Chinese Herbal practice and safety in London.
  2. Childhood obesity: Analyzing the role played by schools.
  3. Study of the impacts of vetenary medicine on human health.
  4. Analysis of ecological dimension of public health awareness programs.
  5. Analysis of small area inequalities and their impact on public health.
  6. Strategies to overcome the challenges faced by public health sector regarding public education and training.
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Veterinary Medicine Dissertation Topics

This branch of biomedical science deals with the health of animals. It is responsible for diagnosing, preventing, and treating their illnesses or injuries.  Veterinary medicine applies to all animals whether domestic or wild. There is a range of benefits which humans derive from animals, therefore it is vitally important to carryout researches in this field to discover new ways to keep animals safe, healthy and shielded from various diseases. Some dissertation ideas in this branch of biomedical sciences are as follows:

  1. Investigating the impact of flock health plans on the productivity of sheep flocks in United Kingdom.
  2. Analyzing the role of physiotherapy in the treatment of injured animals.
  3. Identifying the link between veterinary medicine and human health.
  4. A model based approach for the better understanding of foot and mouth diseases in animal.
  5. Probability and severity of infections in pet cats: risk analysis.
  6. Identifying ways to minimize the risk posed by the occupational health and safety hazards to vets.

Diseases and Pathogens Dissertation Topics

This segment of biomedical science involves in depth understanding of various diseases and pathogens. A detailed study of these can help prevent, minimize and fight against many illnesses. A research study in this field of Science can be of great value because it will directly provide solution to problems associated with human health. Therefore, the following dissertation topics may prove to be rewarding and challenging for the students.

  1. Identification of causes, diagnosis and possible treatment of colorectal cancer.
  2. Study of Cryptosporidium parvum gene structure in Scotland.
  3. Study of underlying causing of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  4. Analyzing recent trends and advances made in the research of cervical cancer.

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IT in Biomedical Science Dissertation Topics

Information technology plays a very supportive role in the advancement of biomedical science. It contributes by maintaining and organizing data and also helps in investigating the problems. Not only does it saves time but also helps people working in biomedical field to operate in a more organized and systematic way. Following are some intriguing dissertation topics related to this field of science:

  1. Role of biological database in the recent advancements in biomedical science
  2. A systematic approach for managing colossal amount of biological data
  3. Development of ways to extract the useful and relevant information from biological database.
  4. Understanding the role of sequence analysis and functional genomics
  5. Dependence of biomedical science on information technology: A critical Analysis
  6. Application of information technology in the structuring and designing of drugs


Immunology and Biochemistry Dissertation Topics

The study of the immune system is termed as immunology. There are number of diseases that can result from having a weak immune system. It is therefore essential to study the molecular arrangement of the immune system to understand what impact different substances have on it.  Research studies for keeping the immune system strong and shielding against various diseases are extremely interesting and professional rewarding. Following are some interesting topics for research in this area of biomedical science:

  1. Age linked factors that contribute in weakening the immune system.
  2. Comparison of T-helper cells and cytotoxic T cells efficiencies in terms of rejection.
  3. Restoring hope in cancer treatment: Gene Mutation.
  4. Understanding the positive role of T cell subsets in countering immune deficiency diseases.
  5. Immunoglobulin gene rearrangement: treatment or destruction?

Nanotechnology Dissertation Topics

Nanotechnology is that study which is conducted at nano or atomic scale. This means that it goes into the basic forming units of a substance to understand its behavior and also helps to manipulate various qualities to help meet customized needs. The dissertation topics for in this area of science are given below:

  1. Application of nanotechnology in understanding of the role played by cells at molecular level.
  2. Analyzing the toxic impact of nanoparticles on human health.
  3. Prediction of future trends in the manufacturing of nano materials based on the current demand and production.
  4. The role of nanotechnology in understanding meteorology.
  5. Application of nano fibres in biomedical technology.

Forensic Science Dissertation Topics

Forensic science is used to provide evidences in the legal world in order to investigate and solve cases. The investigations use forensic science to go into the details of a crime scene and look into the exact causes of a certain happening/event. It also involves genetic and chemical analysis to find answers and supporting evidences to questions that are raised in the legal world. It helps by providing proofs to strengthen the arguments. However, research in this field can prove extremely beneficial, and you can base your dissertation on any of the following research topics.

  1. Psychology as a mind control tool to understand and treat antisocial behavior.
  2. Prevention strategies: using new ways to track down and detain pedophiles.
  3. Analyzing benefits of molecular level study in resolving crime cases.
  4. Analysis of the need and threat posed by national DNA database.
  5. Understanding the role of forensic dentistry in solving crimes.
  6. Critical analysis of variable number tandem repeat sequence efficiency in identifying criminals.
  7. A comparison of methods used in offender profiling: UK vs rest of the world.


Neuroscience Dissertation Topics

The field of neuroscience has a very broad spectrum to deal with certain types of problems. It encompasses all types of sciences that are involved in understanding the function of the nervous system and the brain. It is also responsible for diagnosing the problems associated with them. Some dissertation topics in this area of science are given below:

  1. Analysis of commonalities and causes of different neurological diseases: Role of genetic instabilities.
  2. Study of the current techniques of neuroscience research and their various combinations.
  3. Preventing the destruction of cells by understanding the role played by certain proteins in neurological diseases. A discussion.
  4. Molecular level study can be used in understanding and monitoring the development of embryo. Discuss.
  5. Lab rats can be used to understand neurological disorders in humans. Discuss the safety of animal tested drugs for humans.
  6. Discuss the treatment options available for memory loss with special focus on imaging and related techniques.

Virology Dissertation Topics

This branch of biomedical science focuses only on the study of viruses. These viruses act like agents that contain genetic material and are coated by protein. It aims to gain understanding of the very structure, arrangement and also the evolution of a certain virus. The mechanism of viruses to infect host is also studied in detail to protect humans from them. Dissertation in virology would prove to be beneficial for biomedical science students, and some topics are given below:

  1. Bacterial infection during hepatitis can worsen the health of the patient. Discuss its prevalence and also propose preventive measures.
  2. Impact of environmental factors on the prevalence of diarrhea in minors.
  3. Discuss the role, mechanism and prevalence of respiratory tract disease causing agents.
  4. Damage done to liver, kidneys and pancreas: Discuss with relevance to hepatitis B and C.
  5. Discuss the water borne viruses in detail and also focus on their prevalence.

Tissue Engineering Dissertation Topics

Tissue engineering makes use of cells, engineering techniques and certain materials to make the tissue healthy again. It involves growing a new part of a tissue to replace the damaged part. This is a very interesting field and recent advancements have proved to be extremely helpful in the field of biomedical science. Dissertation ideas in this field are given below:

  1. Discuss how superstructures can contribute to tissue engineering scaffolds.
  2. Tissue engineering: Biomechanical dimension
  3. Cartilage tissue engineering: Discuss the potential of hydrogels for this purpose
  4. Discuss the success rate of tissue engineering for cartilage repair and regeneration.

Epidemiology Dissertation Topics

Epidemiology focuses on defined populations and the diseases or illnesses linked to them. It discusses the trends, causes and outcomes of certain diseases in a given population. It is closely linked to public health but exists as a separate and individual field too. The purpose is to monitor any outbreaks and prevent such future happenings. Epidemiology focuses on designing or changing policies and identifying the risk factors. All these efforts are made to make sure that such events don’t happen in future and that public health remains safeguarded.

  1. Discuss the role, techniques and approaches of geographic information system in monitoring and tracking outbreaks.
  2. Discuss the causes and epidemiology of asthma with special focus to environmental factors.
  3. Discuss the methodologies, resources and experiences of epidemiology based on evidences.
  4. Understanding fertility and pregnancy in terms of epidemiology.
  5. Primary data collection is of prime importance in epidemiology. Discuss the shortcomings in this type of data collection and propose strategies to overcome these problems.

Endocrinology Dissertation Topics

Endocrinology involves the study of endocrine system and classifies different types of secretions made from it. It also studies various diseases associated with endocrine system and their possible treatments. Endocrine system is responsible for the secretion of various essential hormones, and thus it is of paramount importance to make further advancements in this field to better protect it from various illnesses. Dissertation topics related to this field are given below:

  1. Discuss the role of pathophysiology in the treatment of defective insulin secretion in diabetic patients.
  2. Discuss the role of renal sodium reabsorption in reference to genetic factors of primary hypertension.
  3. Discuss the impact of Clinical gynecologic endocrinology on infertility in women.

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