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September 18, 2018
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September 19, 2018
Dissertation topics for MBA in 2019

Looking for unique and interesting MBA dissertation topics?


It is imperative that you complete your dissertation successfully to pass your MBA course. If you’re looking to score a distinction, your dissertation topic should be unique and well researched. Developing ideas for a distinction level dissertation can be a challenge. You need to consider topics and areas that have not been discussed or well researched in the past. For choosing such topics, internet should be your best bet. Gone are the days when students would hop on from one book to another in libraries and search topics for their dissertation. Considering the ease of use, and various sources available on the internet, you will be able to choose the best topic for your dissertation. With the help of desk based research you will easily be able to figure out which topic has been covered extensively in the past, and which topics, areas or subjects need attention according to the current scenario.

For students to understand which topic they should choose for their masters’ dissertation, they can even get in touch with dissertation writing experts through the internet. Experts have relevant experience, thus can offer better guidance, help and support to students. They can even guide you as to how to go about your research, the dos and don’ts of a dissertations, and the aspects that will help your dissertation shine out from the rest. Here are some less researched and unique 5 MBA dissertation topics in 2019 that will help students score higher and better grades:

Comparative Analysis between Creative Advertising and Direct Marketing

Research Aim: Advertising in the business world has now changed. Direct marketing has been replaced with creative advertising. Even though the two types are very different from each other, creative advertising has done more good to businesses as compared to direct marketing. With today’s world evolving, and advertising taking over the corporate world, it is extremely important for companies to keep up with their creativity. This will not only help them in gaining customers’ attraction but will also help the company in earning huge profits. Considering this recent change in the corporate world, this research will compare the two methods, and will then conclude which method is the most suitable for businesses.

Innovation Management in Companies – The Way Forward

Research Aim: To keep up with the ever-evolving business world and it’s needs, it is extremely important for companies to stay up to date to make sure that they bring in new methods, products and ways to manage their company and take it forward successfully. This research will talk about how innovation management should be considered by businesses, and how they should incorporate the same in their way of doing business. Not only will businesses gain from innovating their products or processes, they will also understand as to how successful it can be for the business once it is effectively implemented. Thus, the main aim of this research will be to help businesses understand the importance of innovation and talk about how innovation has helped many reputed names in the corporate world.

Analysis and Evaluation of Investment Strategies in the Retail Sector

Research Aim: There are tons of investment strategies available for businesses. Companies should make investment related decisions based on their financial inflow and the position of their business. Considering both these aspects while making an investment is critical. If they fail to do so, they will invest without having a clear idea as to how the investment might turn out, thus putting their company and its money in jeopardy. The investment strategies play a huge role in the success of the company, as they help in earning more profits. Thus, if the investment strategies are suitable for the business, it will be favorable for all. This research will talk about the different types of investment strategies that companies in the retail sector can take advantage of. Furthermore, this research will talk about the various investment strategies available for companies in the retail sector and how they can utilize them to their advantage.

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Flexible Working Hours – How Will it Help Companies in Retaining and Recruiting Employees

Research Aim: The world is evolving with the way business is being conducted. It is essential for all businesses to understand the importance of flexible working hours along with fixed working hours. Introducing flexible working hours can help the business grow, as employees will be free to choose their working time, thus will put in more effort in their job. On the other hand, working mothers will be the ones who will benefit the most. They will be able to handle their home, as well as, their office. This research will talk about the concept of flexible working hours, how it helps employees, and how the company can make sure that employees are retained through this new policy. The success rate of new recruitment based on flexible working hours, will also be discussed in this research.

Technology as a Competitive Advantage – Investigating its Effectiveness

Research Aim: Today, no business can survive without technology. Implementing the right kind of technology is the key to success for any small, medium or large business enterprise. Businesses must make sure that they understand how important technology is for their company, how it will ease the process of doing business, and bring down the cost of doing business. In addition to this, technology also acts as a competitive advantage in today’s world of business. Companies, with better technologies, have an advantage in the market where they can perform better and earn better profits as compared to other companies in their industry. This research will talk about how technology assists companies in staying ahead of each other in the business, and how each company should make sure that the right technology is implemented in the system to not help compete in the corporate world, but also to offer ease of working to its employees.

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