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Geography Dissertation Topics

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Geography is the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these, including the distribution of populations and resources and political and economic activities.

Geography is related to the climate changes and ecological value of a region that helps determine the environmental situation of that region. Therefore, it is important to explore the different geographical ideas and theories. Geography is an interesting field and there is a range of issues that you could choose from for your dissertation.

This article lists several geography dissertation topics and research ideas so you can base your dissertation on a manageable and intriguing issue.

Here is our selection of geography dissertation topics that we think will definitely interest you and your supervisor.

  • Topic 1: Impact of Natural Catastrophes on Economic Growth and Human Development- A Case of 2011 Fukushima Crisis in Japan
  • Topic 2: How Do Natural Disasters Affect the Geosphere? Calculating the Effects of Earthquakes, Floods, and Volcanic Eruptions on Geosphere in Asia
  • Topic 3: Geography a Natural Friend or Enemy? The Role of Geography in Promoting/Demoting Climate Change Disasters in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Topic 4: Geo-Mapping and Land Reforms: A Study to Find the Role of Geo-Mapping, Sensor Data, and Big Data Analytics in Bringing Land Reforms to Developing Countries
  • Topic 5: Predictive Analytics and Natural Disaster: A Study to Find the Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Predicting Natural Disasters and Epidemics

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2022 Geography Research Topics

Research Aim: This research aims to analyze the impact of natural catastrophes on economic growth and human development. It will assess the socioeconomic effects of the 2011 Fukushima Crisis in Japan. It will show how it affected Japan’s economic growth by affecting the population, production levels, employment, investments, etc.? Moreover, how did it affect the Human Development Index (HDI)? Lastly, it will show how Japan managed to recover from this catastrophe? And what lessons can other countries learn from Japan to mitigate the socioeconomic effects of natural disasters?

Research Aim: This study intends to calculate the effects of earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions on the geosphere in Asia. It will find whether there is an empirical relationship between geosphere disturbance and natural disasters? Or changes in the geosphere cause natural disasters in Asia? It will primarily test a causal relationship between natural disasters and geosphere disruption. Moreover, it will show whether there are ways to protect the geosphere or not?

Research Aim: This research assesses the role of geography in promoting/demoting climate change disasters in Sub-Saharan Africa. It will find ways through which geography saves or further exacerbate the climate change situation. It will analyze various natural disasters in Sub-Saharan Africa and see what geography’s role is in protecting or further hurting the population. Lastly, it will see the government’s efforts such as investment in eco-friendly projects, cutting down 〖CO〗_2 and increase in the number of trees to maintain their natural geography.

Research Aim: This study analyzes the role of geo-mapping, sensor data, and big data analytics in bringing land reforms to developing countries. It will review geo-mapping concepts and how sensor data gathered through geo-mapping can be used in big data analytics? Further, it will show how developing countries use geo-mapping and big data analytics to reform their rotten real estate sector. Moreover, comparing their efforts with advanced countries will recommend improving their geo-mapping and land reforms.

Research Aim: This research finds the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in predicting natural disasters and epidemics. It will assess various machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) models and big data tools to show how they are used to predict natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, storms, etc. It will test the reliability and efficacy of these model to recommend best models to predict further catastrophes in the future.

Geography Dissertation Research Topics

Research Aim: The research paper aims to find out the study of the soil’s fertility caused by a volcanic eruption. The consequences of volcanic eruptions affect the soil, which makes the soil difficult to cultivate.

Research Aim: The research paper has the purpose of understanding global warming through Geography. Global warming has severe impacts on the climates and people’s health because it is caused due to harmful UV rays.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to determine the effects that are caused due to natural calamities on a region. Natural calamities impact the region because of the destruction that occurs to life and property. Therefore, the study will understand the adverse effects of natural disasters on an area.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to evaluate the ecological value of the forests. Forests help build the region’s environmental conditions and provide a home to a massive amount of wildlife. So, the paper understands the value of ecology in forests.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to investigate the security of nutrition and food in geography. There is a big challenge related to the sustainability of the atmosphere growing food and the arrangements of the society so that the poor people can have an adequate amount of food and nutrition.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to understand the emphasis that geography puts on environmental protection. I maintain the ecological balance and provide people with a safe and healthy environment, and it is essential to protect the environment. Therefore, the research paper will discuss the importance of environmental protection through geography.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to understand the significance of water conservation. Water preservation is essential because it will help the farmers cultivate when fresh water is scarce. Therefore, the paper will discuss the importance of water conservation.

Research Aim: The research paper will discuss the impact of drought on farmers. Drought is the main reason why farmers suffer from severe economic pressure, which also affects the region’s food supply. Hence, the paper studies the critical aspects of drought and its impact on farmers.

Research Aim: The research paper excavates the effect of ocean currents on the weather of an area. The ocean currents are the conveyer belt that transports warm water along with precipitation. Therefore, ocean currents do regulate global climatic changes.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to comprehend the transforming thermal regime of the polythermal glaciers. The thermal regime of any glacier has significant ramifications depending on how it moves; it can be both temperate and polar depending on the temperature.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to analyze the usage of greenfields in an area. Companies’ greenfield analysis is done to understand the optimal location and number of all the distribution centres, and geography helps to understand this vastly.

Research Aim: The research paper states the in-depth study about the destinations of rivers’ sources in geography. From the perspective of geography, the river sources’ destination will be studied where the flow and destination of rivers tend to change because of the absorption of sediments in their sizes and shapes.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to study the aspects contributing to creating a sustainable environment. To evaluate the sustainable environment, it is imperative to excavate the factors contributing to its formation.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to evaluate the impacts of acid rain. In geography, acid rain is taken as an adverse effect that leads to a big downfall both for the environment and in harming the crops. Hence, the paper states the adverse impacts caused to the life and cultivation of people due to acid rain.

Research Aim: The research paper aims to view geography’s perspective in evaluating the effects caused to soil due to the construction of buildings. The soil fertility is almost lost because of building construction, and therefore the paper will be evaluating all the effects that building construction causes on the soil.

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