Dissertation Topics on the Effects of Social Media on the Youth

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July 13, 2018
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September 18, 2018

Dissertation Topics on the Effects of Social Media on the Youth

effects of social media on the youth


Social Media has plenty of advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose it is used for. One of the key disadvantages of the excessive use of social media is the adverse impacts on health and the overall development of the youth. Researchers have found out that today’s youth are extremely indulged in the world of social media, thus they are a victim of the negativity. A lot of researches have been conducted on the impact of usage of social media on the youth, and time and again, the results have been same i.e. they have negative impacts on the development of youth.

Most effects of social media on the youth are health related, be it mental or physical. Teenagers compare themselves to their peers, colleagues etc. and then become a victim of inferiority complex. Emotions such as jealousy and hate grow and eventually take over their personality. Thus, it is extremely important that adults and parents understand all such negative impacts, so that they can take precautionary measures for their children. To understand more about this topic, here are five dissertation topics on the effects of social media on the youth that will help explore the problem in detail:

A Study of the Effects of Social Media on Academic Development

Research Aim: Social Media is known for a lot of its benefits. There are various platforms that offers academic guidance and assistance to students; however, not all of them are beneficial for them. Furthermore, students spend more time on social media, as compared to their academics. Thus, it is extremely important that their social media usage should be restricted, as a lot of students are suffering in terms of their academics. This research will talk about how social media impacts the academic performance of students because they spend a lot of time using different social media websites. Also, social media addiction which is another cause behind the decline in academic performances of students will be discussed in the study.

How Social Media Impacts the Mental Health and Wellbeing of Youth

Research Aim: Social Media is not only a networking platform. It effects the mind of students in a manner where they cannot focus on something else and are addicted to staying connected with others through different social media sites. Also, comparing themselves with others is another way how their mental wellbeing and development is impacted. This research will talk about how the use of social media is impacting the minds of youth and how their mental development is at risk due to the increased use of social media. Furthermore, the study will talk about ways how the situation can be improved and what needs to be done.  

A Critical Analysis of the Effects of Social Media on how Youth Perceive Physical Appearances

Research Aim: Being exposed to celebrities, models etc. has changed the way youth perceive physical appearances. With social media advertising, people and users are always bombarded with celebrity endorsements, models advertising various products or people showing off their body in gyms etc. This has changed the way young people perceive body image. For them, a person should be in perfect shape i.e. slim and smart. Anyone who does not fall into this category is then body shamed. This research will talk about such instances and how social media has increased body shaming to an extent that it is not even considered as something wrong.

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Social Media and Youth Sleep Deprivation: How are the two Related?

Research Aim: Youth are on the race to stay updated with each and everything, and do not want to miss out on anything. This is the very reason that they are losing sleep and moving towards sleep deprivation. Everyone is aware of the fact of how important sleep is, thus losing it for things like social media is totally not worth it. This research will talk about how sleep deprivation has increased and how the youth are being impacted mentally as well as physically due to lack of sleep. In addition to this, it will also talk about this can be avoided and health can be improved.

Lack of Interpersonal Skills Development in Youth – Is Social Media the Culprit?

Research Aim: Back in the days when there was no social media, everyone used to communicate face to face. Confidence was developed and self-esteem was boosted with such interactions. On the other hand, today everyone is connected through different social media platforms and technology. Communication through laptops, smartphones, and tablets is the cause of lack of Interpersonal skills, which also impacts personality development. This research will talk about how social media has killed interpersonal skills and what can be done to improve the situation.

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