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Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

Published by at July 25th, 2022 , Revised On August 1, 2022

Keeping your baby healthy and growing properly starts at birth. Nurses who specialize in child health can help! Nurses who specialize in child health educate parents about safety, hygiene, and nutrition to prevent common childhood illnesses. We will cover everything from the average salary to the steps to become a registered nurse in this article.

The field of child health nursing focuses on the care of children from infancy through adolescence. During the last year of studies, for dissertation writring project, nurses focus on child health nursing dissertation topics to find professional practices in hospitals and maternity clinics. After completion of studies the field related Child health nurses are registered nurses with a midwifery degree and additional training in child health. Hospitals, clinics, and private practices employ nurses.

Children’s health nurses are divided into two types – those who work in schools and those who work in clinics.


●      School-based nurses usually perform routine assessments, administer medication when necessary, identify signs of illness among students and refer them to school personnel for additional assessment. Such types of nurses use the same skills and techniques home-based nurses required in caring for hospitalized children.

●      Hospital-based nurses may supervise children during routine examinations, observe outpatients’ hospitalizations, make rounds with new admissions, and teach patients about self-care.
As a child health nurse, you play a vital role in the lives of young children by providing care and support during some of the most vulnerable times in a child’s life. You also work to prevent illness and promote wellness among children.

In addition to clinical care, you may also have administrative duties such as creating nutritional and diet plans for children with solid research.

List of Child Health Nursing Dissertation Topics

If you’re looking to enter this field but don’t know how to start, luckily we’ve already put together a list of child health nursing topics you can write on.

  • Neonatal medicine
    Specialization in the field of neonatology and its correlation with pediatrics to provide basic medical care to newborn infants.
  • General pediatrics
    Understand the role of a general pediatrician and the focus on child care and individual growth.
  • Nursing care of a neonate
    Covering all about the nursing care of a neonate with deep insights into different types of neonatal and childhood illnesses.
  • Nursing management
    The importance of nursing management for a child’s health to study common childhood illnesses.
  • Quality of life
    Learning the fundamental prerequisite required to improve the quality of life of a pediatric patient during the early days of growth.
  • Obesity in infants
    Creating the seriousness of the issue of obesity in infants and all the influencing factors that revolve around it.
  • Antibiotic resistance
    Insights into the issue of antibiotic resistance as well as prevention of common chronic illnesses.
  • Pediatric dermatology
    Learning the common skin issues and their long-term consequences in infants during to genetic or external factors.
  • Pediatric ophthalmology
    The role of pediatric ophthalmologists is to treat different serious eye problems in children up to age 5.
  • Genomic medicine
    Study the increasing need for the genomic medicine discipline that involves clinical care for patients all across the USA.
  • Moderate to severe asthma
    Understanding the severity of moderate to severe asthma along with the persistent effects associated with it.
  • Pediatric hospital medicine
    Understanding the hospital setting of pediatric hospital medicine with relevance to clinicians working there to provide high-quality pedantic care to children.
  • Effect of Rare diseases on children
    The significant effect of rare diseases on children leads to other serious pediatric emergencies which can be a threat to the lives of infants.
  • Child and Adolescent psychiatry
    Specialization in child and adolescent psychiatry with the sound understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of common childhood issues during their early growth.
  • Mental health conditions in children
    Different serious and mild mental health conditions are faced by children including their treatment at different levels.
  • Immunization
    Immunization from serious illnesses like COVID, polio, and other contagious diseases that can be a threat to the health of infants

I/O Example

Child health nurses can choose from a variety of career paths. Others work in schools or hospitals. The majority of child nurses specialize in caring for newborns, while others study chronic diseases and childcare. It is a rewarding and challenging career to work as a child health nurse, no matter what path you choose. Child health nurses must be licensed RNs with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Children with special medical needs may require pediatrics or neonatal intensive care nurses. In particular, Neonatal child health nurses work primarily with newborn babies who are at risk for certain complications due to birth complications or other conditions.

The average salary for a child health nurse in the USA is $88,724 per year
Children, adolescents, and infants are the focus of child health nursing. For those interested in working in the healthcare industry, child health nurses represent a great career choice. Child health nursing offers the following benefits:

  • You can make a difference in the lives of children.
  • Child health nurses are in high demand.
  • You can work in a variety of settings.
  • You can specialize in a particular area of interest.
  • Child health nursing offers good job security.
  • You can have a flexible schedule.
  • You can make a good salary.


Those passionate about helping others and who want to help children will find child health nursing an excellent career choice. Choose a specialization that suits your interests and goals if you are interested in a career in child health nursing.

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