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We know that when you place an order for an essay or dissertation you expect nothing but transparency. Unlike our competitors, we have designed our ordering system to be simple and transparent so you can use our services with peace of mind. Below you will find the features of our quick and user-friendly ordering system that work for everyone.

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Pick your Desired Service and the Turnaround Time
Choose your deadline, academic level and academic subject to get started!

Choose Your Desired Academic Quality
Select First Class, 2:1 or 2:2 quality option based on your needs!

Provide Order Specifics
Choose your referencing style, provide details and upload your supervisor’s guidelines or feedback.

Pay and Confirm
Sit back and relax. We take over now and contact you when the job is done.

Our Job

We assign the most suitable writer
Depending on your field of study and requirements, we hand-pick the best writer for the job.

The writer will write your paper
The writer writes your paper based on your guidelines and/or instructions.

Our QA team cross check the works
Our in-house quality assurance team double-check the writer's work to make sure it meets your expectations.

We email you the completed paper
Once the writer is finished we will email the completed paper to your email address. We always meet your deadline.

Final Step

Accept Work
You can easily accept or decline the work completed by the writer.

Request For Revisions
If you are not fully satisfied with the paper, the writer will edit the paper based on your feedback.

Accept Revisions
Review the changes by the writer and accept or decline the change. The writer will continue to amend the paper as many times as needed until you are fully satisfied.

Be Happy
Be 100% happy with the work delivered to you. We are available to answer your questions about the order via chat, phone and email every day.

Leave a Review
We want your feedback. If you are not satisfied, you can get your money back or we will edit your work again for free.

Everything else you need to know

About Your

Our writers are recruited through a stringent process ensuring unmatched calibre and expertise. The depth of knowledge and experience offered by them is a testament of our dedication towards excellence and quality. The expert academics in our team of writers include experienced professionals, doctors, professors, and lecturers from all academic disciplines. We assign work to our writers based on their academic qualification and capability. This approach helps us to find the perfect writer who is able to complete your order to your exact requirements.

At Research Prospect we believe that “Quality is the recipe to success today, tomorrow and forever”. Our writers and certified quality control experts are responsible for providing you with the grade you requested every single time you place an order with us.
Ordering System

Research Prospect Ltd is the UK’s best academic writing service for a reason. Our online ordering system has been designed to be quick and easy. Just complete the online order form, attach relevant files, documents and instructions, and leave the rest to us. Don’t worry if you are not ready to place your order just yet, our client support team is more than happy to discuss your requirements before you place an order.
Our Client
Support Team

Our customer services team work tirelessly through the days and nights to ensure our customers get each of their concerns addressed in a timely manner. We make sure to reply to your emails within 20 minutes. Our operational hours are 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM during weekdays and 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on weekends. Our staff even take the responsibility of ensuring you are improving your knowledge on the subject, and better equipped for academic assignments and coursework.

Work completed by our writers is thoroughly checked by the quality management team. Your paper goes through rigorous anti-plagiarism software before being delivered to your email address along with the free plagiarism report.

We understand that occasionally our customers may wish to have changes made to their work, and therefore all of our customers are entitled to free amendments as long as their original instructions remain unchanged. For example, if you notice something is missing from the paper, or if you would like your writer to amend a particular aspect of your dissertation or essay, then we are more than happy to have those changes incorporated into your paper.


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Who Are Research Prospect

Research Prospect is a UK registered London based student support service that specializes in providing custom research and writing help to students in the UK and across the world. Want to know more about us before placing your order?

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you resell custom written papers?
No, Research Prospect will NEVER resell or publish your paper. Please visit our guarantees page for more information.
2How can I use the work you send to me?
Like all other academic research companies in the market, Research Prospect retains copyright for each order completed by our writers. This helps us to make sure that our clients do not break the rules of their universities. Work provided by us should be used for research and reference purposes. You must properly reference our work if you wish to take any material from it. For detailed information on how to use our papers, please visit our Fair Use Policy page.
3Can I submit your work in university?
Research Prospect retains copyright to each paper completed by our writers. If you wish to use material from our paper then make sure you properly reference it before submission. We guarantee that the paper delivered to you will never be resold so it will remain personal to your forever.
4Are your services confidential?
We offer a 100 % confidential service. It is our guarantee that we will never pass your personal information to any third party. We take this matter seriously.
5Are you able to provide reference material for my order?
All orders completed by Research Prospect Ltd come with a bibliography/references section. Our writers are responsible for providing reference sources they used to complete your order.
6How do you know I won’t cheat?
We are honest, transparent and open in our business operations, and we expect all our clients to conduct themselves in the same manner. If we come to know that you have breached our contract and your own university’s rules and regulations, we will immediately end our business relationship with you.
7Is it cheating?
All papers completed by our writers should be used as reference sources and for guidance purposes only. You will be breaking your university’s rules and regulations if you submit our essay/work as your own. Our service is designed to be used as an aid to help students to improve their research writing skills. We recommend that you use our papers in the same way as you would use books, journals, and magazines.
8Is this legal?
Yes, our service is completely legal.

Please visit our FAQs page to find answers to any other questions that you may have relating to use of our services, delivery policy, operations, placing an order, acceptable payment methods, guarantees & customer services and our company. 

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