Free Oil and Gas Health and Safety Dissertation Topics

Free Oil and Gas Health and Safety Dissertation Topics



With the growing importance of oil and gas reserves throughout the world, the field of oil and gas health and safety has attracted attention of researchers and academician as wells. Poor knowledge of health and safety regulations and the failure to employ appropriate safety practices have resulted in oil spills and deadly accidents in the past. Although, the overall safety standards have developed tremendously with time, there is still considerable room for improvement. This article aims to list out dissertation topic suggestions for both undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in taking up oil and gas health and safety as their subject of research. Below, you will find oil and gas health and safety dissertation titles on the most current issues of the industry. If these does not interest you then you can also consider oil and gas management dissertation topics.

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Oil and Gas Dissertation Topics

Current challenges facing the oil and gas industry in terms of health and safety

  • To investigate the impact of culture and traditions on the overall health and safety performance of the oil and gas sector – A case study of any large multinational oil and gas company.
  • To determine the impact of the lack of professional training for industrial workers on the health and safety performance of oil and gas sector with focus on developing countries.
  • To discuss and investigate the differences in beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes between different companies, cultures, regulatory bodies, countries and companies with focus on health and safety.
  • Multiculturalism in oil and gas sector and its relationship with the health and safety performance.

Compliance with the Health and Safety Regulations

  • To investigate the health and safety practices followed by the Total Group which is considered as one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world – An analysis of their operations both offshore and onshore to determine how the company incorporates health and safety standards.
  • What is more important – Compliance to societal commitment or legislation – A case study of the Royal Dutch Shell Group.

More Dissertation Topics in Oil and Gas

Evolution of oil and gas industry over the years with growing importance of health and Safety Standards

  • Application of health and safety regulations in foreign countries (with focus on developing countries) where issues of application for MNEs are different than those in the UK.
  • A critical analysis of the legislative requirements for compliance with health and safety standards in the UK oil and gas industry with particular focus on Safety Case Regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

The growing importance of corporate social responsibility in the oil and gas sector in developing regions of the World

  • To investigate the impact of oil and gas industrial operations on the health and safety of the surrounding community – A case study of any developing country such as Kazakhstan.
  • Compliance to international oil and gas health and safety regulations in developing countries – A case study of any multinational oil and gas company successfully running oil and gas operations in a developing country.
  • A critical analysis of international environmental standards and oil and gas health and safety standards for oil and gas companies operating in a developing country.

Strategies employed by oil and gas companies to comply with health and safety regulation in offshore oil and Gas Processes

  • To examine the various strategies employed by large oil and gas companies in order to implement health and safety standards within their industrial processes.

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