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A dissertation is a requirement for completing your graduate program. However, a lot depends on the topic you choose. Finding the right topic for your dissertation is extremely important. Not only does it help you academically, but it also assists you to learn more about the topic.

As a marketing student, you will be required to complete a marketing field related dissertation. Your dissertation topic can relate to branding, relationship marketing, online/digital marketing, marketing ethics and many other related fields.

We, at Research Prospect, provide you with the latest marketing dissertation topics. Our highly qualified writers, after thorough research, have prepared a list of dissertation topics for you. These topics relate to your field and are according to the new trends in marketing. So, what are you waiting for? Go through our comprehensive list of topics, choose one and get in touch with us. What’s more interesting is that you can pick a topic and we’ll customize it according to your needs. Or simply provide us with your requirements, and our writers, after in-depth research, will get in touch with you with a list of topics.

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Marketing Dissertation Topics for 2020

Topic 1: Impact of Product Packaging on Organizational Sales: Case Study of UK Retail Sector

Research Aim: Due to intense completion in the UK retail sector, product packaging has gained significant importance with respect to consumer purchase decision. This research will focus on how product packaging (color, shape and other attributes) influences consumer purchase decision which in return increases or decreases the sales of the organization.

Topic 2: Impact of E-Marketing on Influencing Consumer Purchase Decision: Case of UK Luxury Industry

Research Aim: The main purpose of the research is to analyze the impact of electronic marketing on consumer purchase decision. Different modes of e-marketing will be assessed and based on results of each e-marketing channel, the dissertation will be concluded.The focus of this research will be the UK luxury industry.

Topic 3: Analyzing the Customer-Centric Marketing Strategies in Attaining Competitive Advantage for the Firm and Sustaining Business Success 

Research Aim: In today’s competitive corporate world, organizations are formulating and implementing customer centric marketing strategies. These strategies are devised keeping in mind customer behavior, customer pattern, customer preferences, customer trends, etc. Considering all these and many other customer related aspects, companies assess as to what is successful for their business. This research will talk about the different customer related aspects that should be studied and how formulating related strategies will help the company in gaining competitive advantage and generating profits.

Topic 4: The Role of Information Technology in Revolutionizing Marketer’s Approach Towards Manipulative Advertisement

Research Aim: The digital media or the digital world has provided a very effective and large platform for the marketers to market and advertise their products. However, this platform can also be used to manipulate customers through deceptive marketing techniques. The main purpose of the research is to analyze the role of information technology in revolutionizing marketer’s approach towards manipulative advertisements. In addition to this, the research will also talk about how marketers use digital media channels to deceive customers which also harms the company’s reputation.

Topic 5: Assessing the Impact of Integrated Marketing Communication on Consumer Impulsive Buying Behaviour

Research Aim: Consumer impulsive buying behavior has become an important phenomenon in today’s global world. Companies have been able to acquire high market share through impulsive buying behavior of the consumer. Therefore, this research focuses on analyzing the impact of integrated marketing communication on consumer impulsive buying behavior.

Topic 6: The Impact of Digital Marketing on Businesses

Research Aim: Digital Marketing has changed the face of marketing in today’s world. More and more companies are now adopting this new technique as compared to traditional marketing methods. This research will talk about the impact of different digital marketing channels on businesses, and how each channel helps companies earn more.

Topic 7: Traditional vs Digital Marketing: A Comparative Study of the Last Ten Years

Research Aim: With the emergence of digital marketing in the global world today, more and more companies are abandoning traditional marketing techniques. This research will compare traditional and digital marketing methods and present data through the past ten years. Through this data,  conclusive analysis will be made as to which marketing is successful in today’s times.

Topic 8: Studying Customers’ Responses to Automated Interactions in The Services’ Industry: How Does it Impact the Business?

Research Aim: A lot of companies have now automated their working process. They have streamlined standard responses that are offered to customers. The main focus of this research will be to assess the impact of automated responses on customers, whether or not they have an impact on them, and ultimately how does it impact the business overall.

Topic 9: Capturing and analyzing the Voice of Customer (VOC) through Artificial Intelligence: How Effective is it?

Research Aim: Voice of Customer (VOC) is not a new concept. Companies have been working and collecting data on it since the past few years. It is a method to gather customers’ feedback about their expectations and experiences with respect to your product or service. This research will focus on studying how companies gather, assess and analyze this data through artificial intelligence and how effective it is for businesses. The research will utilize quantitative analysis to conclude whether or not this new technology and strategy is successful.

Topic 10: Online Search Queries – Can Businesses Benefit from them and Market Themselves Better?

Research Aim: Keyword targeting, search engine optimization (SEO), click trend, search trend etc. are all ways to find how consumers search for a particular product, brand or website online. With more business being done online, and with companies focusing more on online marketing, understanding online search queries has become crucial for the success of the business. This research will focus on the different ways through which companies can assess online search queries, and whether or not they can benefit from them. Data from past years will be fetched and included in the research to conduct an authentic research and conclude accurately.

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Relationship Marketing Dissertation Topics

Relationship marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on long term goals such as building customer loyalty and increasing customer retention. In relationship marketing, products are provided on the basis of relationships and not traditional marketing. This type of marketing helps firms acquire more customers and build loyalty. The loyal and satisfied a customer is, the more likely he/she is to make a purchase.

Under relationship marketing; the purchasing pattern, the contact details and the entire profile of customers are maintained. Normally, firms assign executives to one or more major customers to maintain relationships and to satisfy their needs. It is a very useful marketing tool and also an excellent topic to research on. You can choose a topic for your relationship marketing dissertation topic from any of the topics listed below:

Topic 1:Customer Loyalty – Behaviour or an Attitude? A Mixed Method Analysis

This research will analyze how customer loyalty is determined, whether it is an attitude or a behavior. A comparative analysis, comparing different elements of attitudes and behaviors, will be conducted.

Topic 2:The Usefulness of Relationship Marketing in the UK Fashion Industry: To what extent have organizations incorporated the club style membership schemes for their customer and its Impact on Businesses?

This research will focus on one important aspect of relationship marketing, memberships. The research will revolve around the UK fashion industries and the impact memberships has on customers.

Topic 3:The Impact of Relationship Marketing on Customer loyalty: An Analysis of the Honda Motor Company.

This dissertation will assess how customer loyalty is impacted by relationship marketing. The main focus of this study will be Honda Motors, how the company maintains customer relationships.

Topic 4:Loyalty Schemes and Customer Satisfaction: Do They Really Have an Impact?

This research will analyze whether or not customers satisfaction is impact by loyalty schemes. If it is impacted, the various means will be explored.

Topic 5:The Interrelationship Between Switching Costs and Resistance of Consumers to Switch Brand Loyalty.

The relationship between costs and brand loyalty will be assessed in this research. This research will discuss circumstances under which customers decide to switch brand loyalty.

Topic 6:Loyalty Schemes and Their Relationship with Sales: An Exploratory Analysis of the UK Retail Industry

This dissertation will conduct an exploratory analysis to conclude whether or not there is a relationship between loyalty schemes and sales of companies.

Topic 7:Maintaining Customer Relations through Relationship Marketing. A case of ASDA.

The main focus of this research will be to study how ASDA maintains customer relations, and whether they prove to be successful for the business or not.

Topic 8:Exploring the Effectiveness of Online Marketing – Does Online Marketing help Companies build Customer Loyalty?

This dissertation will analyze how effective online marketing is for companies to help build and maintain customer loyalty. And, whether online marketing can be used to build customer loyalty.

Topic 9:Assessing Customer Satisfaction in the UK Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The overall UK tourism and hospitality industry will be assessed in this study, with respect to customer satisfaction. The dissertation will conclude how the industry has maintained customer satisfaction.

Topic 10:Technology Driven Customer Engagement – Does it Lead to Better Customer Satisfaction as Compared to Traditional Engagement Methods?

This dissertation will talk about how technology has impacted customer engagement. Furthermore, it will analyze how effective technology has been in driving customer engagement as compared to traditional methods.

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Branding Dissertation Topics

Branding involves creating a unique image and name for a product in the minds of the customers. This is done through creative advertising using similar theme. Branding also entails creating a unique logo and name for a distinguished product.

Some consumers compare prices before purchasing a product but mostly a purchase is made by focusing on quality of goods and brand loyalty. There is a misconception that branding is the same as marketing, but it can be distinguished based on the former being one of the fundamentals of marketing strategy. For successful branding, there should be truthfulness and clarity in every phase through interaction with customers, which will in turn help improve the value and brand perception of a company.

Branding provides companies a competitive edge over other organizations and has proved to be a very popular topic for research among both undergraduate and postgraduate students. When looking to work on a branding related dissertation, you can choose from the dissertation topics below:

Topic 1:Maintaining Brand Equity through Innovation: A Case Study of Apple Inc.

Innovation has a huge impact on brand equity. The same will be discussed in this research with Apple as the main focus.

Topic 2:Building Brand Equity through Celebrity Endorsement: Analysis of the Fashion Industry

Celebrity endorsement is an excellent way to build brand equity. In this dissertation, the same will be discussed with respect to the UK fashion industry.

Topic 3:Brand Attitudes and Advertisements: Evidence from the Past Five years

This study will talk about how advertisements shape brand attitudes. Evidence from the past five years will be presented to conclude whether advertisements impact brand attitude or not.

Topic 4:Packaging as a brand marketing strategy: Assessing its Effectiveness in the Retail Sector

The success of a brand marketing strategy depends on a number of factors. This dissertation will assess how important packaging is in a brand marketing strategy.

Topic 5:Effect of Branding on Consumers of Coca Cola and Pepsi: A Comparative Analysis.

Branding has a huge impact on consumers. Competitors utilize this strategy to build customer loyalty. This research will compare two big rivals, Coca Cola and Pepsi with respect to branding.

Topic 6:Branding Strategies: Impact and application.

The different types of branding strategies and their implementation process will be discussed in this study.

Topic 7:Analysis of the Consumer: Comparative Analysis between Good Quality Products and Brand Loyalty.

This study will talk about how consumers are impacted by good quality products and how it helps companies build brand loyalty.

Topic 8:Building, Retaining and Maintaining Brand Image in the Market – Studying MNCs in the UK industry

Brand image and reputation is something that companies should pay close attention to. This research will talk about leading MNCs and how they should build and retain brand image.

Topic 9:Importance of brand and reliability in automotive industry – Case of Toyota Motors

Reliability is a huge factor in building a brand. With specific focus on Toyota, this study will discuss how reliability impacts brand.

Topic 10:Building Brand Awareness and Equity through Online Marketing – Assessing its Effectiveness

This research will assess the effectiveness of online marketing in building brand awareness and equity.

Topic 11:International Brand Building in the Digital Age: The Role of Digital Marketing

Building brand with the help of digital marketing will be discussed in this research.

Topic 12:Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Management: A case of Nestle.

Giving back to the community creates a positive image of the company. This research will discuss how fulfilling corporate social responsibility helps company maintain their brand.

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Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics

Direct marketing is a marketing phenomenon that involves direct selling to customers. This includes telephone selling, email selling, direct mail selling etc. No retailer is involved in the process. The product/service flow includes only two parties, the company and the consumer. Direct marketing  allows businesses and non-profit organizations to directly communicate with customers. It relies on advertisements on the internet, television or radio.

There are different types and forms of direct marketing, with internet marketing being the most popular. Online marketing helps companies to interact directly with its customers without any middleman. In this manner, companies can gain an insight on their customers, their expectations and their feedback on the product/service.

Below is a list of topics that you can base your dissertation on under the direct marketing theme.

Topic 1:Loyalty Schemes and Direct Selling – Does it help businesses to Market Directly to Customers?

Loyalty schemes is an old but an extremely effective marketing tool. This research will discuss and analyze whether direct marketing can be done through these schemes or not.

Topic 2:How Customers can Protect Themselves from Deceitful Direct Marketing Techniques?

This study will highlight the unlawful and unethical ways companies adopt through digital marketing, and how customers can protect themselves.

Topic 3:Direct Marketing: Effects and Implications on Consumers.

The main concept, theory and framework of direct marketing will be discussed and analyzed in this research. The effects and implications of direct marketing will be the main focus of this study.

Topic 4:Do Customers Respond Differently to Direct and Digital Marketing?

Direct and digital marketing will be compared and analyzed in this research. Their responses will then be evaluated as to which one is the most effective.

Topic 5:The Relationship Between the Duration of a Voice Message on the Success of Tele-Marketing? A case of Mobile Industry.

Telemarketing is a successful marketing tool. This research will study the relationship between the duration of a voice message and how successful it is for companies operating in the mobile industry.

Topic 6:Developing a Marketing Information System for Direct Marketing: Analyzing its Effectiveness

A marketing information system is extremely essential for companies today. This research will discuss how a marketing information system can be developed and how effective it is for direct marketing.

Topic 7:The Role of Business and Artificial Intelligence in Direct Marketing – How can Companies Gain Advantage?

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing. Incorporating it in your business for marketing will help you achieve a competitive advantage. The same will be studied and evaluated in this research.

Topic 8:Internet Marketing as a Direct Marketing Technique – Assessing its Effectiveness and Profitability

Internet marketing can be used a direct marketing technique. This research will assess how effective and profitable this technique can be for businesses.

Topic 9:Protecting Consumer Data and Privacy in Direct Marketing Techniques – Evaluating its Importance

Companies do not pay much attention to customer privacy. This research will discuss how direct marketing can help companies protect customer data and privacy.

10 unexplored dissertation topics in marketing

Marketing across Cultures Dissertation Topics

Every culture is different. Thus, what is acceptable in one, may not be acceptable in the other. This is why firms must adopt different techniques while operating in different cultures. Before introducing any product, it is extremely important for companies to analyse the cultural aspect of the market. This has become a very important and deciding factor for the successful operation of a business. Cultures have a deep impact on consumer behaviour, and it plays a key role in shaping the buying behaviour as well as the attitude of customer.

There is no doubt that this marketing aspect is worth some research. Some intriguing and current dissertation topics in the field of cultures and marketing are given below:

Topic 1:Impact of Culture on the Trading Market: A Case of General Motors through an Analysis of the Imports and Exports.

Marketing is based on different cultures. This research will talk about the impact of culture on trading market with a specific focus on general motors’ imports and exports.

Topic 2:Does language impact the Identity of a Brand? A Case of Coca-Cola.

Language is an important element of a culture. This study will research and analyze whether or not language has an impact on a brand and will utilize Coca Cola as its main focus.

Topic 3:Amalgamating and Assessing the Regional Differences within the National Culture of Marketing.

This research will study the various regional differences that exist in the marketing culture and how they impact businesses.

Topic 4:The Impact of Collectivism and Individualism on Purchasing of Smart Phones.

Different cultures have a different impact on society. This research will conduct a cross cultural analysis across cultures to understand how culture impacts marketing.

Topic 5:Collectivism and individualism are elements of a culture. These will be analyzed with respect to the purchase decision of smart phones.A Cross Cultural Analysis of Marketing Techniques Across Cultures.

Different cultures have a different impact on society. This research will conduct a cross cultural analysis across cultures to understand how culture impacts marketing.

Topic 6:Cross-Cultural Marketing and how its Impacts Business – A Specific Focus on the FMCG Sector

Cross cultural marketing is utilized by companies operating in different cultures. This research will talk about how cross cultural marketing is formulated, devised and implemented in the FMCG Sector and whether it is successful for the company or not.

Topic 7:Belief, Religion and Values: Do they have an Impact upon Businesses Across the World

There can be many cultures in one market. Thus, it becomes challenging for companies to market their product according to cultures. This research will assess this issue by focusing on two different cultures.

Topic 8:Application of Marketing Mix in a Culturally Diverse Society: Assessing Two Different Cultures

There can be many cultures in one market. Thus, it becomes challenging for companies to market their product according to cultures. This research will assess this issue by focusing on two different cultures.

Topic 9:Same Marketing Tact in Different Markets: How it Leads to Business Failures

Companies cannot utilize similar marketing techniques for different cultures. This research will assess how this act can lead to failure of businesses.

Topic 10:Cultural Differences and the Subsequent Effect on Super Markets across United Kingdom.

This research will talk about how various cultural differences impact super markets operating in the united Kingdom.

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Online Marketing Dissertation Topics

When marketing evolved from traditional to online or digital marketing, it was observed that all the rules that traditional marketing followed were no longer useful. The needs and demands of the market had changed, thus online marketing emerged. Digital marketing has been a game changer in the field of marketing. New tools, new rules and new methods have set the marketing game field. Every player entering the business world needs to be well versed with all these new aspects or else it can go out of business quickly.

Online marketing helps business organizations to understand and evaluate customer’s response to a particular marketing strategy very efficiently. There are now aware of their customer behavior, trends, what they look for in a product, what are they interested in etc. However, while collecting and storing all this customer information, organizations need to ensure privacy of their consumers to avoid losing their trust. Companies are now in an era where they can efficiently interact and engage their  consumers. Based on their responses, they can devise subsequent marketing strategies. Online marketing is now a powerful marketing tool as it  allows organizations to develop specific strategies to suit the needs of their consumers.

The field of digital marketing is worth the research. You can spend hours learning about this facet of marketing, and still will be left with the urge to learn more. Some interesting topic suggestions are given below if you want to base your dissertation on online marketing.

Topic 1:Organizations and their use of Personalized Products: How do Companies Decide Who to Market?

There are times when companies launch personalized services or products for a specific group of customers. To identify this need, traditional research is not useful. Customers do not want to give out this type of information. With online marketing and its various tools, companies can now gather this data. This research will delve deep into how that happens.

Topic 2:The Role of Online Marketing in Driving Sales: Studying the Retail Sector

The main focus of this research will be to understand how the retail sector is impact through online marketing and its role.

Topic 3:Implications and Application of Online Marketing Tools.

Online marketing tools are extremely powerful. Various tools will be discussed and analyzed in this research to conclude how well they perform.

Topic 4:How can Companies Overcome the Hate Speech of Dissatisfied Customers?

With the ease of gathering data, online marketing and tools can also lead to hate speech from customers. This research will evaluate different ways through which companies can overcome this issue.

Topic 5:What Attributes are Preferred by Customers for Online Search, Purchasing and Comparison?

The different types of research, search, purchasing and comparing attributes undertaken by customers will be assessed in this study. Moreover, their impact on business will be studied.

Topic 6:The Power of Online Marketing Tools – Assessing their Effectiveness with Respect to Sales

Different marketing tools will be analyzed and studied in this research. They will be assessed on the basis of their effectiveness with respect to sales.

Topic 7:Analysis of Change in Behaviour of Customers in Offline and Online Marketing.

Online and offline marketing is extremely different. This research will analyze how customers behave differently in an online marketing setting as compared to offline marketing setting.

Topic 8:Impact of Appearance and Visual Effects for Online Marketing.

Online marketing utilizes different appearance and visual effects to attract customers. This research will analyze how effective these techniques are for the company.

Topic 9:Website and E-Commerce – Do they Impact Customer Behavior? A Case Study of the UK Fashion Industry

With online marketing, it is essential that you have a website, and an online store if you’re selling products. The impact of both, website and e-commerce on marketing in the UK fashion industry will be assessed.


The 4Ps (Price, Product, Promotion, Place) of Marketing Mix Dissertation Topics

Price, product, promotion and place are also known as the four pillars of marketing. Referred to as marketing mix, these four components help companies make decisions related to a product and/or marketing strategy.These four factors (4Ps) are the key ingredients of a successful marketing strategy since they allow for an in depth analysis of both the market and marketing strategies concerning any particular product. The companies analyse the culture, the product itself and the pricing of other similar products to gain a competitive edge for their business and production processes.

To understand more about these components and how they impact businesses, you can conduct a research in this area. Some relevant topics in this area of marketing are listed below for you to base your dissertation on:

Topic 1:Understanding the Importance of Location for Customers Starbucks USA vs Starbucks UAE

Location has a great impact on the company’s sales and marketing efforts. This research will assess how impact location is for customers by comparing Starbucks located in US and in the UAE.

Topic 2:Pricing War Between Competitors: Analyzing the Case of Coca-Cola and Pepsi

Companies usually price their product with respect to competitors to stay relevant and to help their products succeed. This research will analyze how competitors price their products by assessing pricing strategies of Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Topic 3:Impact of point-of-purchase promotion on sales: A Case Study of ZARA.

Promotions are an effective way of selling products. This research will study point of purchase promotion and its impact by focusing on ZARA.

Topic 4:Product Packaging and its Impact on Buying Decision – An Exploratory Analysis

The packaging of a product has a huge impact on the buying and purchasing decision of customers. This research will conduct an exploratory analysis to understand this impact.

Topic 5:International pricing strategies and its Impact on the Brand Image: A Case Study of iTunes.

Pricing strategies may or may not differ in different locations. This research will analyze whether  iTunes has gained or not by its pricing strategies in different locations.

Topic 6:Impact of Price Adjustment Strategies in Online and Offline Setting

Prices vary in different setting. This research will study the price strategy adjustment in online and offline marketing.

Topic 7:Should Online Reviews and Word of Mouth be a New Component in the Marketing Mix?

Word of mouth and online reviews have proved to be extremely effective marketing tools in recent times. These components with respect to marketing mix will be studied in this research.

Topic 8:Difference between Online and Offline Promotions – How do They Impact Brand Image

A variety of marketing promotion techniques exist. This research will talk about the different online and offline promotional tools and how they impact brand image.

Topic 9:Impact of Traditional Promotions vs Social Media Promotions – Analyzing Burberry’s Promotional Campaigns.

Social media promotional campaigns gain a lot of traction. With specific focus on Burberry’s promotional campaigns, this research will analyze traditional and social media campaigns.

Topic 10:Effect of Premium Pricing Strategies on Consumers. A case of Apple Products.

Of different pricing strategies, premium pricing strategies are adopted for luxury products. The effect of this type of pricing strategy on luxury products (Apple products) will be analyzed in this study.

Topic 11:Impact of Cultural Values in Promotional Activities.

Culture has a huge impact of marketing efforts of a company. This research will talk about the various cultural values and how they impact promotional activities of businesses.

Topic 12:Placing Products in a Central Location and Ease of Access: Assessing its Impact on Customers.

Location effects the sales of products and services. This research will assess the impact of customers when products are placed in a central location and when they are offered ease of access.

Topic 13:Influence of celebrity endorsement on Sale: A Comparative Analysis of Nike and Reebok

Celebrity endorsement is a highly effective way to increase sales. A comparative analysis between celebrity endorsement done by Nike and Reebok will be evaluated in this research.

Topic 14:Impact of Promotions upon Customer’s Perception.

Customers may or may not change their perception after marketing promotion efforts. This research will discuss whether promotions can change perceptions or not.

Topic 15:Analyzing the Impact on of Cartoon Characters for Children.

Products marketed towards children are tricky to market. This research will study whether including a cartoon character to attract children helps businesses or not.


Marketing and Consumer Psychology Dissertation Topics

Marketing is fundamentally based on consumer behavior. Studying consumer behaviour helps businesses understand the customer in a batter manner. Not only this, it also helps them to improve their marketing strategies by understanding the problems of a consumer with specific focus on their perception of products. It is very important to understand the psychology of consumers and the various influences that the environment may have on their psychology. Studying these behaviors and patterns helps companies understand how they should target their customers and what aspects they should focus on.

Consumer psychology comes in very handy for online marketing. When marketing digitally, companies have little or no information regarding their consumers. Thus, understanding their way of thinking, their behavior, their buying patterns, trends etc. helps businesses understand what the customer actually expects.

Study of consumer behaviour is very interesting, and therefore provides an ideal topic for dissertations.

Topic 1:An Investigation of Consumer Psychology and Perceptions and Their Impact on Marketing Fashion Products

Consumer psychology and their perceptions will be evaluated in this research. These two factors with respect to marketing of fashion products will be assessed.

Topic 2:How does Consumer Knowledge Effect the Purchase of Products and their Buying Decision

Consumer knowledge influences their buying or purchasing decision. This research will talk about how this knowledge and its impact effects marketing decisions of a company.

Topic 3:The Impact of Negative Publicity on Consumer Behavior.

Consumers cannot be tricked. They are aware when companies are utilizing techniques or tools to create a negative image of other companies. This research will talk about such techniques and their impact on consumers.

Topic 4:Consumer Attitude Towards In-Store Shopping and Online Shopping in Wall-Mart.

This research will investigate the attitude of customers shopping in-store (physical stores) versus customers shopping online (digital stores). Walmart customers will be the focus.

Topic 5:Understanding Consumer Psychology to Devise Effective Marketing Strategies.

Customer psychology will first be discussed in this research. Then, the research will talk how effective marketing strategies will be devised.

Topic 6:Assessing the Consumer Behaviour and Perceptions with Respect to Luxury

This research will talk about consumer behavior when customers opt for luxury products i.e. what drives them to purchase high priced products.

Topic 7:Measuring Consumer Response to New Products Launched by Nestle.

Companies should always measure consumer response to assess their marketing activities. This research will discuss different ways through which customer response to new products launched by nestle, is assessed.

Topic 8:Consumer Perceptions related to Discounts and Promotions when Purchasing Products.

Every customer like to purchase products at a discounted prices. This research will discuss consumer perceptions with respect to discounts, sales and promotions when purchasing products.

Topic 9:Creating Profitable Relationships with Consumers.

This research will talk about the various ways through which companies can create profitable relationships with customers.

Topic 10:Switching Costs – Do Consumers Really Think About it while Abandoning a Brand

There are different reasons for switching a brand or abandoning it completely. These reasons will be the main focus of this research, and customer perceptions will also be studied.

Marketing and Social Networks Dissertation Topics

Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) have played a decisive role towards how people use the internet and make online purchases. In today’s business world, companies need to understand these social networks and tools from a marketing perspective. Businesses who do not make use of the different social media platforms are completely out of the race. This is the power of social networks in today’s corporate world. Not only is it competitive, these networks help companies in interacting with their customers and gain feedback in real time. This means that they can launch a product, post and market about it on social networks, and assess customer reaction. Companies have done really well by utilizing these platforms, and it is extremely necessary for all businesses to have a social media presence and interact with customers.

However, it should be noted that there are a variety of challenges which are being faced by organizations using social media as a tool to market their products and services. Social media can make or break things for businesses. If done rightly and if the accounts are handled appropriately, there is nothing that can stop the business from achieving success. However, one small mistake can cause a lot of trouble for the company. The backlash on social media is extreme and the company will have to spend months to bring back its reputation.

Thus, considering the challenging nature of these platforms, it is interesting to conduct researches and studies around various related topics. The following is a list of topics that can be undertaken as a part of social networks and marketing dissertation:

Topic 1:The Role of Facebook as a Marketing Tool.

Facebook marketing is very powerful. The research will talk about how rich this tool is, how it helps marketers and how companies can achieve their marketing objectives by using facebook ads manager.

Topic 2:Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing Evaluating the Success Rate

Social media marketing is the new trend. But, does it really reap results? This will be the main focus of this research, and the results of online marketing and traditional marketing methods will be compared.

Topic 3:Building Relationships with Customers through Social Media.
Topic 4:Social media not only helps in networking and connecting people, but also helps companies get in touch with their customers. This research will talk about companies use it as a medium to build relationships with their customers.
Topic 5:How Social Media Influences Consumers’ Buying Preferences

Social media trends are followed by everyone. This research will discuss how these trends are shaped and how its influences the buying and purchasing decision of customers.

Topic 6:How Businesses gather Information from Social Media: A Deep Insight into Customer Privacy Concerns

A lot is argued about the loss of privacy and data for online customers. This research will investigate the various ways through which data is collected online, and whether or not there are data security breaches.

Topic 7:Consumer Perception of Social Media Marketing and its Impact on Brand Image

Consumer perception regarding social media marketing will be assessed in this research. Moreover, the impact of this perception on brand image will be evaluated.

Topic 8:Is Banner Advertisement a Good Idea in Social Media Marketing? A Global Comparative Analysis.

Online Banner advertisements are utilized by almost all companies in the market. This research will discuss various banner advertisement campaigns and their effectiveness.

Topic 9:The Role of Online Stores in Traditional Marketing Mix.

The traditional marketing mix does not take into consideration online marketing. This research will talk about the important of online and social media marketing in the corporate world today, and the role of online stores in the marketing mix.

Topic 10:Why is There a Focus on the use of Facebook for Marketing rather than Other Platforms for Social Media Marketing?

Facebook advertising is considered as the most powerful amongst all other social media marketing tools. There are various reasons due to which facebook is considered as a powerful tool. All these will be discussed, analyzed and evaluated in this research.

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Marketing Ethics Dissertation Topics

Marketing ethics is a thought provoking issue in the field of marketing. Where marketers are making efforts to run effective and profitable marketing campaigns for their companies, they should also consider that marketing ethics are considered.

The continuous evolution of customer’s attitude and power of media has a significant impact on businesses throughout the world. People nowadays are more concerned about the firm behaviour and use of ethics employed by their marketing experts. Organisations are more concerned about their corporate social responsibility programmes and the values of the society. Companies must run various social corporate responsibility campaigns, not only to create a good reputation, but also to give back to the community. These campaigns indeed help businesses to build reputation and become a preferred brand for consumers. Acts such as animal cruelty and use of prohibited products hit hard and a company can lose its long built strong reputation in a matter of minutes. There are various ethical concerns which organisations must abide by in order to have a successful operating and marketing campaign.

A dissertation on marketing ethics can be based on any of the following topics:

Topic 1:Ethics and Consumer Perception: What do Consumers Really Expect from Companies?

Corporate and marketing ethics are extremely important for companies. This research will talk about what customers expect from company in terms of ethics and how it shapes their perceptions.

Topic 2:Impact of Unethical Behaviour of Organisation on Sales: Studying Unsuccessful Marketing Campaigns.

Unethical organizational behavior leads to unsuccessful marketing campaigns. The main focus of this research will be the unethical behaviors undertaken by companies and how it adversely affects their sales.

Topic 3:How Firms Mislead People to Enhance Product Sales and The Effect this has on their Business

A number of companies mislead their consumers only to enhance their sales. This research will discuss the different ways through which companies mislead people and the impact it has on their business.

Topic 4:How Country Laws Shape Business and Marketing

When operating in a country, companies have to abide by the laws, rules and regulations set out by the government. This research will talk about how these laws and regulations shape the business environment.

Topic 5:Ethical Considerations and Brand Loyalty.

This research will discuss whether or not ethical business operations has an impact on brand loyalty or do consumers continue to buy from companies who operate unethically.

Topic 6:Spam Laws and Online Marketing – An Analysis

Online marketing has its own rules. Companies have to abide by spam laws or else they will be blacklisted. These rules and how companies should abide by them will be analyzed in this study.

Topic 7:Exploring the Relationship Between Marketing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies have a responsibility to fulfill. They have to give back to the community, thus operate with a corporate social responsibility. This research will discuss whether or not marketing ethics are directly related to corporate social responsibility

Topic 8:Building Company Reputation and Brand Equity through Various Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

The main focus of this research will be to explore whether or not company reputation or brand equity be built by corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Topic 9:Do Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns Impact Consumer Purchase Decisions?

This research will explore whether cause related marketing has an impact of consumer purchase decisions or not.

Topic 10:Public Relations and Consumer Boycotts: Learning Lessons from Shell and Nestle

Consumers can boycott a company based on a variety of reasons. This research will discuss the different reasons why consumers boycott and how it impacts public relations, with a special focus on Shell and Nestle.

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