Who Are Research Prospect Ltd!

A company that is trusted by thousands of students across the globe. As one of the pioneers in the field, we regularly improve and add to our services portfolio to ensure our customers are getting the best possible help in order to achieve their desired academic grades, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.


Company Formation

Dr. Tariq, S. established the firm in Sep 2011 and since then all our operations are being conducted with one simple aim in mind – to become the leading academic support company. The guarantees and service features introduced by Tariq back then were in line with the vision of the company and they eventually helped Research Prospect to become the leader of the academic writing industry. 

Over the last several years, Research Prospect has established itself as one of the most dependable and popular academic support firms particularly among international students who keep coming back to us because we stand with them in their time of dire need. 

Team of Expert Academics

Since incorporation, our company's focus has been on hiring highly qualified academics who are experts in the academic subjects they specialize in. This gives us the chance to find a suitable writer for each order regardless of how complex and urgent the requirements might appear. All our writers hold a minimum of 2:1 Master’s degree which enables us to deliver high-quality academic papers, each and every time.


Years in Business


Million Words Written




In-House Staff

Research Prospect – Historical Timeline

2011 - The First Step

Tarik started a small website www.researchprospect.com with the aim to help engineering students with academic research and writing. Tarik managed the website and also wrote model papers for engineering students. Tarik was a UK Ph.D. qualified engineer who obtained his doctorate degree from Loughborough University.

2014 - Company Formation

Tarik formed a company and assembled a small team of developers and internet marketing experts to help him manage the website designing and marketing so he could focus on finding highly qualified and talented academic writers in various academic subjects.

2015 - Online Ordering System

Our team of web developers designed and launched a unique online ordering system that enabled our customers to easily place an order for any of our services and send through information to our writers they will need to produce high-quality academic paper.

2016 - Free Dissertation Topics

We became the first company in the UK to provide free custom dissertation topics. Our free dissertation topic service enables students to develop a dissertation paper on a topic in line with their interests.

March 2017 - New Services

We launched the Reflective Report Writing and the Academic Poster Writing Service for our customers.

December 2017 - A Big Milestone!

We hit a big milestone – serving our 5,000th customer – thank you everyone for showing trust in Research Prospect.

2018 - Improving Convenience

We revamped our website to ensure the new design is user-friendly and provides detailed yet relevant information for each product.

July 2019 - Partnerships

We began our partnership with www.sitejabber.com and www.trustpilot.com – the world’s leading independent reviews websites.

October 2019 - Writing Samples

We updated all professional samples of our website to provide our clients with an insight into the quality, depth, and focus of work they can expect from our writers.

November 2020 - In-House CMS

We moved to our newly built in-house CMS to manage and allocate orders to the most suitable writer. We are continuously working on this system to ensure each of our writers gets to work on orders that are relevant to their academic background and expertise.

Ready To Place Your Order?


Why Research Prospect?

Trusted by Students Since 2011!

Research Prospect is a UK-based firm. No matter what stage of education you are in, our bespoke academic assistance services and free library material can help you get past your anxieties and grief.

All papers written by our writers are guaranteed to be 100% plagiarism-free, incorporate in-depth research & analysis, and written to your exact requirements.

We are here to answer any question you may have about our services. Interested in placing an order? Fill out our simple and easy order form to get started.

Unlimited Revisions

We are the only company in the UK offering free revisions. Only you decide whether the work delivered to you 100% meets your requirements and expectations. We are not done with your order until you are fully satisfied with the quality and content of the paper.


Professional UK Qualified Writers

Quality has always been our strength. Since 2011, our team of expert academic writers has provided academic research support to thousands of students.

We have a large team of academic writers holding a minimum of a 2:1 Master's degree from reputed UK universities. Our HR specialists have years of experience in the student writing industry and they know exactly the skills and qualifications we seek in our writers.

All work completed by our writers is guaranteed to be 100% unique, 100% plagiarism free and fully referenced.

Unparalleled Customer Services

Research Prospect’s helpful and friendly customer services staff work tirelessly throughout the process to ensure each of our customers is completely satisfied with our services. Our aim is not to get people to place their order, but to help them achieve the grades they desire and turn academic hardships into a pleasant experience.


What Makes Us Different?

Client Support

Our focus lies in Service. No matter how difficult your order is, you will find us accommodating and helpful at all times.

Team of Expert Academics

Our strict recruitment criteria helps us to make sure that our writers are adequately qualified and capable because you deserve nothing less than the best.

Because We Believe in Compassion

Research Prospect is all about You!

We offer specialized help that meets client satisfaction. We never compromise on Quality and Commitment, and this ideology has helped us to become the UK’s leading academic writing service provider of guaranteed 1st and 2:1 standard essays and dissertations. Our writers have completed thousands of projects to exact requirements, and we take pride in stating that our clients have achieved their desired academic grades through our service.

We fully understand how much pressure modern-day students have to deal with to achieve high academic grades and improve their employment prospects as they enter the professional world. Our regular clients have greatly improved their academic performance and consistently achieved higher grades by allowing our expert writers to share their knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Value for Money

Research Prospect Ltd has never aimed to become the cheapest academic writing service. This is because we truly believe in the value of your education. We pay our writers in accordance with their experience and skills, encouraging them to complete each piece of work to the highest possible academic standard. However, we make sure to provide our services at competitive prices.

We claim to be the best and most reliable essay writing service in the UK, and the claim is supported by the highest level of guarantees we provide. Since entering the essay writing industry, Research Prospect has set new benchmarks in terms of quality and commitment.
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