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Graphic Design Dissertation Topics & Titles

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Looking for some exciting graphic design research topics for your dissertation? We’ve got you covered. Get your graphic design dissertation topics from our experts.

Whether you’re a student or an active professional, graphics design needs you to be spontaneous. This implies possessing the power to return with distinctive and original work once functioning on a client’s project or a graphic design thesis for your lecturer. It’s one profession that depends entirely on creativity.

Graphic design is in the spotlight everywhere in the United States of America. From easy ad ways that we might read on the TV to advanced animation styles and interactive deposit exhibitions.

This helps to produce an array of various opportunities for finishing a fascinating and innovative graphic design dissertation, with there being a variety of various topic square measures that are prone to more analyses.

A graphic design dissertation is conducted to check your information and learning capabilities. In graphic designing dissertations, you may complete your study on the impacts and effects of style components in varied business sectors of the globe. This may assist you in building an understanding of how things are operating within the skilled world.

If you’re dawdling pondering a groundbreaking graphic designing dissertation topic, then you should stop pondering this much. Bobbing up with a dissertation topic isn’t a piece of cake.

It needs considerable expertise and business information to search out that one drawback already there; however, no one highlighted it. Ideation is a robust method that comes before generating a subject for your dissertation.

Your graphic design thesis topic is barely nearly as good as your graphic-style dissertation plan. Each square measure is interconnected.

So, you’re a graphic designing student with complete command over all the main subjects of your field. However, you have got no clue about the way to write a dissertation. The bulk of graphic planning students can relate to it. To return with a graphic designing dissertation topic, you need information and knowledge of dissertation writing.

Another thing to be mindful of when selecting a topic is the availability of literature since undergraduate and graduate-level dissertations. Unlike PhD. Dissertations, have a smaller scope and do not aim to change course or invent a new concept, so the available literature can be of great help in determining the goal, content, and methodology.

The supporting evidence can help you to fortify and strengthen the arguments presented in your dissertation. At ResearchProspect, we make sure that you choose a topic that is relevant, recent, and interesting. We understand the challenges of being a media student, as with each passing day, something new comes up that takes the world by storm.

Considering the dynamic nature of your subject, our team suggests topics that will help in getting approval you’re your professors instantly. You can also get back to us to either edit the topic or add a few missing elements.

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2022 Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

Research Aim: The aim of this study is to critically interpret the effectiveness of using graphic design in advanced marketing strategies to increase conversion of the target audience by UK retailers.


  • To identify the suitability of graphic designing for marketing purposes.
  • To demonstrate the relevance of using graphic designing in advanced marketing to increase conversion of the target audience in the UK retail sector.
  • To provide valid recommendations to UK retailers about how they can strategically use graphic designing in advanced marketing practices aiming to increase conversion of the target audience.

Research Aim: The aim of this research study is to investigate the growing practice of graphic design to use visual arts in healthcare. For an insightful understanding, the study will focus on the initiative taken by the NHS.


  • To analyse the relevance of using graphic design to create visual arts specifically for healthcare purposes.
  • To describe the initiative taken by the NHS for creating visual arts with the help of graphic design and their purposeful utilisation in healthcare.
  • To recommend strategies to ensure the best level of use of graphic design for creating visual arts in healthcare thereby meeting the goals of the NHS.

Research Aim: The present research study aims to describe the current trend of graphic communication by using graphic designs to strengthen brand identity and recognition in UK online fashion brands.


  • To study the ongoing trend of graphic communication by using graphic designs and their effectiveness.
  • To examine how the UK online fashion brands rely on graphic communication to strengthen brand identity and recognition by using the means of graphic designing.
  • To provide a set of recommendations for ensuring the best level utilisation of graphic designs for improved graphic communication.

Research Aim: The aim of this study is to examine the benefits of extensive use of graphic designs in branding that can ensure cost and time efficiency in UK SMEs.


  • To carry out a discussion on the advantageous effects of graphic designing in the area of marketing.
  • To determine how branding can be improved by using graphic designs, which leads towards cost and time efficiency in UK SMEs.
  • To suggest the best possible strategies and ways of using graphic designs to improve time and cost efficiency in UK SMEs.

Research Aim: The aim of this study is to analyse the relevance of using 3D printing and CAD software by professional graphic designers. The research study will focus on the activities and use of these technologies in the UK construction industry.


  • To make a clear idea about the use of 3D printing and CAD software by graphic designers.
  • To shed light on the use of 3D printing technology and CAD software used by graphic designers in the UK construction industry.
  • To provide valid recommendations to the UK construction companies for helping graphic designers with the use of 3D printing and CAD software.

Graphic Design Dissertation Topics

Research aim: This dissertation topic can elaborate on how organizations and companies rely on graphics to be distinctive and different brands in the town. You can also emphasize how significant graphic design is to mould your business and increase more sales.

Research Aim: Graphic design plays a vital role in web development. In your dissertation, you can tell how graphic design appeals to the audience and how it can bring traffic to your website. As a graphic designer, you can also tell the history of web development and the role played by a graphic designer.

Research Aim: Visual Hierarchy is one of the most necessary principles behind attractive web design is the distinction between a website that strategically influences user flow  that “looks nice.”  You can add the importance of visual hierarchy in the design.

Research Aim: Psychology data helps build the look which can make users perform the actions they’re expected, like creating an acquisition or contacting the team. Designers may see psychological science as an advanced approach to enhance the look.

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Research Aim: There are many challenges that graphic design faces in the industry. You can highlight topics such as Visual Branding and Project direction in your dissertation.

Research Aim: In this dissertation topic, you can explain which tools are used by graphic designers and photographers. For what purpose tools are used, and what are the similarities in them.

Research Aim: In this dissertation topic, you can discuss the evolution of graphic design during this period of Great Britain in 1978. Discuss how these movements increased the passion for graphic design and what its impact was on youth.

Research Aim: In this research paper, you can elaborate on how graphic designing was introduced in the 20th century. How people took it, and how did graphic designing become popular.

Research Aim: You can discuss how graphic designing helped in the evolution of corporate identity. Discuss how brand logos helped increase companies sales by graphic designing, also add a part to empower people towards graphic designing.

Research Aim: In this dissertation topic, you can tell how graphic design helps send messages to others by different means, i-e: images or videos. You can also discuss how graphic design works in marketing and how far it is successful.

Research Aim: Discuss in your dissertation paper the possibilities to create a graphic product with a low budget. You can also name some companies or individuals who make graphic design on a low budget.

Research Aim: There was a need for visual language at the time of TV birth.  Many individuals worked on this and set the standards that still influence what is shown on TV.

Research Aim: This would be the best topic to discuss how computer graphic designers helped increase the scope of graphic designing. Does this profession still attract people? Does this profession still worth it?

Research Aim: In this dissertation paper, you may write about this well-known graphic designer who created many memorable logos and made many contributions to graphic designing. You can also quote other designers too who can be an inspiration for others.

Research Aim: Graphic design has so much innovation from the last decade till now. In your dissertation topic, you can discuss some main trends like 3d design and typography, Art deco and Isometric design etc.

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Research Aim: Women have fought for equal chances in every field, like leadership, economic platforms, and politics. You can elaborate on how women are more creative and how they are taking part in graphic designing and making marks.

Research Aim: In your dissertation paper, you can tell that the typical graphic designer career path starts with the junior designer, which leads to senior designers, art directors, motion artists, web developers, and many more careers. You can empower youth to opt for these professions.

Research Aim: AI is one of the most demanding and latest niches in IT. You can elaborate on how AI to help designers to make designs faster, efficiently, and cheaply. Moreover, you can talk about how AI can also take over designing and neglect humanly efforts.

Research Aim: Appealing and fanaticizing product packaging can play an essential role in increasing your sales. You can tell how packaging can attract consumers to buy the product. For example, vibrant colours are used in cosmetic packaging

Research Aim: Improving your website’s style will boost its credibility, which will cause multiplied sales for your company. You can add how an appealing website can make your sales double or more increased.

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