5 Dissertation Topics on Architecture

How to find a good dissertation topic
How to Find A Good Dissertation Topic
September 19, 2018
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April 17, 2019

5 Dissertation Topics on Architecture

Dissertation Topics On Architecture

Struggling to find interesting dissertation topics on architecture?


Architecture is one of the most historical academic subjects, and can be summarized as the “study of the art, science and business of buildings”. Students of architecture have a flair of designing buildings, are aware of the latest construction trends and possess strong engineering and business sense. Architects are responsible for designing homes, offices, shopping malls, religious places like temples, churches, mosques etc. They design these places keeping in mind the purpose for which the building will be used, and the sense of culture that the people want to inculcate in the building.  Preserving culture and translating the same into the building is another art that only architects possess or else, people will be unable to relate themselves to the structure.

The subject of architecture also includes the study of understanding people’s culture, and the emotions or vibes they want their places to possess. For instance, when architects design a house, they should keep in mind the needs of the owner, the feel they want and the type of building they want constructed. For instance, when building a house, there are people who like their homes to be bold with bright colors etc., while on the other hand, there are people who look for a comfortable space where they can relax and spend some comforting time with their family. When building religious places, museums, and other historical buildings, architects study history to understand the type of building that needs to be built. Thus, all these aspects combined help in translating history, culture and emotions while designing the house.

As vast as the field is, it is important that it is researched in-depth to understand the intricacies that the subject holds. Thus, here are five dissertation topics on architecture that will help in exploring the subject:

Preserving and Portraying Culture through Structures

Research Aim: This is extremely challenging for architects. Preserving, as well as portraying culture through structures is something that is done for public buildings, which include museums, traditional hallways etc. Architects are handed over the job to preserve the history through building structures so that people visiting the place get a feel of the era that the building aims to preserve and portray. This research will discuss how architects perform this challenging job i.e. how do they build and work on structures to portray history or an incident when building a place. Different types of methods and concepts regarding history preservation in building structures will be discussed, which will help readers understand how architects satisfy these requirements.

Can Architecture Redefine a City? An Analysis

Research Aim: Redefining a city through architecture is one of the most inspiring tasks that architects undertake. There is no doubt that this task is daunting; however, this is what architects are trained for, to take up challenging tasks. Restructuring or redefining a city through architecture means construction of buildings according to the city’s culture and changing or restructuring buildings with respect to the culture. This research will talk about how architecture transforms cities through its structures and buildings. Building or restructuring a few important and selected buildings helps in redefining the city, thus this thesis will also talk about how these buildings are chosen strategically, and how they play a huge role in changing the outlook and feel of the city.

Evaluating Architecture’s Role in Building a Better and Modern Future through Building Designs

Research Aim: Architecture plays a huge role in designing buildings and creating a future for the people. This is exactly why architects are handed over the job to rebuild and restructure cities by designing buildings that are in line with the current trends and design. While structure is the root of any building, buildings are the main attraction of the city. Thus, they are regarded as the primary way to make a city look futuristic. This research will be conducted with the aim to understand the relation between building designs and creating better and modern designed buildings in a city. Furthermore, the role of architecture in this whole process will be evaluated in the thesis.

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Investigating the Effectiveness of Organic Structures for Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Research Aim: Designing, structuring and building for indoor and outdoor spaces are completely different tasks. You need to consider a lot of aspects when designing something for outdoor such as the weather, and other conditions. However, on the other hand, for indoor structures and buildings, aspects such as culture, etc. need to be looked into. This research will talk about as to how organic structures are effective for indoor, as well as, outdoor spaces. Furthermore, this research will also talk about the different ways indoor and outdoor spaces are designed and what common aspects are considered for both.

Computer Aided Designs: How Have they Helped Architects?

Research Aim: Technology has taken over every field, and architecture is no different. With different software and programs being created, architects can now build and design structures and buildings in a much lesser time as compared to the old times, when things were done manually. With computer aided designs, architects can now get a picture of how their project will look like without having to build it, actually. With these designs, they can instantly make changes where and when required. This helps them with getting the final structure and building designed without any flaw. This research will discuss how computer aided designs have helped architects reduce their work time and increase efficiency. In addition to this, the thesis will also talk about as to how buildings are designed and structured with perfection, without any flaws.

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