Dissertation Topics on the Sexual Harassment of Women

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Dissertation Topics on the Sexual Harassment of Women


Sexual harassment of women is a sensitive and serious issue. With each passing day, the number of female victims is on the rise. Be it college, workplace or any random place such as parks, shopping malls etc., sexual harassment happens everywhere. The number is increasing due to various reasons – the main reason being the women not coming out and speaking about it. Despite facing all the troubles, many women choose not to fight against it, which encourages the predators to repeat their horrendous act time and again. Another possible reason is the unclear laws and regulations concerning the issue. A number of countries still do not have any law in place to punish the harassers. When there is no punishment for them, they easily get away with it.

Sexual harassment leaves a huge impact on the victim. A lot of women have been reported to have taken months and years to recover from the mental trauma they go through in such incidents. Thus, coping up is another important issue associated with sexual harassment. This topic should be researched further to help victims as to how they can avoid being harassed, what they should do about it i.e. how they should voice their experience, and how they can cope with it. Here are a few dissertation topics on sexual harassment of women that will help you to learn more about the topic:

Factors Influencing Sexual Harassment Of Women

Research Aim: In order to learn about Sexual Harassment, it is extremely important that the factors behind them are understood. This does not mean that these factors can be justified as a cause of the rising rate of sexual harassment; however, studying these factors will help in understanding as to what triggers this act and how it can be avoided. This research will talk about the different attitudes and factors that lead to violence against women. Thus, the research will provide a detailed analysis as to how these attitudes and factors lead to sexual harassment, and they will then be evaluated from a personality perspective as to how it influences people to involve in such activities.

Sexual Harassment Whistle Blowing: A study of predictors and outcomes

Research Aim: A lot of women do not speak up against sexual harassment, even after falling victim to it. They are afraid of the society, and the blame game that comes along with it. However, this should not be the case. This research will be conducted in order to change the minds of women as to how and why they should report sexual harassment. Reporting and speaking about sexual harassment is the first and most important step towards fighting it. Thus, this research will discuss in detail the different methods as to how sexual harassment can be reported, what are the different signs and predictors of harassment (as a lot of women are unable to identify the act as sexual harassment), and will also explore in depth the outcomes of reporting such incidents.

The Objectification Theory: How it Leads to Sexual Harassment of Women

Research Aim: The objectification theory is a framework that assists in understanding the experiential consequences of being a female in the society where they are objectified sexually, and are seen as beings whose worth is equated with her sexual functions and body’s appearance. This research will analyze this theory in detail and will talk as to how men use this theory in order to exploit females. There are a lot of proponents of this theory i.e. they believe that women are only to be used to fulfill sexual desires. Thus, with this theory, they justify their act of sexual harassment. In addition to this, the objectification theory also intervenes to help women lead a normal life according to her will in the society. Thus, studying both aspects of the theory is extremely important.

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Sexual Harassment of Women: Studying Male Behavior and their Proclivities

Research Aim: In order to conduct an in-depth analysis on the subject of sexual harassment of women, it is extremely important that male behavior is studied. A lot of males are reported to be suffering from psychological disorders due to which they engage in such activities. While, a lot of them do not suffer from any disorder, and engage in sexual harassment because of different reasons. In certain situations and societies, men consider themselves as superior beings and think that they have rights over women. However, in other cases, they are inclined towards this behavior due to different reasons. This research will talk about all such reasons that lead to sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment of Female Students by Male Professors: Exploring the Dynamics of Authority, Power and Gender

Research Aim: Apart from workplaces, sexual harassment is extremely common in colleges and universities, as well. Female students are harassed on a regular basis by their peers, friends and even professors. This study will talk about how a few male professors who claim to be well educated are sexual predators. Such professors offer higher grades and marks to the victims. Also, they threat them to award them a failing grade if they speak up or disclose details about the incident. This research will talk about how power and authority are used as a means to sexually harass women, and how female students should speak up about such incidents without any fear.

Women Coping with Sexual Harassment – How do Victims Respond?

Research Aim: There are numerous cases where females find it extremely hard to cope up with sexual harassment. If such an incident happens during childhood, it hampers the personality of the individual and they grow up with fear and anxiety. Women go through a lot after being harassed sexually. They lose their self-confidence and their self-esteem is shattered. This makes it very difficult for them to get back to their normal routine and lead a normal life. This research will talk about different coping methods for females who have being victimized. Various coping mechanisms will be discussed in order to help all female victims get back to their normal life.

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Consequences of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

Research Aim: Women harassment at workplace is common. Research suggests that about one third of the females working in organizations have experienced sexual harassment. Sexual harassment destroys the self-confidence and self-belief that women have in them. They suffer a lot, and they suffer in silence. This causes even more problems, as they do not share their experiences and do not talk about the incident that took place. The consequences are grave, thus it is extremely essential for all victims to speak up. This research will discuss in detail the different consequences of harassing women at workplace.

Can Sexual Harassment of Women be Avoided? A Multivariate Analysis

Research Aim: As unfortunate as the incident is, it is extremely even more unfortunate that such instances have not been eliminated from the society till date. Even though a lot of campaigns and awareness is being created, a huge number of victims have still not spoken up about their experiences. This research will gather data from different countries and societies where sexual harassment is on the rise, and where women are being abused on a regular basis. This will help in collecting data from a wide population so that better solutions can be provided as to how this horrendous act can be eliminated from the society.

Reporting Sexual Harassers: Understanding Psychological and Legal Implications Of Women’s Responses

Research Aim: Voicing your opinion against harassers is the biggest step towards the improvement of the society. Reporting harassers will not only help you, but will save a lot of women from being harassed in the future. There are certain laws and regulations regarding sexual harassment. Once you’ve spoken about your incident and identified the harasser, there is no way the harasser can escape law. Not only will you find justice by reporting them, but you will also be at peace. You will be able to make sure that your psychological health is in check, and if in case it had been disturbed, by reporting the incident, you will be able to improve it. Thus, this research will talk about all these aspects in detail to encourage women to speak up regarding their experiences.

A Study of the Psychological Consequences and other Mental Disorders Associated with Sexual Harassment of Women

Research Aim: Sexual harassment of women has a lot of consequences. Most of them disturb the woman’s mental health. Depending on their experience, some become psychotic, and some suffer from mental illnesses. However, these are extreme consequences and occur in extreme cases only. This dissertation will discuss the different mental disorders that are a result of sexual harassment. Furthermore, the research will also talk about the psychological issues that women go through when they are harassed sexually. This research will be done to help people understand how grave the consequences can be, and how should women be treated after they’ve been through such an incident, and also after they’ve reported it.

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