5 Dissertation Topics on Islamic Finance

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September 18, 2018
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5 Dissertation Topics on Islamic Finance

Islamic Financing Dissertation Ideas

Need intriguing and manageable dissertation topics on Islamic finance to choose from?


Islamic finance is a means of finance that is followed and undertaken by financial corporations (banks and lending institutions) in the Muslim world and, also by Islamic companies operating in the Western world. Islamic finance helps these companies raise finance in accordance with Sharia law, also known as Islamic law. Islamic finance also refers to the different types of investments that are allowed under the Sharia or Islamic law.

Islamic law outlines certain rules and regulations that need to be followed. One main rule of understanding Islamic banking and finance is the avoidance of interest (also known as riba). Since Islamic law views interest payments as something that favors the lender, who is charging interest at the expense of the borrower, these payments are considered as haram (prohibited) under the Islamic law of finance. In contrast to the traditional banking method, Islamic finance and banking work with the sole purpose of contributing to the socio-economic goals of the society by placing its focus on profit-sharing schemes. Profit banking, under which the financial institution shares its profits and losses, is considered as halal (permissible) under the Islamic law of finance. On the other hand, traditional banking is based on earning profits, be it through halal or haram means of doing business, which is why, this form of banking is discouraged under Islamic rules and teachings.

Considering Islamic Finance as a burgeoning field, it is imperative that this topic is studied in-depth. Here are five dissertation topics on Islamic finance that will help study the subject comprehensively:

Evaluating the Islamic Types of Investments – Which One is the Most Profitable?

Research Aim: Islamic Finance is a vast field. To understand how it works, and what opportunities it presents, it is extremely important that we understand in depth what it has to offer. Amongst the different types of Islamic finances available, the various source of Islamic funds etc., there are different types of Islamic investments one can invest in. Considering the fact that Islam as a religion does not allow interest earning on any type of investments, this study will be an extremely interesting one. The thesis will discuss all different types of Islamic investments that are available, and the type of returns they offer. Each and every investment instrument will be evaluated on the basis of what it offers and how people can earn a decent return on their investments. In addition to this, the thesis, based on statistics and data, will also talk about which investment is the most profitable.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Islamic Finance and How it Works

Research Aim: Islamic Finance is a very interesting field. The more you learn about it, the more curious you become as to how it operates and based on what rules and standards, the system offers decent returns. This research will talk about the basics of Islamic Finance i.e. how the system was developed, what are its guiding principles, the rules and regulations that have been set, and most importantly, the research will cite examples from the Holy Quran and will also include fatwas from renowned Muslim scholars regarding investment and finance. The thesis will prove to be stepping stone for researchers looking to learn more and gain knowledge regarding Islamic finance and how it should be implemented in the system.

Comparative Study of Traditional and Islamic Finance

Research Aim: Traditional banking is something that everyone is aware of. From basic accounts to loans and investment opportunities, banks offer all to their customers. However, they charge interest on loans and offer interest payments to account holders and, also on different investment schemes. This is exactly opposite of what Islamic banking offers. Islamic finance and banks run on a basic rule of profit and loss sharing. If the bank or financial institution is earning profits, they are shared according to a certain percentage, and in cases where the institutions are suffering losses, the same is shared/deducted from their earnings. This thesis will focus on this main difference between the two types of banking, and will also discuss other differences such as investment instruments, etc. The research will then conclude as to which banking is favorable for the society, and under which method will the people gain more.

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Islamic Finance and Economic Development: How Does Islamic Finance Law Contribute?

Research Aim: A lot of Islamic finance proponents argue that Islamic Finance not only helps people earn more in the right manner, but it also helps them in building the society and contributing towards the well being of its people. This research will discuss all such aspects in detail. First and foremost, the dissertation will discuss the different ways through which finance and banking help societies strengthen themselves and will then discuss how does Islamic finance contribute towards the economic development of societies. The thesis will end with suggesting new and innovative ways for the banking and finance industry to help people, and to assist the economy is growing stronger by offering people-friendly investment opportunities and loans.

How Interest Free is Islamic Interest Free Banking?

Research Aim: Islamic Finance is usually considered as a system that does not work to benefit the people. Many individuals believe that Islamic finance is interest free only on the surface but offers interest as ‘hidden charges’ or by changing its name. While this holds true for a few financial institutions, the bigger picture is different. Islamic finance is interest free and can run successfully if followed appropriately and implemented accurately. This research will provide an in-depth analysis and will evaluate as to how successful Islamic finance, how it works interest free and how people gain from it. The research will also negate notions that people have of Islamic finance i.e. the system is not interest free. Moreover, the thesis will talk about as to how the whole system works with respect to Islamic teachings, and how people benefit from it.

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