Environmental Engineering Dissertation Topics

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Environmental Engineering Dissertation Topics

environment engineering dissertation topics

A dissertation is a lengthy and formal document that provides arguments to defend a thesis. Essentially, the purpose of dissertation is to show original contributions whilst addressing the research topic/topic. Starting with the hypothesis, the author then performs the required (secondary and/or primary) research to collect evidence to support his arguments. Another key objective of dissertation writing is to provide new concepts and ideas that will help to further research and development in the chosen area of study. However selecting the most appropriate dissertation topic can prove to be a real challenge for the undergraduate, postgraduate and PHD students. This posts suggests up to date and most relevant environmental engineering dissertation topics so you can start your dissertation from the scratch.

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List of Environmental Engineering Dissertation Topics

The following environment engineering dissertation topicsmay be of interest to the researchers who intend to undertake projects to reduce carbon emissions. It should be noted that the area of environment engineering has grown tremendously in Europe over the last few years, thanks to the growing need to control the carbon footprint.
-Reconstruction of vehicle trajectories with dynamic macroscopic data
-Design and development of a system for measuring the carbon index of an energy intensive company
-Water footprint of sugar and sugar based ethanol
-Process improvement techniques to identify and remove waste in an automotive industry
-The positive and negative impacts of car mobility
-Fresh Water and Bioenergy
-Designing of carbon measurement standards
-How organisations in the fogging industry achieve improved energy efficiency bychanging burners within furnaces
-To study the characteristics of industrial effluents, sewage and water of river Yamuna at Agra
-A Survey of Heavy Metals Concentration In Biosolids of Sewage Treatment Plant
-Improving processes to reduce electricity usage and reduce the system inefficiencies
-Study and Comparative Analysis of Ecofriendly Wastewater Recycling Plants
-To study the Ash generation and Its Utilization
-Study of Air Pollution Control and Its monitoring at Thermal Power Plant
-Bio Medical Waste Management: A Case Study
-Determining water quality with the help of water conductivity probes
-Study of energy usage in a machining factory with the help of an efficient control using the Information Technology
-Plastic Waste Quantification, characterization and its management in the UK
-Treatment of Coloured Effluent through HRTS System in Integrated pulp and paper industry
-Physico Chemical Analysis and assessment of drinking water supplied
-Industrial wastewater recycling
-Third World and First World Environmental Issues
-Hazardous Waste Management : A case study
-Environmental Impact of Cement Industry: A case study
-An Analytical Study of Physico Chemical Study of Characteristics of Ground water
-Development of Regression Model for Water Quality Assesment in the Delhi Stretch of River Yamuna
In addition to the dissertation topics listed above, our dissertation writers can develop suggest even more environmental engineering dissertation topicsto precisely suit the needs of your subject and area of research and help you achieve the grade you need.

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