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Sports Dissertation Research Topics

Published by at August 15th, 2021 , Revised On June 29, 2022



The significance of selecting dissertation topics depends on its perfect evaluation. Finding dissertation topics help in exploring the range of knowledge. Here, the sports dissertation topics are chosen for assessment. Sports dissertation topics are always relevant to society and its people.

The topics are selected to analyse the importance of sports in human life. Not only that, but it can also help find the relevance of sports with the modern lifestyle. Moreover, the various aspects of sports are also proposed through the topics. Appropriate analysis of the issues can help gain more knowledge regarding the writing method of a sports dissertation.

2022 Sports Dissertation Research Topics

Research Aim: This research aims to find the role of sports education in obesity prevention. It will analyze the strategies and methods used by schools and other educational institutions to provide sports awareness to students from age to prevent them from obesity. It will find how much awareness level is necessary for young students to participate in sports activities. Lastly, it will recommend ways schools and other educational institutes can create an encouraging sports environment to make children more active from a young age.

Research Aim: This study intends to analyze the role of sports in economic growth and human development. It will assess the role played by sports in a country’s gross domestic product (GDP), employment creation, investments, and human development index (HDI). It will use cricket in India as a case study. It will show how many households are associated with cricket? How much do they make and consume? What is the overall physical and online viewership of cricket? How does the cricket economy work in India?

Research Aim: This research finds the impact of sports psychology and coaching on the personality development of the athlete. It will find psychological factors which affect the athlete’s personality and performance. Moreover, it will show how sports psychology and coaching can improve these factors to improve athletes’ traits such as motivation level, confidence, performance, etc. Lastly, it will recommend enhancing athletes’ personalities through sports psychology and coaching in multiple ways.

Research Aim: This study sheds light on the role of sports diplomacy in foreign policymaking. It will show the importance of sports, global political economy, and international relations (IR) by analyzing various IR and international sports theories. It will assess the role of sports in the diplomatic relationship between south and north Koreas. It will show whether they incorporate sports diplomacy in their foreign policy to improve diplomatic ties with each other. Lastly, it will recommend lessons other countries learned from their relationship.

Research Aim: This research assesses the role of sports medicine in enhancing sports performance. It will analyze the effects of these medicines on the health of athletes. Moreover, it will find the other advantages and disadvantages of these medicines. It will also show whether athletes need it or are just promoted by the businesses to increase their profits? Lastly, a clinical lens will recommend the correct use of these medicines.

Sports Dissertation Topics

Research Aim: This dissertation aims to analyse the benefits of regular physical exercise for children. It also focuses on how their physical health is developed through various exercises.

Research Aim: This research paper is written to compare the technology-oriented virtual games and the traditional sports that are needed to play by engaging oneself physically. The negative impact of digital games on outdoor games is enormous as it ceases children’s physical health development.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to analyse the benefit of playing an indoor game like Chess, which develops a player’s intelligence level. Playing Chess needs high attention, which increases the genius level.

Research Aim: This dissertation intends to evaluate the importance of yoga and meditation as a physical and mental health developer. Generally, sports develop physical health and set the state of mind by increasing the attention level of the mind. Yoga and meditation are the parts of sports that make it possible.

Research Aim: This research aims to determine the relevance of sports and exercise with a biomedical study. Sports act as a cure for human health. Biomedical research evaluates the importance of sports as medicine to human health.

Research Aim: The focus of this dissertation is to show a comparative study of indoor and outdoor games. Indoor games develop mental health and increase intelligence levels, whereas outdoor games are necessary for physical health.

Research Aim: This research focuses on the importance of sports as a career developer. As many players are acquiring recognition at the national and international level. It helps to drive their passion as their profession and also promotes sports worldwide.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to analyze the significance of cricket as a sport that creates a bond of mutual trust and friendship among different nations. It also shows the craze for sports within the public of a nation.

Research Aim: This research paper focuses on the importance of sports as a confidence developer. Sports give mental pleasure and develop a kind of enthusiasm and confidence within the player’s mind. This rejuvenates a mind with the spirit of fighting and living life to its best.

Research Aim: This research paper focuses on the importance of extracurricular activities and sports in education. In education, institutes, extracurricular activities, and sports are simultaneously needed with a good education. This helps in the all-around development of a student.

Research Aim: This dissertation focuses on the negative impact of social media on sports. In this modern age, teenagers indulge in social media from a very young age, which diverts their minds from extracurricular activities, sports, and outdoor games. This creates an adverse impact as the necessary mental and physical growth is disrupted.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to evaluate the importance of organizing an annual sports program in schools. The culture of organizing annual sports in schools make the students understand the importance of sports and their benefits.

Research Aim: This research paper focuses on the relation between sports and nutrition. Sports and nutrition are complementary parts as they help develop a healthy mind and body. Sports develop the human body, and nutrition gives the elements to the body for development.

Research Aim: The dissertation focuses on the importance of sports in the lives of children with disabilities. The children who cannot use their body parts and minds appropriately are encouraged with various kinds of sports to not feel unequal and separated from the others. Sports give them mental strength and happiness.

Research Aim: This research paper aims to analyse the benefits of exercise in this digital world for the modern generation. This modern generation passes its time mainly on technology, which gives much stress and hampers health. Exercises help to relieve stress and acts as a health developer.

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