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Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

Published by at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On August 15, 2023

It is often said that commercial law covers a broad study area since it cannot be studied exclusively in one legal jurisdiction. However, England and Wales are preferred as commercial centers, especially for arbitration as a dispute resolution procedure.

In light of these points, the following list contains some commercial law dissertation topics for your convenience.

List of Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

  1. A conversation about how well English and Welsh commercial law supports business transactions intends to assess whether reform is necessary.
  2. Is the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) more appropriate for international agreements than English and Welsh law concerning the sale of goods?
  3. An evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the international commercial arbitration system to resolve commercial disputes.
  4. An evaluation of how the European Union has responded to Brexit regarding the acceptance of commercial contract principles in England and Wales.
  5. Assess England and Wales’s Lex Mercatorian as a suitable basis for commercial arbitration procedures.
  6. An analysis of the UK’s anti-corruption laws. Government personnel are affected by its causes and effects.
  7. An examination of the corporate veil’s weaknesses and how the law can pierce it
  8. The success of UK legislation in overcoming corporate barriers while upholding basic human rights.
  9. An examination of the debates surrounding the application of Section 33 of the UK Companies Act of 2006
  10. Tthe effects of giving the director’s responsibilities minimal standards. How does the company thrive in this environment?
  11. An evaluation of personal property security about possessory and non-possessory kinds of security and other legal tools.
  12. An examination of the emergence of fresh examples of international business law.
  13. An examination of the tripartite financial system established in England and Wales and its potential contribution to the credit crunch.
  14. An assessment of the position of the European Union Sale of Goods Act in English and Welsh law following the conclusion of Brexit
  15. An analysis of the passing of risk under English and Welsh business law.
  16. A legal evaluation of the function of commercial law in upholding public-private partnerships in the light of the collapse of Carillion.
  17. An analysis of commercial law programs at top UK institutions.
  18. The contribution of UNCITRAL to the UK’s efforts to harmonies international business law.
  19. A study of the legal literature concerning the UK’s compliance with international trade legislationand the role of international business law in directing financial investments in the UK.
  20. International commercial law’s role in policing foreign investments in the UK’s energy sector.
  21. The effects of commercial law on the UK railroad industry.
  22. The impact of UK business transaction rules on bills of lading. Do banks help organizations effectively?
  23. A thorough analysis of commerce with landlocked nations. Is it a plot by successful businesspeople to get rid of affordable alternatives?
  24. An examination of whether the insolvency rules of England and Wales are adequate to address occurrences of insolvency.


The topic you choose for your dissertation will influence your instructor. You would be able to distinguish yourself from others, which is also beneficial in the business world. However, it can be challenging to come up with a unique topic for a business law dissertation. To help you with your job, we have teams of legal and dissertation experts on hand. Additionally, you can use one topic from the aforementioned commercial law dissertation topics.

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    To find commercial law dissertation topics:

    1. Review recent legal developments.
    2. Analyze business challenges and regulations.
    3. Explore unresolved legal issues.
    4. Consider international perspectives.
    5. Investigate contractual disputes.
    6. Choose a topic aligning with your career aspirations.

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