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Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

Published by at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On August 11, 2023

What can fashion marketing do for your fashion apparel brand? Fashion and accessories have been trends for a long time, but not all brands know how to use them effectively.

In simple terms, fashion marketing refers to advertising fashion products to attract new customers. It’s essential to lead the creative approach and develop effective campaigns that target your target audience.

The fashion and accessories industry relies heavily on fashion marketing to encourage sales of the products used in this industry. If you are thinking of writing a dissertation in this area, there are unlimited fashion marketing dissertation topics and ideas for you.

However, before reading our list of fashion marketing dissertation topics, here is what you need to learn about this gigantic industry first.

What Comes Under Fashion Marketing Thesis Ideas?

  • Branding (Branding thesis topics)
  • Market Research
  • Media Marketing
  • Fashion Design
  • Promotion
  • Sustainability
  • Public Relations (Public relations thesis topics)
  • Distribution
  • Integrating Market
  • Retail & E-Commerce
  • Merchandising
  • Customer Relationships & Experience
  • Sales

5 Tips To Create Effective Fashion Marketing Campaigns

Fashion Marketing Strategies

There is a strategy for every brand. Some follow the multi-channel promotion process, while others use micro-influencer marketing.

It is common for brands to oppose promotion, focusing instead on the product, pricing, and location.

Create A Link With Influencers

Engaging with industry influencers will help you market your products online. As a clothing brand, you will be able to gain a reputation through such marketing practices.

Your products will be promoted across various channels, resulting in more sales.

Create Engaging Content

When creating content for your brand, it is best to focus on the latest trends. You must thoroughly explain your brand’s USPs so potential customers can understand them.

Make It Innovative And Different

Developing original ideas that impress your target audience ensures your brand’s fashion marketing team stands out from the competition.

Stand out from the crowd by using solid branding techniques that provide value to potential buyers. Try to create open-ended content that invites customers’ suggestions and feedback.

Follow Products On a Large Scale

Make the most of fashion exhibitions by displaying trendy, one-of-a-kind, and exclusive collections to the public.

6 Do’s Of Fashion Marketing:

  • Select a target audience whose offer is most relevant to your offer.
  • Create several segments based on the demographics.
  • Increase sales by finding the correct location.
  • Marketing and attracting customers through digital media.
  • Determine which customers will buy the products and tell their friends about them.
  • Develop a marketing channel that is most effective for your industry.

How Can You Jump Into Fashion Marketing?

Fashion marketing bachelor’s degree holders can quickly gain practical experience through internships. In the fashion niche, marketing products online usually requires similar skills and strategies.

Scope of Fashion Marketing

Approximately $1.5 trillion was spent on fashion marketing in 2020, which is expected to grow to $2 trillion by 2023. Consequently, the retail and fashion industry will have access to many job opportunities.

Most qualified fashion marketers earn between $45 and $50,000 yearly, according to their experience and expertise level. Managing merchandise flow, selecting product designs, presenting products to customers, and increasing sales revenue are some of their common responsibilities.

Benefits Of Fashion Marketing

  • The positioning of a brand helps to increase customer awareness before a purchase is made. Enhance your fashion brand’s image using social networks.
  • A solid fashion marketing campaign can increase the number of website visitors. Develop a framework for keeping your targeted audience informed about your action plan.
  • Get continuous feedback from your customers to build customer loyalty. This tool makes understanding your audience’s doubts and responding to them easier.
  • Customers who receive a prompt response from a brand on social media are 70% more likely to recommend it. In addition to increasing sales, it attracts more customers.
  • Fashion brands rely on traditional advertising to target audiences according to their demographics and offer them products they are interested in.

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List Of Fashion Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. Effective ways to encourage fashion in developed countries
  2. New fashion trends that have emerged after the pandemic
  3. The origin and background of style and marketing
  4. Analysis of the kid’s wear market
  5. Evaluating organic vs. Synthetic clothing trends in the market
  6. Drawbacks of social media marketing on established brands
  7. A study on the declining prevalence of office attire at work
  8. Understanding why leather accessories are becoming less desirable
  9. Analyzing the influence of fashion on the environment and its resources
  10. Origin of waistcoats
  11. Plain vs. Checkered fashion clothes
  12. Challenges fashion bloggers face in fashion marketing
  13. Influence of fashion marketing on American consumer culture
  14. Relationship between fashion and culture
  15. Talk about the growing fashion culture among young people
  16. Influence of fashion on human psychology
  17. Increasing use of fashion hacks
  18. The economic aspects of style and marketing
  19. The role of customer satisfaction in fashion marketing

Use or get inspired by these topics to start writing your dissertation. We have gathered a list of online marketing dissertation topics for you to review as they are interrelated with the major subject of marketing.


There is no doubt that fashion marketing has a unique approach to business and marketing. The importance of understanding customer behaviour is demonstrated by all of these factors.

Fashion trends, however, are influenced by and evolve as a result of societal development. Businesses in the fashion industry may generate significant revenue if fashion marketing is done correctly. You need a little market research, and there is nothing that can stop you from doing wonders in this industry. We hope these fashion marketing dissertation topics give you an idea about what to start working on.

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    To find a fashion marketing dissertation topic:

    1. Study recent fashion trends.
    2. Analyze consumer behavior.
    3. Explore digital marketing’s impact.
    4. Investigate sustainability in fashion.
    5. Consider branding strategies.
    6. Select a topic aligning with your passion and career aspirations.

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