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Sports Law Dissertation Ideas

Published by at January 2nd, 2023 , Revised On October 9, 2023

If you are a student of sports law at a university, you must be familiar with the stress that comes with writing a dissertation due to the difficulty of choosing an appropriate sports law topic.

Choosing a topic that interests students is fine, but the best sports law dissertation topics encourage investigation and study. There are many great themes for legal dissertations in the area of sports since it is a topic that never ceases to fascinate.

Many topics can be covered in your sports law paper, including international sports law, the jurisdiction of sporting bodies, rules and regulations governing particular sports, and more. The system is better equipped to handle power, parties, global order, national order, and frequent changes in order.

The Best Sports Law Dissertation Topics & Ideas

  1. Negligence among cheerleading squads in several case studies
  2. Effects of sports law on instances of doping at international competitions
  3. International sporting events’ legal ramifications and the function of social media
  4. Overview of the international vision of sports management
  5. Bosman Decisions: The EU Sports Law and Its Global Effects
  6. Laws on club sports administration in the UK
  7. Football match-fixing and the rules governing it
  8. Cricket match-fixing and the international sports regulations that govern it
  9. Reviewing legal issues and impacts in sports marketing
  10. Legal ramifications of sports promotion aid in the US, the UK, and the EU
  11. legal considerations of the administration and oversight of sports groups
  12. A study of sports laws regarding lifestyle sports
  13. Sport’s national governing bodies and their legal position
  14. The function and effects of labour agreements in UK sporting bodies
  15. Sports law in the US: policies and procedures
  16. Visa procedures for athletes from other countries and the issues they confront
  17. Rights under the Constitution for student-athletes
  18. Sports sexual harassment and the laws that prohibit it
  19. Policies that support the advancement and defence of the rights of transgender athletes
  20. Contract and employment legislation for coaches


It can actually be a struggle to come up with a great sports law dissertation topic. Thankfully the aforementioned sports law dissertation ideas can be considered in that regard.

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