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50+ Focused Taxation Research Topics For Your Dissertation

Published by at December 29th, 2022 , Revised On May 2, 2024

A thorough understanding of taxation involves drawing from multiple sources to understand its goals, strategies, techniques, standards, applications, and many types. Tax dissertations require extensive research across a variety of areas and sources to reach a conclusive result. It is important to understand and present tax dissertation themes well since they deal with technical matters.

Choosing the right topic in the area of taxation can assist students in understanding how much insight and knowledge they can contribute and the tools they will need to authenticate their study. 

If you are not sure what to write about, here are a few top taxation dissertation topics to inspire you.

The Most Pertinent Taxation Topics & Ideas

  1. The effects of tax evasion and avoidance on and the supporting data
  2. How does budgeting affect the management of tertiary institutions?
  3. How does intellectual capital affect the development and growth of huge companies, using Microsoft and Apple as examples?
  4. The importance and function of audit committees in South Africa and China: similarities and disparities
  5. How taxation can aid in closing the fiscal gap in the UK economy’s budget
  6. A UK study comparing modern taxation and the zakat system
  7. Is it appropriate to hold the UK government accountable for subpar services even after paying taxes?
  8. Taxation’s effects on both large and small businesses
  9. The impact of foreign currencies on the nation’s economy and labour market and their detrimental effects on the country’s tax burden
  10. A paper explaining the importance of accounting in the tax department
  11. To contribute to the crucial growth of the nation, do a thorough study on enhancing tax benefits among American residents
  12. A thorough comparison of current taxes and the Islamic zakat system is presented. Which one is more beneficial and effective for reducing poverty?
  13. According to the most recent academic study on tax law, what essential improvements are needed to implement tax laws in the UK?
  14. A thorough investigation of Australian tax department employees’ active role in assisting residents of all Commonwealth states to pay their taxes on time.
  15. Why establishing a taxation system is essential for a country’s growth
  16. What is the tax system’s greatest benefit to the poor?
  17. Is it legitimate to lower the income tax so that more people begin paying it?
  18. What is the most significant investment made using tax revenue by the government?
  19. Is it feasible for the government to create diverse social welfare policies without having the people pay the appropriate taxes?
  20. How tax avoidance by people leads to an imbalance in the government budget
  21. What should deter people from trying to avoid paying taxes on time?
  22. Workers of the tax department’s role in facilitating tax evasion through corruption
  23. Investigate the changes that should be made to the current taxation system. A case study based on the most recent UK tax studies
  24. Examine the variables that affect the amount of income tax UK people are required to pay
  1. An analysis of the effects of intellectual capital on the expansion and development of large businesses and multinationals. An Apple case study
  2. A comparison of the administration and policy of taxes in industrialised and emerging economies
  3. A detailed examination of the background and purposes of international tax treaties. How successful were they?
  4. An examination of the effects of taxation on small and medium-sized enterprises compared to giant corporations
  5. An examination of the effects of tax avoidance and evasion. An analysis of the worldwide Panama crisis and how tax fraud was carried out through offshore firms
  6. A critical analysis of how the administration of higher institutions is impacted by small business budgeting
  7. Recognising the importance of foreign currency in a nation’s economy. How can foreign exchange and remittances help a nation’s finances?
  8. An exploration of the best ways tax professionals may persuade customers to pay their taxes on time
  9. An investigation of the potential impact of tax and accounting education on the achievement of the nation’s leaders
  10. How the state might expand its revenue base by focusing on new taxing areas. Gaining knowledge of the digital content creation and freelance industries
  11. An evaluation of the negative impacts of income tax reduction. Will it prompt more people to begin paying taxes?
  12. A critical examination of the state’s use of tax revenue for human rights spending. A UK case study
  13. A review of the impact of income tax on new and small enterprises. Weighing the benefits and drawbacks
  14. A comprehensive study of managing costs so that money may flow into the national budget without interruption. A study of Norway as an example
  15. An overview of how effective taxes may contribute to a nation’s development of a welfare state. A study of Denmark as an example
  16. What are the existing problems that prevent the government systems from using the tax money they receive effectively and completely?
  17. What are people’s opinions of those who frequently avoid paying taxes?
  18. Explain the part tax officials play in facilitating tax fraud by accepting small bribes
  19. How do taxes finance the growth and financial assistance of the underprivileged in the UK?
  20. Is it appropriate to criticise the government for not providing adequate services when people and businesses fail to pay their taxes?
  21. A comprehensive comparison of current taxes and the Islamic zakat system is presented. Which one is more beneficial and effective for reducing poverty?
  22. A critical evaluation of the regulatory organisations was conducted to determine the tax percentage on different income groups in the UK.
  23. According to the most recent academic study on tax law, what essential improvements are needed to implement tax laws in the UK?
  24. An investigation into tax evasion: How do wealthy, influential people influence the entire system?
  25. To contribute to the crucial growth of the nation, conduct a thorough investigation of enhancing tax benefits among British nationals.
  26. An assessment of the available research on the most effective ways to manage and maintain an uninterrupted flow of funds for a better economy.
  27. The effect and limitations of bilateral and multilateral tax treaties in addressing double taxation and preventing tax evasion.
  28. Assess solutions: OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project and explore the implications for multinational corporations.
  29. The Impact of Tax cuts in Obtaining Social, monetary, and Aesthetic Ends That Benefit the Community.
  30. Exploring the Effect of Section 1031 of the Tax Code During Transactions on Investors and Business People. 
  31. Investigating the role of environmental taxes and incentives in addressing global environmental challenges.
  32. Evaluating the impact of increased transparency on multinational enterprises and global efforts to combat tax evasion and illicit financial flows.
  33. Exploring the health and financial effects of a proposed policy to increase the excise tax on cigarettes.

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    6. Select a topic aligned with law, economics, or business interests.

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